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Jurassic Park Twitter Trends - Top Tweets

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Tweet247 | Updated: Wed, 18 Apr 2018, 16:05 PM IST

Jurassic Park Top Tweets On Twitter

  • Someone thought I was watching Jurassic Park.

  • Just receiving word that all outdoor tailgating plans in Jurassic Park have been cancelled for the safety of the fans based on the weather..

  • 25th Anniversary Set Brings Iconic ‘Jurassic Park’ Scene into LEGO Line!.

  • *suena la música de Jurassic Park con una flauta*.

  • Jurassic Park is frightening in the dark, but @LEGO_Group @JurassicWorld is cute:.

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  • Now that everyone’s Jurassic geek-out is reaching critical mass, I present to you the pinnacle of Jurassic Park/World fan immersion by @Fossil_Box.

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  • The park is gone. Bekijk vanmiddag de nieuwe trailer van Jurassic World #FallenKingdom.

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  • Chicago’s Rally for Science: Field Museum Scientists are engaging the public as a marching band plays the Jurassic Park soundtrack. It’s perfect. #marchforscience2018 #mfschi #marchforsciencechicago.

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  • Because of today’s ice storm, Jurassic Park activities are cancelled for this evenings Raptors playoff game. #WeTheNorth #WeTheTooFarNorth.

  • living with a lab is a lot like having one of the raptors from jurassic park around all the time.

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  • Jurassic Park cancelled?! For all our chest-pounding about being from the northern cold, we really do buckle pretty quick when it rains a bit..

  • I was nominated by @luke_jaggers to do the #FilmStruck4 challenge. Here are 4 films that define me (in no order). La-La-Land, The Spectacular now, Moonrise Kingdom, and Jurassic Park. I nominate @theolinardic @AdamJSirdoreus @Marquesman83 and @jayewilliams.

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  • No one has tagged me in that FilmStruck thing, probably because they know my answer would just be Jurassic Park four times..

  • @heathercampbell @fireballfilms @chutzpahustla @joey_latts @RichardBlais @nickwiger @Atencio @Gabrus Damn those are good. Jurassic Park Goodfellas Ghostbusters Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.

  • Serunya Petualangan Jurassic Park di Taman Legenda Keong Mas #1newstainment.

  • watched jurassic park in class . jefph voice . shits lit.

  • anyone feel like watching jurassic park 2 in an hour?.

  • Jurassic Park. I had to have some real help with this one. I ended up remembering because of how scared (of the T-Rex) I was. I also remember how big the seat I was in and how loud it was. 😂🙈.

  • Jurassic World : Evolution is a day one purchase. My park will run perfectly and be amazing!.

  • @Raptors @tim_micallef Jurassic Park closed because of the ice age! #WeTheNorth.

  • @AlasdairHibberd @chrisbob86 I used to really love Jurassic Park lost world. It was in most bigger arcades, but I’ve got great memories playing it with friends..

  • you: even the original jurassic park was dumb as hell me: i liked when the water jiggled.

  • It’s basically Saving Private Ryan meets Jurassic Park plus a robot. Come on, Steve!.

  • A twitter challenge! Thanks @luc_trottier and @FilmStruck. Define yourself in 4 films and tag 4 friends. Here’s mine: Jurassic Park, 500 Days Of Summer, Call My By Your Name, The Great Gatsby. #filmstruck4 @EricMackAbel @aaron_hastelow @michbouey @PattTrevor.

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  • @colonelnemo @THE_Stefano_DLC JURASSIC PARK: Ah the terrible beauty of nature JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM: an army of devils.

  • Tagged by @norrriey ! In no particular order: 1- 3 Women 2- Ran 3- Jurassic Park 4- Teorema I tag @SideWalksEdge , @set_for_stun and @mullet_baby666.

  • @vitornasc @igornascz A bomba Jurassic Park 3 tinha. Só por isso já é mais interessante que a nova leva..

  • since Jurassic Park is on and I’m thinking about dinosaurs I have to say, lost lands: not enough dinosaurs.

  • @xRehab_Rejectx @coelleen @BostonLeigh @hackenslash2 @JRohaus @hackenslash1 @pookietooth @smcgov34 @DevinSenaUI So someone who grew up hearing an old story and decided to write a sequel to it is evidence of divine intervention? Does that make my Jurassic Park fan fiction Holy Scripture?.

  • @inbellaland @goodnightmare_s @OmarNajam @desertqueenie Jurassic Park Lord of the Rings (all but I’ll pick Return of the King) Dead Poets Society August Rush.

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  • @NakEDalterego I think I saw this scene sa Jurassic Park XXX lol jk.

  • @critiquemasquee Avalanche de Matrix, Pulp Fiction et Jurassic Park dans 3, 2,.

  • Jurassic World: The Park Is Ahead of the all new trailer out the cool new #JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom poster featuring a triumphant #TyrannosaurusRex #Rexy 🦖@JurassicWorld.

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  • Jurassic World Evolution: Build your own park, farm custom dinosaurs, pull out the tranq gun when it all goes wrong.

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