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Jason Spezza spoke up in the #leafs dressing room during the first intermission. Stressed the need for the group to find another level..

Both John Tavares and Auston Matthews mention how Jason Spezza spoke to the team at first intermission. Spezza’s message clearly found a receptive audience in the dressing room..

Jason Spezza goes over to Jack Campbell for a quick conversation during the TV timeout..

luke fox
Luke fox

Jason Spezza says the only place he’ll play is Toronto. Still needs to talk to management about possibility of re-signing..

If the Leafs somehow pull this off, kids are gonna end up going to Jason Spezza Secondary School..

An emotional Jason Spezza says it’s too soon to discuss his playing future. “This is the only place I would play.”.

Tavares on the first intermission chat from Jason Spezza: “Spezz really spoke well and I think everyone as group understood that as each game passes by, the margin for error gets smaller and smaller.”.

Jason Spezza: “We need more just — that stubbornness of not accepting to lose a game. It’s in the room. It definitely is in the room. These guys, they’re learning how hard it is.”.

Jason Spezza on why he spoke up during the first intermission last night: “I just felt it was needed and I spoke from the heart.” He declined to give specifics of the speech..

luke fox
Luke fox

Does Jack Campbell want to win one for Jason Spezza? “It’s a pivotal focus for us. It’s everything. Get Spezza a ring. And Simmer. And so many guys. And for the city. So, a lot of motivation.”.

luke fox
Luke fox

“He also knows he doesn’t have a lot of time left. He’s all in.” -Sheldon Keefe on Jason Spezza.

Nick Paul: 2 goals this game Jason Spezza: 0 goals this game Sens won the Spezza trade..


This is the only place I would play. Jason Spezza spoke about his future in Toronto, saying he still needs to talk to management about the possibility of re-signing..

Lots of praise for Jason Spezza from Gio. Admires how he has adapted his play to different roles as he nears the end of his playing career. “Not a lot of guys can do that, can accept that.”.

I’m absolutely gutted for Jason Spezza man. If nobody else I wanted this year to be the year they made a run or at least gave him a couple rounds of playoff hockey for him. Whatever he decides to do, I hope he stays close to the organization somehow. A class act the whole way.

Guess what guys? They did it to again. 0 for 10. 0 for fricking 10. 6 years. Only one suffering is the fans and Jason Spezza. If ownership runs this same management, coach, and core back next year, I honestly won’t do this again. I can’t..

Mark Giordano, Joe Thornton, Wayne Simmonds, Jason Spezza, Patrick Marleau…. Who’s next?.

Is this the year that the Maple Leafs lose in the playoffs and take Jason Spezza behind Scotiabank Arena and put him down?.

Nick Paul beating Jason Spezza in Game 7 truly proves that the Sens always win, in the end..

Jack Campbell ao ser perguntado se está motivado a ganhar a Stanley Cup pro Jason Spezza: 🇧🇷: É um foco central para nós. É tudo que queremos. Pegar um anel para Spezza, pro Simmer (Simmonds) e tantos outros caras. E, claro para a cidade. Então, muita motivação. #LeafsForever.

Jason Spezza Photo,Jason Spezza Photo by x - Leafs Forever 🇧🇷 (Faltam 13),x - Leafs Forever 🇧🇷 (Faltam 13) on twitter tweets Jason Spezza Photo

Wondering how the Leafs pulled off that unlikely Game 5 comeback? It had a lot to do with 38yo Jason Spezza, the team’s eldest and sometimes a healthy scratch, delivering the kind of motivational speech movies are made of “Not all leaders wear letters”.

Here’s my not so hot take: 1) I’m crushed. I really thought this was going to be our year. 2) I honestly feel like the officiating was swayed heavily not in the leafs favour. 3) I don’t ever want to see Justin Holl in a leafs jersey ever again. 4) Jason Spezza is a gem..

Thank You, Jason Spezza for what ever you said to get everyone back on track. What a Leader! #LeafsForever.

Jason Spezza Photo,Jason Spezza Photo by MarieMacD,MarieMacD on twitter tweets Jason Spezza Photo

are… are the leafs gonna old yeller jason spezza after the season….

Im gonna be so sad when Jason Spezza retires, but I’m going to be so happy when he is instantly named assistant coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, so itll be okay.

From @markhmasters: How Jason Spezza continues to find ways to influence the Leafs when it matters most - #TSNHockey | #StanleyCup.

Jason Spezza Photo,Jason Spezza Photo by TSN Hockey,TSN Hockey on twitter tweets Jason Spezza Photo

The Maple Leafs credited Jason Spezza for giving a pep talk during an intermission yesterday that fired the team up & propelled them to a victory. Who is the Flames’ Spezza that speaks up during the second intermission? This is where the culture reinvention has to show itself..

Maple Leafs know value of veterans like Jason Spezza: ‘When he talks, everybody listens’ ... Spezza, Simmonds, Giordano in a race against time to win the Stanley Cup via @torontostar.

Breaking news: Sheldon Keefe is going to off Jason Spezza after the playoffs.

It is once again time to re-sign Jason Spezza to a one-year $750 000 contract. #LeafsForever.

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