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Edmonton’s Zack Kassian has been fined $5,000, the maximum allowable under the CBA, for Cross-checking Los Angeles’ Sean Durzi..

Expected lineup in Game 6: Draisaitl-McDavid-Yamamoto Kane-RNH-Hyman Archibald-McLeod-Puljujarvi Foegele-Ryan-Kassian Kulak-Ceci Keith-Bouchard Russell-Barrie Smith.

Kassian Photo,Kassian Photo by Jack Michaels,Jack Michaels on twitter tweets Kassian Photo

Zack Kassian is specifically paid a year to throw hits he had 0 last night in a game where the Oilers need his physicality. McDavid had (5!!) hits even 5’8” Yamamoto had 3 hits last night. If Kassian won’t play with some bite maybe it’s time to scratch him for someone else.

Nurse, Kassian, Keith, Ceci, Russell, Ryan, McLeod, Draisaitl, RNH had a grand total of 0 hits last night. McDavid had 5.

Kassian and Archibald each saw three (3) shifts after the first period Interestingly, the Oilers dominated after the first period 🤔.

Kassian with 0 hits tonight. Perfect example of them not being hard enough..

Landed! Guess I can get off the plane. Kassian with 0 shots, 0 hits in a playoff BOA? Just 11:35 of cardio..

This entire pain sequence was caused by Kassian being too dumb to get to centre before dumping it. Pinned by a massive line mismatch on the dzone draw. That 4th line is a wasteland..

I’ve seen enough of Kassian and Archibald together already. One needs to sit next game.

Archibald has to sit for Holloway next game. Kassian hasn’t been as awful but Archibald genuinely does nothing.

Kassian and Archibald can sit next game. Play 11 and 7. Bring in those 2 players that came in for warmup. Holloway and Broberg time..

@Bob_Stauffer @EdmontonOilers Archibald - useless Kassian - useless BRING ME HOLLOWAY.

Nurse has been brutal. Archie and Kassian need to come out and Holloway and Niemeläinen or Broberg in. 11-7 for Game 3..

If McDavid leads your team in hits and both Kassian and Archibald are in the lineup, then what exactly are they doing?.

also Kassian having 0 hits in a playoff BOA is unbelievably embarrassing on his part, he was out there doing cardio the whole game.

Bob Stauffer: Kassian is gonna play a huge roll in this series Kassian:.

Kassian Photo,Kassian Photo by Leon Kums,Leon Kums on twitter tweets Kassian Photo

McDavid leads the team in hits and points in this series. Kassian and Archibald are showing how useless they truly are. It’s time to give Holloway a shot..


It took until the 17th minute mark in the 3rd period for Zack Kassian to hit someone. I have no words lmao..


I hate it to say it but, Kassian at his worst is a worse player than Lucic ever was for us. 0 hits and 0 shots man. Holland loves his guys..

@JasonGregor Passengers = Archibald, Kassian. Holloway in for next game. Top end players were great..

If “The Moose” was on this version of the Oil and he watched Kassian play the pathetic way he did tonight in a BOA playoff game, he would have smacked the shit out of him in the dressing room or told him he ain’t going back on the ice. FFS. Pathetic!!!.

Just remember y’all, the oilers are paying Lucic to beat up kassian.

Kassian Photo,Kassian Photo by Amber caron,Amber caron on twitter tweets Kassian Photo

With 20 minutes left to play, Archibald and Kassian have had seven shifts a piece. They should not be given the opportunity for number eight. Sorry. #Oilers.

Kassian Photo,Kassian Photo by Rob Soria,Rob Soria on twitter tweets Kassian Photo

@Bob_Stauffer @EdmontonOilers Mcdavid has double the hits of kassian and double the hits of archie this game btw..

Idk how you perceive JP take a shift and Kassian take a shift and prefer the latter over the former. Ever..


How useless are Kassian and Archibald when McDavid leads the team in hits with 4 LMFAO.

Wanna talk about ketjuralli? McDavidin ketjut tänään: Kassian-Draisaitl Pulju-Draisaitl Yamamoto-Draisaitl Hyman-Kane Hyman-Draisaitl Pulju-Kane Kane-Draisaitl Pulju-Hyman Kassian-Kane En tiedä, kenen etua tämä ajaa paitsi McDavidin. Yhden miehen show. #NHLfi.


Woodcroft blocked Holland phone number and benched Kassian and Archibald most of the game..

All I’m saying is what’s the argument against Foegele and Holloway in for Kassian and Archibald?.

@csenio @nielsonTSN1260 If you look at that game and your first thought is to sit 13 after Kassian and Archibald were useless like tits on a nun. You might be brain dead..

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