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Adam Hoge
Adam Hoge

When the #Bears take the practice field for the first time in OTAs, I expect the linebackers to look like this: MIKE: Tremaine Edmunds WILL: Edwards SAM: Jack Sanborn.

Strip the blubber from the whale and burn it 😭 This Jack Edwards call was ELECTRIC 🔋.

The MMA Hour with Leon Edwards, Alexa Grasso, Jack Shore, Muhammad Mokaev, and Yanal Ashmouz at 1 ET (@arielhelwani).

Jack Edwards Photo,Jack Edwards Photo by MMAFighting.com,MMAFighting.com on twitter tweets Jack Edwards Photo

I wish Jack Edwards and me could settle our beef and I could tell him about the masterclass of a game he called last night.

Jack Edwards is hands down the most painful play by play guy to listen to in the entire league. Guy sounds drunk the entire time and some of the stuff he says is … something. #Bruins #GoBolts.

Jack Edwards just said: ‘Strip the blubber from the whale…and burn it!’.

Jack Edwards Photo,Jack Edwards Photo by Jari the Hutt,Jari the Hutt on twitter tweets Jack Edwards Photo

As a lifelong Bruins fan, I have to say Jack Edwards is the worst announcer I’ve ever seen in any sport. He’s absolutely horrible. It’s time to send him packing. #nhlbruins.

I don’t think there’s any NHL announcer that’s been talked about more than Jack Edwards this season, but he’s talked about for all the wrong reasons..

@heatdaddy69420 Jack Edwards is one of the all-time worst commentators in US pro sports. Beyond unprofessional. Absolutely unable to commentate without bias, to the point often of insult. Just laughably bad..

I wanna watch this game but I don’t know if I can handle Jack Edwards for 2 straight hours 🙄.

I think Jack Edwards just found out it’s an automatic whistle when the goalies helmet falls off.

The comments LMAO Jack Edwards brings out the biggest piss babies on Twitter and it’s great.

#TrumpRally Mississippi Pat Maroon Jack Edwards Trigger Weiss Diamond Miller Sevy Afghan William Byron Hathaway Severino Jeannot David Koresh Pomu Irina vmin Blackhawk Surrender Donald Cashman Notre Dame Stolen Valor Margot Robbie Medal of Honor Donaldson Meryl Aretha Franklin.

Jack Edwards Photo,Jack Edwards Photo by Julie Parsons,Julie Parsons on twitter tweets Jack Edwards Photo

Missing all the Jack Edwards commentary because the bar we are in in Southie is playing music instead of the game audio 🙃🙃🙃.

I’m watching the BOS-TBL game, and man, Jack Edwards is a terrible play by play announcer. He talks super slowly, uses no descriptors for what’s happening in the game (just names the players with the puck basically), and only has energy when he’s insulting people. Total turd..

@heatdaddy69420 Not a Bruins fan here, but I LOVE Jack Edwards. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with him being a homer. That’s what he’s supposed to do! He works for the Bruins! Not ESPN. Get over it people! Listen to the Canes broadcast if you want their perspective..


Should someone check on Boston Bruins announcer Jack Edwards?.

@PatrickRhomber1 @Sportsnet Yes, jack edwards, the primary commentator for the Bruins on the New England Sports Network is a homer! No shit.

Jack Edwards brain is literally rotting in that booth and we’re just letting it happen.

Jack Edwards called out for being “high as hell” on.

Jack Edwards Photo,Jack Edwards Photo by Hockey Feed,Hockey Feed on twitter tweets Jack Edwards Photo

@BR_OpenIce As a bruins fan I am glad to see the widespread dislike for Jack Edwards as a commentator. guy bloooows.

Just listened to the NESN version of this…and couldn’t last even a second of it, because Jack Edwards..

To quote the great Jack Edwards “That’s a slash? That couldn’t have crushed a grape!”.


This question is for #Bruins @NHLBruins fans… do you guys actually like Jack Edwards?!? The guy calls a terrible game. Like, just awful. I just wonder what Bruins fans think because IMO he’s a massive.

Top of the 5th. Eagles offense is rolling early with RBIs from Wyatt Vincent, Caeden Cloud, Jack Edwards, Gehring Eoff, and Broden Mabe. Nixa 5, Webb City 1.

Jack Edwards qui ne comprends pas pour Martinook n’a pas de pénalité … 🙄🙄 Heuuuu ! Comment J’te dirait ben ça Jack ….

I’m convinced Jack Edwards wears a diaper. Either that or he goes through a shit ton of tidy whities.

@NHLBruins @pastrnak96 Ayyyyooooo! 🍝 that was an amazing game to watch! Jack Edwards killed it again with the he says exactly what I am thinking and we are all so frigen glad to have someone to voice it. #bostonpride.

@al_mckee_ @heatdaddy69420 Leah hextall makes Jack Edwards look like a beast. That lady is so bad I’d rather listen to a baby cry for a 3 hour flight..

@BR_OpenIce Jack Edwards is horrible. Stop trying to make people think this is good announcing..

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