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Stephen Miller no longer works at the White House. Jared Kushner no longer works at the White House. Mark Meadows no longer works at the White House. Peter Navarro no longer works at the White House.

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Donald E Brown
Donald E Brown ()

Good riddance. ⁦@IvankaTrump⁩ Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner move out of DC and lease luxury condo in Miami

Avery: Weeb Physicist
Avery: Weeb Physicist ()

@vildhjaartaa @LackingSaint I still see people defending him and h*lly. (Also she went on a Twitter rant about how cancel culture is real because she and Jared got hate over the )

Dylan. ()

Why is Jared so obsessed on having Ackles on Walker??? I get that they are friends but they just come off doing a 15 season show. It’s not like they haven’t work together in a while.

Kim-WeLoveYouJaredPadalecki❤️💙 ()

I’m so glad to see at least some of the cast actually supporting Jared. I honestly wasn’t expecting much 😔

Robert Reich
Robert Reich ()

Stephen Miller no longer works at the White House. Jared Kushner no longer works at the White House. Mark Meadows no longer works at the White House. Peter Navarro no longer works at the White House.

Jamey Baskow
Jamey Baskow ()

Just saw the replay and Jared McCann went shoulder to shoulder with Coots into the boards. How many times is McCann going to get away with these injury hits?

Hollis Key Jr
Hollis Key Jr ()

@brhodes They have been using their inside information for years and will continue to do so. It is the reason Trump pushed for Jared to have top level security clearances.

Frankie ()

@Jared_Carrabis All of the sudden bitch, when your queer ass was on his nuts when it came to BoSox

ًcynzie ()

i can’t see bb!jared without somehow connecting it to sam & dean and now i’m thinking about dean in the audience for every one of sam’s theatre club things in every single town they go to and i need to lay down

Cobrachikken ()

@HammerlundMason @ldrinkh20 Pre-breakup is Jared Leto Post-Breakup/Modern is Ryan Reynolds

Troy L. Martin
Troy L. Martin ()

@rauldjperez @Jared_Carrabis Trust no longer wants to be a RedSux, and wants to be a Yankee again, even more

DJ Kirsch
DJ Kirsch ()

Still infinitely cooler than I acted meeting Jared Sullinger in a 7/11 at 2am

Wendy ()

did Jared really belittle shoshonna’s role on spn lmao? couldn’t hate this man more

Frank ()

@nocheapthing @joncoopertweets True, Jared stole the warehouse full of PPE products and sold it overseas. Who was going to stop him from selling the vaccine?

(((Mad Bastard)))
(((Mad Bastard))) ()

@MollyJongFast Like, literally, the only reason Jared would try to play the hero is to salvage any future political career that he or Ivanka have.

Jake Zimmer 🎙📝
Jake Zimmer 🎙📝 ()

Jared Grasso: “We saged the arena and in the locker room (at St. Francis) to get all the demons out.” Took a page out of Kyrie’s book. #KEB1

Mark Solberg
Mark Solberg ()

Cambridge-Isanti Bluejacket one act play, directed by Jared Faust and Aaron Knudsvig. “937” improving daily. Fun to watch such talented and gifted students. “Break a leg.”

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Normal rational SPN fan
Normal rational SPN fan ()

@philia_n ..... Jared PLAYS Sam. Who you are arguing about over his love interest. Don’t you think what he says carries any weight? The S/E was a plot device. It reminded the audience that Sam had always wanted a normal life. It set us up for Dean’s death and what he wanted Sam to have.

Jared® ()

Homie with the mullet at the vault is hands down THE FRESHEST IN THE ROOM AT ALL TIMES

Audrey ()

Best time and am prone to answer too even through I know they live for attention. I just want to spread love to Jared and #walker, to Jensen and #theboys (except I do not have amazon prime).

Cas ☆
Cas ☆ ()

@hisflannelcure What did Jared do this time- every time I log into spn Twitter something new happened, my poor brain

ミ ()

Voir Jared Taylor avec un insigne bleu me donne des frissons.

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𝘀𝘂𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗱𝗮 | Cadela J2M
𝘀𝘂𝗿𝘁𝗮𝗱𝗮 | Cadela J2M ()

@casweakness eu vou acreditar nisso até que me provem o contrário, o jared não deveria ter dito isso , porque o fandom de dói, e aposto que ele não gostaria de ver a discórdia que tá essa porra agora, mais independente eu acho assim , o Dean não queria ver o Sam com

#robndenver🇺🇸 ()

@CNN No wonder he was blocked from seeing the books at HHS. There is no stockpile, it has been either used up or diverted. How will he be able to increase the supply? What has Jared Kushner done with the vaccine?

SuzyQ ()

A lot of people never trusted Jared Kushner. Good to see President Trump finally doing something about it.

Ashley ()

@youreinthecar yet their entire tls will be about ?? why do you care SO let the man have his own take without the incessant harassment. I don’t harass m* about his c*/plot opinions

wayne scot lukas
Wayne scot lukas ()

CNN WH Correspondent Kate Bennett Says Ivanka Trump And Jared Kushner Are ‘In A Bit Of A Panic’ Over Their Future #SmartNews

TGB ()

NFL Divisional Round plays: Matt Gay kicking points (-134) Travis Kelce recieving yards (-118) Jarvis Landry receptions (-143) Lamar Jackson rush attempts (-107) Jared Cook receptions (-143) Goodluck to those who tail 👊

Cort Star Walker
Cort Star Walker ()

@NormalSpn Yes that is valid. I think we all wanted that. I would have liked more of a time jump. There is word that it was at least 5 years, but I have heard mixed talk on that if it’s canon or Jared’s wishful thinking. ❤️

Jon Lovett
Jon Lovett ()

Jared and Ivanka won’t let Secret Service agents use their bathroom. Monsters. So agents have to drive to the Obamas’ house to use the facilities. And that works until somebody on the Trump detail wrecks that bathroom so hard the Obama detail bans them. This is in the newspaper!

☚ Burlington #bootwtselfieday ☛
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