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The Herd has turned into the Joe Rogan Experience right before our eyes..

Joe Rogan suggests Justin Trudeau the long-lost son of Fidel Castro.

Joe Rogan talks about the “Trudeau is Castro’s son” conspiracy theory.

“They’re literally changing the definition, which is terrible,” Rogan said. @JoeRogan railed against the Biden administration in a recent podcast episode for “gaslighting” Americans over the current ongoing #Recession..

@LibertyLockPod @JoeAuerbach Also “Joe Rogan meets Ron Paul in podcast form” is a phrase that suggests that going on your show would require a particular set of communicative skills, like Liam Neeson in that Nell movie, that I do not possess.

If I were booking UFC, Brogan Walker would be a version of Joe Rogan cloned in a lab and trained from birth to be the ultimate fighter. #UFCVegas59.

I wonder if Joe Rogan is going to change his show?😅😅😅😅😅.

*overheard on my flight* Man #1: I’m a scientist Man #2: Do you listen to Joe Rogan? He has a lot of scientists on his show.

Joe Rogan Photo,Joe Rogan Photo by Jay Kurahashi-Sofue 🔺,Jay Kurahashi-Sofue 🔺 on twitter tweets Joe Rogan Photo

@EuphoriTori can’t get over how that dumbfuck Joe Rogan told his gigantic platform that desantis loves freedom and shit 🙄.

“El gobierno está tratando de no llamarlo recesión”, respondió @joerogan a Williamson. “La izquierda está literalmente cambiando la definición, lo cual es terrible y debería ser rechazado a lo grande”. Por @telugo.

Today I turn exactly years old 1/3 of the way to the century mark why don’t we celebrate such a day? I’m just getting started Things that get better with age • Wine • Pickles • Cheddar • Joe Rogan • Friendships • Oprah Winfrey • Me I’m going to get better.

@merry123459 After Joe Rogan defended Alex Jones this week after hearing the torture the Sandy Hook parents went through, it can’t happen fast enough..

I’m not you’re average white guy, I love combat sports, drinking beer, having a moustache, calling my friends ‘beauties’ OxyContin, Protein powder, Joe Rogan, lifting weights. Fox News. Saying “can you imagine ?” just a few things that separates me from the pack.

Listening to someone about medical concerns/issues, while they were watching Joe Rogan earlier today is wild. Like, bruh. Shut up..

He came back and now we are watching dnf gacha mini-movies and talking about Joe Rogan 💀.

@thissmallplanet @ShreddingMarcus On Joe Rogan episode he literally nods his head and admits to the grift many times. Joe and him chuckle, he alludes to “who is crazy enough” anyway. It’s hilarious watching people stunt for a guy who’s publicly outwardly a shock guy. Throws shit at the wall and prays it sticks.

@Livinrentfree_ Watch the Joe Rogan clip about TikTok’s terms of service There in all your data, even on devices Tik Tok isn’t on The CCP has it all.

leva i andrew tate, kevin gates, jordan b peterson och joe rogan tider ändå. som idéhistoriskt överintresserad är det här otroliga tider för att samla kunskap..

It took 14 months to go from “build back better” to “there will be food shortages”. —Joe Rogan.

Freedom Coffee with BJ #3 | Joe Rogan Says Trudeau is Castros Lovechild.

‘You’re f***ing with definitions’: Joe Rogan RIPS Biden admin for ‘gaslighting’ about the economy.

@Commander_ALT Well, Joe Rogan and Mr. Garrison actually have one thing in common other than being bald and having messed up beliefs..

@AskMarkWard @billmaher Seriously. He went full brain drain Joe Rogan broski during Covid. Had to stop watching Real Time.

And this is after walking/running like 8 miles over 2 and a half hours, playing fetch at the dog park, knifing a joe rogan sticker on a street sign and sprinting from the homeowner who keeps buffing off attempts to cover it (and prolly applied it in the first place)....

3 biggest assholes in the world. Joe Rogan, Alex Jones and Donald Trump. Complete losers that the world could do without..

The main card of #UFCVegas59 kicks off with the electric lightweight @twrecks155 taking on @GhostPepper_UFC What do you think would happen if an actual T-Rex ate an actual ghost pepper? Someone get Joe Rogan and GSP on the line! #MMATwitter.

@EbanieBridges Great comms tonite …… could you be the female “ Joe Rogan” of boxing!!🤷👍.

@VilleKoivukang1 @TuureParviainen Osa pitää EQS:stä myös. Joe Rogan tykkää ja Hjallis myös julkkiksista..

@LibertyLockPod Joe Rogan is a serial fabulist and purveyor of bullshit. His efforts to undermine the mainstream views of the creation, etc. of the Egyptian pyramids is proof of this. If that’s your model, no thanks..

@aussiekewl Check out his podcast on Joe Rogan, he’s been on a couple of times. The main things he had been right about are centralisation of the global financial system, the move towards CBDC’s, and the impact that certain elite families have on the world.

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