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Is this Skip declaring Kawhi the best player on the planet不不不不不.

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Box2Box Indonesia
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Siapa IMPOSTOR yang menghancurkan LA Clippers di playoffs? Kawhi? Doc? PG? Rana, Twitch Thufeil, Amal Sidharta, dan Professor Paul mencari oknum pelakunya & membahas final wilayah di #BoxOutID Eps 76. Mainkan di sini:

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ofc slandering clippers not fun when you 1. hate LeBron to death 2. think Kawhi is easily by far the best player in the NBA 3. you a clippers knicks warriors fan but ok

Greek God of Stats
Greek God of Stats ()

Kawhi Leonard choosing Paul George over Pascal Siakam is the ultimate NBA version of you versus the guy she told you not to worry about

Pure Point Guard
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E chegamos ao ponto que pode tamb矇m ser fundamental nessa hist籀ria, Gary Harris, Craig e Milssap, v瓊o conseguir diminuir LeBron como conseguiram em alguns momentos com Kawhi? Esse trabalho coletivo foi VITAL, para engessar o ataque dos Clippers, e pode dificultar demais pra LAL.

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Jeff Goodman
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Chet Holmgren and Paolo Banchero now running down their Top 10 NBA players (in order). Paolo has Kawhi at No. 2. Chet does not.

Jesse Beer
Jesse Beer ()

[email protected] no disrespect but bashing load management is silly. Kawhi has to sit a certain amount of games. He has a degenerative knee issue.

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Kawhis second half of Game 7 was literally one of the worst performances Ive witnessed from a superstar

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Kawhi really said his team has to get smarter when it was really him and pg playing like ass the last 3 games for them to lose. I see alot of yall fraud ass clipper fans talking about chemistry when you two superstars was trash asf in 3 close out games.

穢儭 h e f 兩
穢儭 h e f 兩 ()

Steph Curry Game 7s : 28/7/6 on 44/44/100 shooting splits Kawhi in game 7s: 20/2/9 on 40/24/73 Elimination Games: Steph: 28/6/7 45/49/94 59eFG% (6-2 record) Kawhi: 18/8/2/1 on 39/25/74 shooting, 42eFG% & 45TS% 2-5 record Steph Curry > Kawhi

LegendOfWinning ()

I think we can all agree, in no order, these are the top 9 players in the NBA LeBron KD Kawhi Curry Harden Giannis Jokic Luka AD so who is number 10?

shannon sharpe
Shannon sharpe ()

Is this Skip declaring Kawhi the best player on the planet不不不不不.

B/R Kicks
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The New Balance KAWHI Jolly Rancher Collection is set to release in late October 2020

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Alex ()

kawhi sitting in the driver seat listening to paul george talk about how the clippers are still in the driver seat

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Saad Yousuf
Saad Yousuf ()

I finally can put a finger on it: In terms of demeanor, Tyron Smith is Kawhi Leonard.

{Jason} ()

Last time Kawhi leonard was in a game 7 41 points 8 rebounds 3 assists 3 steals

L.A. Klaw, Esq.
L.A. Klaw, Esq. ()

Wallace Shawn with the early lead in the #VirtualOscars2020 competition! #PrincessBrideReunion

LA Clippers Film
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1. This is wild considering one was a +11 and one is a -19 2. Both of our 5s This is inherently the issue. The team has at least 3 centers with JaMychal, and you could even go super small with Morris, Kawhi, etc the roster is too versatile to be this stringent

Bobby 儭
Bobby 儭 ()

I wont be sad if the clippers lose game 7. Team has awful mentalities. Their personality works for AAU basketball, not the NBA. Kawhi, you had it all in toronto.

Justin Termine
Justin Termine ()

Kawhi Leonard left a team that plays harder than any team in the League for a team that plays like they dont have to try.

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the @newbalancehoops Jolly Rancher Kawhi! #WeGotNow

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Burak Leonard
Burak Leonard ()

Kawhi kd l繹balon curry davis -ante ve harden(her eye ramen adamlar normal sezonda 癟ok iyiler malesef)- unlardan baka s羹perstar yok u an oraya net aday doncic trae var gerisi tart覺覺l覺r aa yukar覺

Thunder Uruguay
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@NBALatam El triple de Stephen Curry La velocidad de Westbrook La inteligencia de CP3 La defensa de Kawhi Leonard El dribbling de Kyrie Irving La mec獺nica de tiro de Klay Thompson La Altura y f穩sico de Giannis Las volcadas de Lebron James Ser穩a un jugador imparable 休 #NBALatamParty

AdamTheSportFan ()

Both are really good perimiter defenders Both have similar offensive games Both have DPOY and Finals MVPS Both leave their championship team and that team makes game 7 of the Second rouns Man, Kawhi and Michael Jordan are very similar to one another

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. ()

@AnotherNBAFan Do you realize game was tied so even kawhi misses the shot its going to OT? Jesus I expect nothing else from a bronsexual

Peririco ()

Parab矇ns Celtics, jogaram muito, s矇rie emocionante, e voa Tatum! voc礙s me perdoem a ousadia, mas se o Kawhi ainda estivesse no Raptors o bicampeonato viria kkkkk



Hawks Nation France
Hawks Nation France ()

Baby Kawhi se chauffe ! Une pens矇e pour la famille du mec 0:05

Kawhi Leonard FMVP SZN
Kawhi Leonard FMVP SZN ()

Bir kiinin bunun fark覺nda olmas覺 g羹zel istikrar yok am覺na kodum tak覺m覺nda Kawhi: 'Y覺l boyunca oynad覺覺m覺z ma癟larda bu ekilde 繹ndeyken, rakip tak覺mlar geri d繹nm羹lerdi.'

Her ey NBA
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Clippers i癟in 襤LER YOLUNDA MI: 佗 Kawhi neden istedii yard覺m覺 alam覺yor? 佗 Nuggets ekibi geri d繹nebilir mi? 佗 Murraye uygulanan K襤L襤T savunma stratejisi Analiz i癟in

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Bleacher Report
Bleacher Report ()

Kawhis 3 had the Clippers family section feelin it

☚ #flashbackfriday dragic ☛
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