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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t care if an indictment whips the base into a frenzy. I don’t care if Ma & Pa Qrackhead send him every last dime they have. I don’t care if it makes him more popular than Jesus Christ, cookie dough ice cream and Sally Field….

I’ve answered this question a hundred times, including under oath at congress - no one on the project has received a dime for this. Jesus, you people really are amazing.

The violence, anger, and hate of these young men directed at women is a new level of sick. It’s not strength, it’s not conservative, it’s not Christian. In fact it’s everything Jesus warns against. Everything. Say what you say, but don’t pretend to follow my God.

Dear Lord, Today, I declare that I have all the grace I need. I am full of focus, power, and ambition. Nothing I face will overwhelm me. I will overcome every obstacle, outlast every challenge, breakthrough every barrier, & come out of every battle better. In Jesus’ name, Amen🙏🏾.

A veces, la vida parece un sepulcro cerrado: todo es oscuridad, en torno se ve solo dolor y desesperación. En el #EvangeliodeHoy (Jn 11,1-45), Jesús nos dice que en esos momentos no estamos solos. Precisamente entonces, Él se hace más cercano que nunca para devolvernos la vida..

El hijo de los 4 puntos cardinales y una brújula sin rumbo… Un reloj sin manecillas. Una biblia sin Jesús. 🤦🏻‍♂️.

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Jubilation in Abia state as Alex Otti is declared the winner. Congratulations to Abians. Thank you, Jesus. 🙏.

Mete Kalkavanın göremediği Jesus’un görüp isyan ettiği pozisyon. Sonuç rakip 10 kişi kalacakken Jesus derbide yok..

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😨 Jesús del huerto! Ofrecen en un foro de hackers 13 GB de archivos sobre MORENA de 2016 a 2023 Los archivos incluyen información sobre miembros del partido, militantes, financiamiento de campañas y administradores financieros. Esto es oro molido de información 🤯.

Condenable el asesinato del subsecretario de Seguridad del municipio de Guanajuato, Jesús Alejandro Camacho. Urge coordinación entre el Gobierno Federal y el Gobierno Estatal para frenar la ola de violencia en la entidad. Mis condolencias para sus familiares, colegas y amigos..


Jesús Faría: «Militancia y Dirigencia del PSUV unidos en grandes tareas rumbo a los nuevos desafíos de la Revolución» #GuerraContraLaCorrupción.

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Now healed, [the blind man] no longer fears those contemptuous attitudes because Jesus has given him his full dignity – Jesus liberated him and gave him sight without asking him anything, not even a thank you, and he bears witness to this. #PopeFrancis #Angelus.

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For me to live is Christ and to die is gainPhillippians 1:21,Anonymous, Holy Bible: King James Version,bible, jesus, phillippians,.

a big logical reasons to understand that this faith stands for nothing , like many verses in the holy Quaran about Jesus (pbuh) that Christianity is based on doubtful events , lies and Blasphemic verses misinterpretations ,God warned NOW only the wise ones will understand it….

No mere mortal man can do what Christ Jesus did?,Lailah Gifty Akita,christian, inspiring, jesus-christ, man, salvation, saved-by-grace, wise-saying,.

Mi Única Esperanza Cuando Piensas Que Todo Está perdido, En Realidad No Lo Está, Queda Un Round Más Por Pelear… ¡LEVÁNTATE, Mírate Al Espejo y Di: ¡DIOS NO HA ACABADO CONMIGO! Lo Último Que Podemos perder Es La Esperanza→ Wenddy Neciosup..

おはよう☀ みなさんがこの1週間が素敵な日々を過ごせますよーに💋 あいらぶゆー🫶.

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Fun fact: The famous Painter Leonardo Da Vinci was Gay & painted a picture of his boyfriend Cesare Borgia & America 🇺🇸 then approved this painting to be portrayed as “Jesus”.

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dois anos do chemtrails over the country club e vai meu top de fav: 1 - wild at heart 2 - dark but just game 3 - yosemite 4 - white dress 5 - cotcc 6 - let me love you like a woman 7 - tulsa jesus freak 8 - nawwal 9 - breaking up slowly 10 - dtwd 11- get free.

ㅤㅤㅤthe hospital works for the government im going to fucking die goodbye everyonegoodbye world oh sweet jesus good god above goodbye everyone goodbye hoyl fucking shit.

O funcionário do rei disse: “Senhor, desce, antes que meu filho morra!” Jesus lhe disse: “Podes ir, teu filho está vivo”. O homem acreditou na palavra de Jesus e foi embora. Jo 4,49-50.

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@Stakereum Great & Awesome Project!👍 Best wishes to this amazing one.🎊💫 Done. Thank you so much for this opportunity! 🙇 I WILL WIN In JESUS NAME!☝️.

@Sbr_Jesus Ja sollten eigentlich Mittwoch einen Test schreiben wurde aber auf nächste Woche verschoben, also 2 Tests nächste woche😭.


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I heard someone say the other day that you should be happy for suffering because you get to feel what Jesus felt. BRO WHAT..

Vamos acordar Brasil família linda do meu coração eu profetizo nesta linda amanhã que a palavra de Deus venha contempla a todos vocês e que o sacrifício dá Cruz do calvário feito por Jesus Cristo sem nós merecemos venham nascer e criar raízes em nosss corações Deus é fiel sempre.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the ood has gone, the new has come! Kyegegwa for Jesus #steven_sebyala #all_africa_shall_be_saved.

@vanguardngrnews 😂😂😂. Na sick man wan heal Nigeria? Tinubu as an entity really needs help. But she miracle no dey tire Jesus. 🙏.

Bom dia Indo dar aula com 2 horas de sono e 1 banana no meu organismo Ainda tenho aula de inglês e aula da faculdade Socorro Jesus.

@loriannchilds72 @utahhouse21 😂 are you freaking serious!? Julie green is a con artist who pretends she’s speaking for god. Jesus fucking Christ you guys believe anything! She’s just making shit up because she’s also insane like the rest of his followers!.

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