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Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Jon Cooper says Nikita Kucherov should be able to play in Game 4. “I never count that kid out.”.

Tony X
Tony X

me going back to look at the video to see what jon cooper is talking about.

Jon Cooper Photo,Jon Cooper Photo by Tony X,Tony X on twitter tweets Jon Cooper Photo
Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Jon Cooper: “They bettered us. We met our match.” Called #Avs a first class organization, deserving. But said “we’re not done.”.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Brayden Point is doubtful for Game 4, Jon Cooper dais. He’s day to day. Thinks Kucherov will play.

Jon Cooper says likely same lineup as last game for tonight. Which means Kucherov and Paul are playing and Brayden Point remains out..

Jon Cooper had too many millions (18) over the cap two years ago. One extra guy on the ice, that had no bearing on the OT goal, guess he’ll just have to live with it.

Jon Cooper: “I feel like every postseason I have this same conversation about Ondrej Palat”.

#Bolts Jon Cooper: “You look at this series. Was it meant to go six or seven? Damn rights it was. It’s two damn good hockey teams here.” #TBLvsCOL.

Say what you will about Jon Cooper, but he worked the officials in Phil Jackson fashion after Game 4. That was a clinic in championship-level coaching..

If #GoAvsGo win tonight, waiting for Jon Cooper to say the Avs players didn’t shake all of the hands of his players and should be penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct..


jon cooper woke up and thought he was coaching the buffalo sabres in the 1999 cup finals.

“Was this series meant to go 6 or 7? Damn rights it was. See you guys in two nights.” - Jon Cooper #GoBolts #StanleyCup.

Jon Cooper is going to heartbroken for the #Isles when he sees this replay from last year..

When Jon Cooper gets in front of a microphone the rest of this #GoAvsGo.

Jon Cooper Photo,Jon Cooper Photo by Will Petersen,Will Petersen on twitter tweets Jon Cooper Photo

Jon Cooper: “Was it (this series) meant to go six or seven games? Damn rights it was”.

Congrats to the new Stanley Cup champions, Colorado Avalanche. Also congrats to Jon Cooper and the Lightning. Was a hell of a run, battled right to the end. Two cups and a run to game six of the final. 2021-22 season is officially over. #StanleyCup2022.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Too many men, not many answers — A gutsy Lightning team absorbed a gut punch in Game 4.

According to Jon Cooper, the Lightning are a bunch of gamers. And you saw the definition of the word tonight. On a Lightning team that keeps sticking around..

i know a guy who interviewed jon cooper a while ago and he said that he is the most insufferable sly boring interviewee he ever interviewed.

Jon Cooper almost crying and then says the game should still be on then leaves????.


The drama continues as Lightning coach Jon Cooper now claims this goal scored by a returning Nazem Kadri should not have counted..

Jon Cooper : Was it meant to go to 6,7 games ? Damn right it was ! Looking forward to see you guys in two nights. #StanleyCup.

We would have had half our minor-league team playing if this was the regular season. -- Jon Cooper.

Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper suggested the Colorado Avalanche’s winning goal in overtime shouldn’t have counted..

TSN 1200
TSN 1200

Jon Cooper has had his share of luck with too many men on the ice too. @TSNJR @TSNSimmer.

Is Jon Cooper serious with that too many men on the ice horseshit? That play happens 100 times a game and has no impact on the play whatsoever. Also, by his standards, the Lightning had 7 skaters on the ice at that moment. Fuck outta here Jonny your team lost.

Jon Cooper Photo,Jon Cooper Photo by Murph,Murph on twitter tweets Jon Cooper Photo

Two things: 1) Jon Cooper knows the series isn’t over right? Because he sure sounds like he thinks it is. 2) drama queen.

Very funny and convenient that now Jon Cooper has a problem with too many men on the ice not being called? HAH. LOVE IT.

@Avalanche @budlight After what Jon Cooper said, PLEASE WIN THE CUP IN GAME 5! I’m done listening to the embarrassing back to back champs. Can’t even own up to their loss so they try to downplay the win 🙄🤦‍♀️.

If this is what Jon Cooper was going on about in his few post-game comments, this is much ado about nothing. #GoAvsGo.

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