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There you go: Marc is reporting that Derick Brassard will sign with the #isles..

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Why does Brassard have to be on the Isles? Why does Hayes have to be on the Flyers? Ughhh..

@Rant_or_Reason Where are devils stacked? Isles couldve added one of those forwards easily..

The world is full of cunts In the Geographical British Isles,most of the cunts are [email protected]servatives with Jo Swinson thrown in to remind you to never vote Tory..

@Harry4naris True if you have the organizational depth to handle major injuries. Devils are in a very different situation. They’re stacked w/ young talent. They’re trading from a different strategy w/ a different on ice philosophy. #isles are going to structure their team based on their staff.

@DFB_storyhouse #TheMagicPlace My magic place is the Isles of Scilly as it’s where I truly relax and switch off! It’s also like a secret paradise, so special..

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A lot of #isles fans drive me nuts with the complaining about all complained about the Lehner signing and now all love all complained about the Filppula signing, he had a hell of a year. #GiveBrassardandVarlomovachance.

@RC3POX93 @IslesGirl3 I’ve been to 3 and all of them losses lol my first game was in 2006 against the rangers then my dad got a box through his work in 2009 and I saw the bruins and then this isles game last December.

The LORD will be terrible unto them: for he will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall worship him, every one from his place, even all the isles of the heathen. #Amen.

@ColtonHunter17 @RTaub_ It’s why the got him so cheap. There wasn’t a market. Maybe Barry can find it again like looks like isles are set for a regression. Lou hasn’t done enough.

@joglasg @katedodd3 I will take the Scilly Isles and declare it my Principality!.

@scribbles78 I first new I loved listening to certain voices in my teens. I once heard an old Scottish man talking about the isles of North & South Uist, and I was hooked. This was decades before what we now call ASMR or Accidental ASMR..

Brassard agrees to one-year contract with Islanders #Isles via @NHLdotcom.

@RC3POX93 @IslesGirl3 Got this last December at the isles leafs game from the golds a few rows above platinums. Pretty solid Christmas gift.

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@RobertEEarl94 @httpleafs Trust me. Against the majority. I hope the isles don’t either. I really hope it goes till December 1st tho. I’d love to just plan sign him..

@ItchyLeonard It does strangely have SNP on 48 seats when pollsters(Even SAnP loathing YouGuv) have SNP on 53 and rising. The only leaves six seats supposing LibDems cling onto Orkney and Shetlands. It also had SNP losing the safe seat of Western Isles. Bizarre supposition from a foreign land..

@DSpogolf I have no problem with it. He fills a simple gap. Lou needs to acquire a higher end player that’s undeniable. Brassard in reality is pretty much the same as Flip but he’s younger. It’s fine. #isles.

Lmao I used to get tickets for having weeds in my driveway, leaving a trash can on the curb for 12 hours after pick up, having a friend park in front of MY house when the WHOLE parking lot is FULL! Fuck Pembroke isles!!!.

@FucknoMr @briangrocott Are they the same Barclays as the brothers who dodge taxes in Channel Isles, meanwhile manipulating UK politics via their powerful, monstrous organ The Torygraph? Serious question - is the bank same/connected to the brothers?.

Nice shot--could help on the PP. #isles Derick Brassard (#19) All 21 Goals of the 2017-18 NHL Season via @YouTube.

I’m not mad at this, the money is so low that it’ll be hard for him to not live up to the contract. #Isles.

This Brassard move is similar to the moves Lou made last year. Based on what the player said, sound like it could wind up working out ok. We shall see. #isles.

There you go: Marc is reporting that Derick Brassard will sign with the #isles..

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