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Carlos Loret de Mola comparecerá por caso Israel Vallarta el 1 de noviembre

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Juan Aldemo
Juan Aldemo ()

@ProjectLincoln Tramp stands for Peas. If we want Peace in the World we must denuclearize Israel and force them to return every square cm of land stolen from the Palestians. A land built on terrorism is not able to survive. But as Zionists buy US


India 🇮🇳is the best India can easily destroy Pakistan🇵🇰, USA and Israel just in two hours in Hollywood movies 🤣💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🤣

Ahmad ()

Go ahead and see these dogs, how many people have stolen me in the income of Freemasonry, in cooperation with Satanists, Christians, Israel, Shiites, National Communists, El-Ayoun, sects, associations, and currents

Religion and State
Religion and State ()

Rosh yeshiva of Ponevezh Yeshiva and the spiritual leader of the Degel HaTorah party in #Israel, called on his followers to keep the instructions of the Health Ministry and to pray “either in courtyards or in their homes.”

Plumber Gucci
Plumber Gucci ()

I’m not a fan of UFC and I would normally consider Israel as loud. But that man is Nigerian, and that’s enough reason to be proud💪🏽

Ömer Faruk Çağlar
Ömer Faruk Çağlar ()

Fake news media is online again. More meaningfully it is from Israel. Anti-Turk For your record, Armenian forces attacked civilians from the occupied lands that thek took it from Azerbaijan. So there is no Armenian civilians there.

meir suissa
Meir suissa ()

Covid-19. IsraelValley Spécial. L’Union Européenne va financer 9 Projets venant d’Israël (€ million). –

Lanre Curtis
Lanre Curtis ()

@alikeskin_tr If you want to make it Muslim and Christian war, then be ready for the worst if Christian nations and the west take over this war. Let peace reign otherwise America and Israel can send you all back to the stone age.

SamemomM ()

@StandWithUs As a Christian, I don’t visit Israel. I visit Palestine, my 3000 years old holy land. It angers me, that Israel doesn’t recognize Palestine or equal rights to all people. Millions of Palestinian Christians and Muslims fled this political, military, extremist “wing of Judaism”.

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@idogur עידו, בתור אוהד ניטרלי, תסביר לי בבקשה: כל מהלך של לברון לסל מתחיל בשליחת היד הארוכה והמפלצתית שלו, כאילו לוקח תנופה, אך בדרך כלל היא גם משמשת להזזה של המגן מהדרך - איך א ף פ ע ם לא שורקים לו על זה???

Xtra✨ ()

It’s funny how you all talk shit until it’s time to pull up. Israel fucked you up like a kid today.

Kareem Abdul Jayare
Kareem Abdul Jayare ()

Bro sometimes Israel is so corny but he fucking puts on for the skinny dudes and let’s every know. I cannot hate.

Farhan Khan
Farhan Khan ()

@007Aadilsheikh Ye konsa logic use krta hai bhai samajh nhi ata. Iran khula challenge karta hai Israel aur America ko. Turkey bhi awaj utha rha Pakistan Israel ko kabhi mana nhi. Par Arab America k gulam hai. Israel ko manne lage hai Aur khud army tak nhi Saudi k pass Saaf dikh rha kon agent hai

Keith Evans
Keith Evans ()

UFC 253: Israel Adesanya retains middleweight title with ease in Abu Dhabi

ExBulletin ()

Technology vs. Torah: Israel’s Identity as a Country of Startups and Spirituality

Politics Guy
Politics Guy ()

What would you say if you knew that the offical defintion of serious case was changed and the comparison of serious cases now has no bearing on serious cases before? They are lying to us. WAKE UP. #Israel

DisNaija ()

Israel Adesanya embarrasses Paulo Costa with second-round TKO Israel Adesanya defended his middleweight title with a second-round technical knock out victory against Paulo Costa. The

2nd Dec
2nd Dec ()

My guy Israel Adesanya #thelaststylebender be making me proud. Never disappoints #UFC253 ()

Face aux succès d’Israël, la haine de la gauche bien-pensante !. La suite ici ->

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Israelmendes ()

BFI5350 كوبون كود خصم ايهيرب خصم ايهيرب تخفيض رهيب من متجر اي هيرب 🛒 🐳 استخدم قسيمة iherb تخفيض 🔥 الكود 🔥 BFI5350 💰 - يخصم لكل طلب 10% ولمنتجات اي هيرب الحصرية 20% 🥇 ايهرب

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Nir Kahn
Nir Kahn ()

It’s Yom Kippur for 25hrs from this evening. A day of fasting, it’s also a day that, in Israel at least, is completely car-free, the roads are handed over to kids on bicycles for an eerily quiet day. But with various degrees of lockdown it’s been like that quite a bit this year

Ktm Abuja
Ktm Abuja ()

Israel could not be stopped from moving forward Every Sihon standing your ways to greatness will be biting down before you in the name of Jesus Christ

VonBeed ()

...que linda se esta poniendo la IRSA informó que le decretaron la quiebra a su holding en Israel

News processor
News processor ()

@NuriaJomba12 @change_es Perdoneu, el 155 manté TV3 per a fer te empassar els missatges de senyors com L’Israel.

Artem Kobelkov
Artem Kobelkov ()

@InternationWork Israel is a tiny country, only Egypt has 10x more population, and Syria 3x, its multiple fronts, strategic dead end. Should Israeli military just seat and wait when Arabs end war in Yemen and modernize armies with Soviet aid? Its classic preemptive defensive strike.

Alloᶜ ()

I was seconds away from losing it before realising Israel is a name of a person (Israel Adesanya)


スーダンのハムドク首相は、同国経済の海外からの資金調達を妨害している米国の「テロリスト」からの撤退を、イスラエルとの関係正常化と結びつけることは望まないと述べた。 @daitojimari

Luqman Khan Power concedes nothing without Demand
Luqman Khan Power concedes nothing without Demand ()

Most people expelled for Antisemitism RECOGNISE the State of Israel in its PROPER CONTEXT, which @Keir_Starmer does NOT because they recognise BALFOUR 1917 Letter in FULL, which Keir Starmer does NOT. Balfour 1917 Letter in Photo

Israel Photo
Aristegui Noticias
Aristegui Noticias ()

Carlos Loret de Mola comparecerá por caso Israel Vallarta el 1 de noviembre

Israel Photo
Josh Caplan
Josh Caplan ()

MAARIV: Oman and Sudan could announce normalization agreements with Israel as soon as next week

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