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Zack Kassian can never again call another hockey player cheap after what he pulled tonight.

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Lenny McGean ()

@JasonGregor Anyone who defends NHL Player Safety has lost any credibility. Players constantly hit each other from behind with no action. Chara gets a pass on a dangerous cross check. Kassian should sit for 20 games for his kicking stunt. I am a fan of Kassian but that is indefensible.

O.G. Wan-unoby ()

The number of “Attempted murder” tweets I’ve seen from #fLames fans on #HockeyTwitter over the Zack Kassian incident has me wondering how they’re doing after they watched their team get literally murdered tonight.

Paul Almeida ()

Yamamoto is a point a game player in the @NHL after 17 games he has 8G 9A & is +15. His arrival & impact couldn’t have come at a better time with Neal, McDavid & Kassian out of the lineup. His relentless & infectious work ethic has been like a breath of fresh air for the #Oilers

Oilers John 🇨🇦 ✈️ ()

A Flames homer thinks Kassian should have been suspended for longer. #Shocker

Dan Hemming ()

@Bob_Stauffer Just wondering if the oilers keep playing like this, will there be spots for McDavid, Kassian, and Neal when they’re ready to return?

Sask Colin ()

What a win. McDavid out, Kassian out team wins huge in Florida. Here we come playoffs #LetsGoOilers

🧡Time for Playoff hockey💙 ()

Athanasiou shows that he can play the Kassian role, sooooooo DO YOUR THING HOLLAND #LetsGoOilers

Roy Munson ()

@contribute_ee @NHLPlayerSafety If chara got a $5K fine. Kassian should have only gotten 3 or 4

Ryan Staffeld ()

@spittinchiclets @Bmarch63 Wheres Kassian with the skate kick to the chest when you need it?

MüllerPhonzieSZN (30-23-4)(13-4-4) ()

@AdnacOil @NHLPlayerSafety How about Zack Kassian getting 20 games then instead of the 7 that he got

Barstool Sports ()

Zack Kassian Earns Himself A Nice Little 7-Game Suspension For Kicking Another Player With His Skates Like A Lunatic

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Scotty Hockey ()

I will often come down on PS for being too hard on stuff, but this is idiotic. Kassian should be suspended for at least double digits, if not the rest of the season.

Troy ()

I dunno about the rest of #Oilers twitter but getting painted with a “broad brush of they’re all dumb fans” from others over this Kassian thing is not my idea of a good time.

Jeff Egert ()

@lynnmercereau I didn’t gate + , and I’ve already been lit by twitter. Apparently I’m a hissy fit throwing buffoon, moron, and or retard for “supporting” a murderous psychopath (Kassian). Fortunately my skin is thick and my opinion undramatic

Sports Illustrated ()

The NHL Department of Player Safety had every reason to throw the book at the repeat-offending Oilers winger, but instead, Zack Kassian was handed a seven-game ban that is a hardly a punishment befitting the crime

O.G. Wan-unoby ()

I’ll bet the “What if #Kassian’s skate missed and got Cernak in the neck” crowd thank God every day for making it to work without getting hit by a meteor or something. #LetsGoOilers

Andy Graziano ()

Zach Kassian is a damn lunatic who deserves every single minute of seven-game suspension.

AM ()

1 month of Kassian: -got rocked by Tkachuk (x2) -jumps Tkachuk -chirps Tkachuk for being dirty and brags about his 15 goals -suspended 2 games -Fights Tkachuk - kicks a player in the chest with his blade -suspended 7 games Kassian is a 🤡

Michael Augello ()

The consistency of the DOPS has to be called into question. Jake DeBrusk missed one game when Nazem Kadri cross-checked him and Kadri received the equivalent of a 12-game suspension (6 playoff games). Kassian does a Bruce Lee front kick with his skate and gets 7 games.

Leah Kessel, whom the Raptors love ()

Garnet Hathaway got 3 games for spitting. Zack Kassian got 7 games for kicking with a skate. One guy attempted murder. Another guy attempted silliness. Just insane.

Mark Spector ()

Zack Kassian gets seven games for kicking. While the wires still touch once in a while, coaches and teammates say it has become a more rare occurrence, compared to his time in Vancouver. My piece:

Mike west ()

@hockeynight Chara should’ve got 7 and this asshat kassian should’ve got the rest of the season

Roy Ulvmoen ()

Zack Kassian sin sesong er interessant: Første 43 kamper: 13 mål, 15 assist. Siste 9 kamper: Får ny kontrakt verdt 12,8 millioner dollar over fire år, 1 mål, 1 assist, 2 suspensjoner #nhlnor

🇬🇧 Chasing The Puck 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Kassian Suspended for 7 Games for Kicking

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Ilta-Sanomat ()

NHL-pelaaja Zack Kassian sai törkytempustaan pitkän pelikiellon ja menetti yli 150 000 euroa

Heather Marginet ()

Kassian got the games he deserved but the amount of sanctimonious crap from people dumping on him and calling him names was and is pathetic.

Larry Fisher ()

This Kassian suspension forces Holland’s hand into becoming a buyer IMO. The team was solidly in playoff position all season — just 10 days until deadline — but can’t stick with status quo down McDavid, Neal and Kassian. All could be out through deadline. Need help now! #Oilers

NHL Player Safety ()

Edmonton’s Zack Kassian has been suspended for seven games for Kicking Tampa Bay’s Erik Cernak.

Sid Seixeiro ()

Zack Kassian can never again call another hockey player cheap after what he pulled tonight.

Dimitri Filipovic ()

Zack Kassian needs to do the respectful thing by answering the bell and letting a Lightning player kick him in the chest

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