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The @nowtoronto Decade in Review issue is on stands tonight and online now! They let me write about Rob Ford and Jack Layton! I know, right?.

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@KristinRaworth And this is the thing: love him or not, Jack Layton had hope and energy in his voice. Jag needs to cement himself as a leader, not a commentator. Otherwise, he’s just another Charlie Angus. Can’t get by on anger and negativity alone..

@NatalieLanovill The NDP just keep using the same talking points as the Cons. And that shit just isn’t working for them. When Jack Layton stuck to what he wanted to achieve, Canada reacted well to it. And this ain’t it. What Jag’s doing is just not working..

@theJagmeetSingh, you have officially killed the party of Jack Layton. You have officially killed the party of the NDP! Omg, who are you? You sided with the most corrupt and evil man of our time, Donald Trump! OMG!!!!.

@NDP and @theJagmeetSingh side with Donald Trump, ppl! Donald Trump! Let that sink in. I am so damn appalled and I can’t believe I once had respect for this person. Jagmeet meet yourself, your TWO-FACED self! Shame on you. SHAME ON YOU! Jagmeet supports Trump. Poor Jack Layton..

@gtlem Sorry Jagmeet, you are jumping on any bandwagon you think is most popular. I stand with Trudeau and sorry I ever supported the NDP. I might come back if we get someone like Jack Layton. Pick a side which is Canada and fighting against trumpp..

The @nowtoronto Decade in Review issue is on stands tonight and online now! They let me write about Rob Ford and Jack Layton! I know, right?.

@gtlem Wow, I used to think Singh was a decent party leader and honourable man. He’s acted like a sore loser since he lost the election. Badly. Why is he getting so much airtime? I miss Jack Layton at times like this..

One of the 1st political meetings I ever attended was organized by then-city councillor Jack Layton, who was starting a campaign for men to end VAW. This was in the early 90s, & there were maybe 15 people in the room. Today the @whiteribbon campaign is a global movement. RIP Jack.

@anotherglassbox Don Cherry suits on the streets, Jack Layton on the policy sheets.

@mikepainchaud There is an entire class of talentless political hacks who will never fail enough to live down their good fortune of having worked with Jack Layton..

@Aadeelnrx34 For suck sakes. See what you did Jack Layton. This is all your fault. You win a bunch of seats and Anne forever gets to use that on her political resume, like as if she had anything to do with it..

@dimitrilascaris @muru_guru Jack Layton did and that is why he was given a cancer of convenience..

From left to right: Macklemore George W. Bush Homer Simpson Patton Oswalt Don Rickles Bill de Blasio Mr. Peabody’s boy Sherman Super Dave Osborne Jack Layton The Trivago guy Frank “the Irishman” Sheeran Jordan Peterson Jeffrey Tambor.

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@KHannisse We got Stephen Harper as PM because; :Strong comprehensive campaign and consistent messaging from leader and candidates :Weak Lib leader :Effective GTA Outreach by Jason Kenney Jack Layton 57 seats in PQ :Reasonable and attractive platform Time to rally around @AndrewScheer.

@PaulDoroshenko How quickly some people forget 2011 when the NDP under Jack Layton became the official opposition!.

@SHSBasketballGB @SHSGoldenBears Layton Stieneker 5pts, Mitch Yeend, Jack Baker with 4.

@AndrewScheer The CPC won because the Libs were in tatters and Jack Layton was a power house in Quebec. Canadians consistently reject CPC policies..

@tombroen 2. Then, the Relief Line got killed at city council in 1986, with (ironically to some) the downtown left (led by Jack Layton+Dale Martin) allying with Scarborough and North York councillors, based on of a fear that another core subway would lead to overdevelopment downtown..

@theJagmeetSingh @cblackst NDP party, please fire this person. Losing of the seats is reason enough, but his ongoing manipulation and twisting of facts is only hurting the party. RIP Jack Layton. He is rolling over in his grave..

@mouthygurl @wickdchiq LMAO at 4 years of boomers to die. 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Jack Layton was almost there. I remember that election and being so full of energy and revitalized, and then he died :(.

@wickdchiq @jimmyyadig Now what I think Jagmeet Singh should do for the next four years, build his public profile, which taking on Indigenous affairs is definitely the right move, and do like Jack Layton who hit his stride and would have been PM next fuck cancer. He has four years for boomers to die..

@normsworld @chuddles11 The jack layton celebrating socialism by spending taxpayer money..

An update on the redesigned Jack Layton Ferry Terminal. The design is being refined and the thought is to build out into the water to allow the new terminal work to start. #topoli.

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At Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, new ferries are currently being selected, Phase 1 of the revitalization is complete. Future phases on hold for funding. #topoli.

@jannarden Live the way Jack Layton said in the last paragraph of his Letter to Canadians. My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world..

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