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“Boycott! This f’d up! Plus seriously difficult story to tell without aggrandizement, which would be wrong! I don’t got a [problem] with Franco but he ain’t Latino!”.

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James Franco has been cast as Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro in the independent film “Alina of Cuba.”.

EXCLUSIVE: James Franco will play Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Miguel Bardem’s ‘Aline of Cuba’ with Mía Maestro set to play Natalia “Naty” Revuelta, the Cuban-born socialite he has a passionate love affair with.

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“Finding and convincing James Franco to play Castro was a fun and challenging process,” John Martinez O’Felan, the project’s lead creative producer of Austin-based Mankind Entertainment, said about the casting.


folks complaining but it seems fitting to have james franco play a dude who keeps getting a pass despite all the weird shit about him.

Ok so I’m not done with this James Franco casting news. Was Pedro Pascal unavailable? Although not Cuban, he makes a lot more sense on every level. He’s also related to Allende, a man Fidel Castro deeply admired and supported. Like…we’re talking one degree of separation here..

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So Leguizamo can play Luigi in Super Mario Bros but James Franco can’t play Fidel Castro? 🤣 (Imagine a similar ‘debate’ around an Italian-American having to play a character from a computer game). Utter nonsense. The job of actors is to…act..

James Franco’s sexual deviant ass agreed to portray Fidel Castro for what? Pls, this timeline is pissing me off this year..

James Franco has been cast as many things in recent years offscreen, but now the Golden Globe winner is stepping into the role of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro..

Look, I like James Franco’s work…. But this should only be happening when Latine folk make up more than their share of the industry. Like bro. You get to be all the white characters and now you get to be Cuban?! Meanwhile we’re out here with like 30 well known latin actors?.

James Franco actuando en el papel de Fidel Castro es algo que no sabía que necesitaba en mi vida.

James Franco to play Fidel Castro in a new project. He was immediately asked to speak at CPAC..

Is he such a good actor that, seeing as we absolutely must have a white Fidel Castro movie, this deeply disturbed individual is the only option? He’s all cured now?.

getting James Franco for this role was such an interesting challenge because literally everybody was shouting at us to stop and yelling why are you doing this.

The terror campaign of Yankee imperialism against the Cuban Revolution continues, with James Franco cast as Fidel Castro..

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Did you see my tweet about James Franco and say “let me look up some Kobe shit” on my profile?.

of course it would be a beak-nosed spaniard that casts james franco of all people as fidel castro.

no one wants a movie about a evil dictator and no one wants a movie starring james franco. who tf thought this was a good idea.

Who cares what John Leguizamo thinks? He isn’t even Cuban. Most of us will tell you that of all the potential issues with this film, James Franco not being Hispanic is the least concerning. Fidel Castro was the son of a European immigrant. A white actor can play him well..

James Franco receives backlash for being casted as Fidel Castro in upcoming production even though he’s not Latino.

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hay derdini si üzyılda yaşamış ingiliz kraliçeyi bile siyah bir kadın canlandırabiliyor da james franco niye iber kökenli fidel castro olamıyor aq.

I feel like the only people who will go to see that James Franco Castro movie are people with a hammer and sickle in their username who hate identity politics..


James Franco is set to play Fidel Castro in Alina of Cuba, his latest role after taking a step back from acting following accusations of sexual misconduct in 2018.

James Franco, a white man, has been cast as Fidel Castro in an independent film… So there were no Cuban/Latino actors who could’ve taken on this role??? It had to go to a white actor who stands accused of sexual misconduct???.

and just like castro, james franco will leave this earth soon amen🙏.

James Franco playing Fidel Castro is the craziest thing I’ve heard in ‘22. Are no Latino/Hispanic actors available? 😭.

Yes, Fidel was white. That’s my contribution to the discourse™️ I know is coming “John Leguizamo speaks out against the recent casting of James Franco as Fidel Castro” by @Variety.

Después de la polémica por escándalos sexuales, James Franco vuelve al cine.

James Franco, 2018’deki cinsel taciz suçlamalarının ardından sinemaya geri dönüyor. Amerikalı aktör Fidel Castro’yu canlandıracak..

Lmao 😂 the streets casting James Franco as Fidel Castro is WILDtt 😂 how did I miss this one??.

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