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this is a good day to ignore Kanye and arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain

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Shauna ()

this is a good day to ignore Kanye and arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor and Elijah McClain

CJ Pearson
CJ Pearson ()

If Kanye runs in 2020 (which I’m doubtful he will), he’d only take away votes from Joe Biden. Young people are already unenthusiastic enough as is about Biden’s candidacy but he’d also chip away at Biden’s black support. Trump voters are TRUMP voters. His base remains unchanged.

© Mr. Chambers ™
© Mr. Chambers ™ ()

Somebody once said Kanye West to me and I told them ‘I don’t know I’ve never wested’...... #JeremyVine

Michelle Joy Phelps
Michelle Joy Phelps ()

Just now saw on TMZ people are upset with Kanye for congratulating his wife on her success? What’s the issue exactly?! 🤣

The Source Magazine
The Source Magazine ()

Kanye West’s Gap Partnership Celebrated In Letter To Chicago


vocês cancelam pessoas pretas numa velocidade né? rs continuo escutando thalles roberto desde daquela é kanye daniel n vejo essa parada com pessoas brancas não os números dobram inclusive 😍

The Source Magazine
The Source Magazine ()

Kanye Officially Drops Music Video For ‘Spaceships’ 16 Years After ‘The College Dropout’


Kanye West is back with “Wash Us in the Blood,” a new track featuring @trvisXX from forthcoming album ‘God’s Country’

Adel grande🕒
Adel grande🕒 ()

Nicki minaj needs to never work with kanye again , the jesus man apparently ask her to hop in his record then scrap the whole song cz nicki takes all attention and overrap him in his own song he even admitted that in monster

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan ()

We all share your joy, Kanye - this is EXACTLY the news everyone wanted as the world is being ravaged by a global pandemic & economic disaster.


@NC_Efren @thegoodrappage1 rumor rn is travis scott, look up wash us in the blood on apple music, it returns kanye’s artist page which means its loaded up. looking up wuitb travis scott returns kanyes artist pages again, lookikg it up against with any other artist doesnt work


Kanye easily! He dropped Ye+KSG and produced Nas, Pusha T, Teyana Taylor albums too

mak backup
Mak backup ()

@DIEMYDARLlNG now why nicki get more heat for other ppls actions then the actual ppl like kanye west, young thug, tory lanez have collabed with him, idgi why nicki is the only one gettin dragged😭

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Watching Kanye playing Sonic at kid cudi’s house and crying but for unrelated reasons

XXL Magazine
XXL Magazine ()

#BREAKING: Kanye West announces new album God’s Country, to release new song “Wash Us in the Blood”

Sam ()

eu não consigo apontar um dia na carreira do kanye que eu falei putz estou desapontada pq o artista não é pra agradar ninguém mesmo não you go girl give us nothing

OnikaTM 🦄❤️
OnikaTM 🦄❤️ ()

@Barbattorneygen This was way back before the final version we have now of only Kanye, ty and Nicki.

Ben ()

@loevmin @gothteaarz du denkst auxh kanye fans sind nicht zu 80% weisse 15 jährige mit yeezys von aliexpress

Marrr🏄🏿‍♂️ ()

Nah Kanye is terrible he did not want to congratulate kipp you could see it in his face LMFAOOOOOO

Sarkodie ()

Kanye was screaming broke , not cos he had no money in the bank but most long term thinkers panic when they feel the future is not secured ... it ain’t about just you but the goal is “generational”

DJ Semtex 🎧
DJ Semtex 🎧 ()

This is the same guy that called Kanye a “Coon ass nigga”, and posted a white picture of him. Now he’s in the studio gassed up like a priviliged stan, leaking intel about Kanye’s new music 🤦🏽‍♂️

HipHop News
HipHop News ()

Kanye West projects まとめ ・Yeezy × Gapの商品(2021年ローンチ予定) ・Kid Cudiとの作品Kids See Ghostsのアニメ化作品(声優で参加) ・Dr. DreとのJesus Is Kingの続編 ・映画Jesus Is KingのApple Musicでのデジタルリリース ・Yeezyのドキュメンタリー ・YeezyのFoam Runner(released)

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Chase Winovich Stan
Chase Winovich Stan ()

Old music slappers. W or L? Knock you down Keri Hilson and Kanye West In da club 50 Cent Live your Life Debate a wall

Dan ()

With the Kids See Ghosts announcement I think we should bring up one of my favorite Kanye tweets

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@bobwont @Zaifaaaaaa Yea I think GAP is trying to rebound so they’re finally giving Kanye his shot, but I see what Huzaifas saying, he means a pricier brand

Aléx Young
Aléx Young ()

I hope this means Kanye is back to being the old Kanye and making old Kanye music.

Carolzzzzz ()

voltei a seguir o kanye e agora volta menos volta vejo-o a berrar na minha timeline ok

𝓑𝓛𝓜 ✨ ()

She looks tf good in the new body video but I’m mad it leaked why couldn’t Kanye just release the song

Julz B. Sure
Julz B. Sure ()

Kanye hiring a black woman to be the design director of YZY GAP >>> You love to see it

coronavirus cancelled the rockies
Coronavirus cancelled the rockies ()

Every single yeezy shoe is the absolute stupidest looking shoe of all time. Kanye is a genius for making morons buy those awful fucking shoes

☚ #HappyBirthdayDhoni Crazy Rich Asians ☛
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