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Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole both played the entire 4th quarter last night. They combined for 27 PTS on 84 TS% in that quarter to overcome a double digit deficit. CLUTCH..

Draymond Green and Jordan Poole both listed as probable tomorrow against the Pelicans. Neck soreness for Green, left wrist soreness for Poole..

Jordan Poole has now scored a combined 42 points in his last 3 4th quarters. Most in the league by a wide margin last 3 games (2nd place has 31). Doing this with a TS of.

Jordan Poole Photo,Jordan Poole Photo by WarriorsMuse,WarriorsMuse on twitter tweets Jordan Poole Photo

Whats crazier is steph has missed hella games, klay didnt play back to backs until later in the season, and jordan poole hasn’t been shooting it as good as he did last year. 🫣😤💅🏻🤞🏻.

Oh you ate my Jordan Poole? How my baddies taste😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

Jordan poole looking very affirmative of his potential soo close to two of the best shooters of all time at just 23.

Devin Booker Reb+Ast (-145) 2u✅ Stephen Curry Reb+Ast (-135) 1u✅ Jordan Poole Threes (-155) 1u✅ Austin Reaves PRA (-122) 1u✅ Is this Wendy’s? Could I get a 4 for 4? 🔥🔥.

Jordan Poole Photo,Jordan Poole Photo by VinTheCapper,VinTheCapper on twitter tweets Jordan Poole Photo

@jrichardgoodman @rudypankowIs They were looking at the ESPN game cast they didn’t even watch the game. They saw “Jordan Poole, bad pass, out of bounds turnover” and instantly ran their fingers onto this app and started crying their hearts out..

The following need t go after this season & why: - Draymond: Must Go, is washed & gas regressed. - Anthony Lamb: Can’t play for shit Steve Kerr is clueless for thinking he’s his guy. - Jordan Poole: Overrated, must be traded for key assets. - JMG: Is good but can get.

Can you hear it? That is that is the sweet sweet silence from the Jordan Poole haters..

Jordan Poole Photo,Jordan Poole Photo by The Copium Herald,The Copium Herald on twitter tweets Jordan Poole Photo

@jrichardgoodman @rudypankowIs It’s a shit show on here after every Warriors loss and the main topic is always Jordan Anthony Poole. Literally 2 night ago, they were screaming his name with praise. Had another good game but because of “late game mistakes” he single-handedly gets thrown under the bus..

@warriors @googlecloud For all those haters on #Poole!! He’s young, gonna continue to learn, but coachable!! Many of you haters said trade him! “It took Michael Jordan 7 seasons before he won his first ring with the Chicago Bulls” so take a seat!! #Poole he’s learning from the best🐐🔥.

didn’t think jordan poole x ice spice dating would be on our 2023 bingo card but here we are help.

@thuggadesires vc tá rindo do jordan poole triste sentado no banco c carinha de choro???!!.

@warriors this loss is entirely on jordan poole for ball hogging and taking useless threes + the mindless turnover in the end..


Jordan Poole made a very big mistake, That 3 he took in the last seconds of the game really ruined the momentum. He’s good enough to create inside the arc, I don’t think the ball should’ve been in his hands that late. But then again, He’s more than capable of handling the moments.

Don’t give me any 2 for 1 bs, wtf was Jordan Poole doing shooting a 30 footer up only 2 with 36 seconds left. Smh #DubNation.

Jordan Poole had his 5th good game out of the last 6 games, scoring 21 points and playing 1 of his best floor games of the Yr. Also, he played to his strengths by using his quickness and driving to the basket for layups. And, J/P earned some respect from the Referees in the game..

@NBCSWarriors This game was basically a playoff game and jordan Poole showed up. Very encouraging.

@ThunderFanIsaac @RussFcb We took bazley over Brandon Clarke, grant Williams, nassir little, Jordan Poole, keldon johnson and Kevin porter jr lol.

The reactions to this Jordan Poole dunk in this @_JordanJimenez photo are incredible.

Jordan Poole Photo,Jordan Poole Photo by POCHO BOY MEETS WORLD,POCHO BOY MEETS WORLD on twitter tweets Jordan Poole Photo

@Divincenzo dawg. Why you let Jordan Poole cut yo hair? Hes got you looking like @theprofessor and I know it was him. Had it happen to me and only Poole would be like, “yo, Dante, let me edge you up…” HELLLL NO😂😂😂.

Warriors Urged to Make Jordan Poole Change Amid Championship Push via @heavysan.

Jordan Poole, Steph Curry help Warriors overcome big night by Joel Embiid via @sfchronicle.

dang if jordan poole is actually dating ice spice I have to find a new nba player to pretend to be in love with.

@stanwallacy @NBAdoPovo Jordan poole só bateria se fosse loira meu nigga não gosta de morena.

@camisa_23 Se fosse jogo do GSW,Jordan Poole quebraria todos os recordes do Chamberlain.

@OnBallSteph but you made it sound like everyone A+ and JP -F at this point please ask yourself are you worried about the warriors losing or Jordan Poole’s Failure cuz idc about the warriors and even i see how much you hate on poole!!.


jordan poole with couple poor decisions smfh his basketball IQ is still 🚮.

Y’all blaming Jordan Poole for that turnover is crazy cuz very clearly steph was cutting back door and it was just miscommunication.

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