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Kyrie (14 PTS, 8 AST) & Kawhi (16 PTS) duel in the 1st half on @ESPNNBA! #CUsRise #WeTheNorth

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Lebron and Kawhi the only players getting an and 1 from this.

If only the Lakers had traded average ass Brandon Ingram for Kawhi 🤦🏽‍♂️.

@JoshEberley i never saw kd stole the ball from kawhi hands to win a game but i watched kawhi to steal it from kd to beat warriors this season. also kawhi is super-efficient going iso and scoring. i pick kawhi..

@ForevaStr8__ Better check them numbers & you might wanna watch kawhi carry the raptors..

@_Mic_hael_ @NekiasNBA Mathews and Jordan expire. They’ll have room for a max free agent at least. Only prob is that kawhi and KD are the only ones worth a max. No need to waste money on a Middleton or Tobias type. Would be same thing they did with Mathews and Barnes..

@Healthcoachtra1 Kawhi is a what if also. Blake was almost moved for Kat. Jimmy Butler became available after. Blake could of got us Butler and more. Hard to tell..

@Skeet_mh Hopefully not. It’s just the glimpses from the media pushing stars elsewhere that isn’t good imo. Like Kyrie wants his own team, AD and Lebron, trying to put Kawhi and PG in LA, etc..

@WorldWideWob Can’t wait till Kawhi and Boogie sign with Minnesota and end this monotony.

@JayAndDan Who, out of you two, would look best with Kawhi cornrows? #JayAndDan #JayAndDanMailbag.

1:19 is the most emotion I’ve ever seen from kawhi lol.

If y’all thought that Bron, Kawhi, and PG was scary just wait til we have Bron, AD, and Kyrie woooooooo buddy @DragonflyJonez.

@Casp3r_1 I’m not paying u no mind. When did I ever say kawhi was t the best player in the east? And he is not the 2nd best player in the world if u believe that ur an idiot.

@PatchMadeTre Kawhi is the best player in the east. Second best player in the and no al isn’t top 8.

I bet ya 20 bucks Kawhi has been playing In his home gym since he been healthy sayin f the spur.

LeBron James: Knicks aiming to follow in Lakers footsteps by doing this - EXCLUSIVE - Express.

LeBron James: Knicks aiming to follow in Lakers footsteps by doing this - EXCLUSIVE - Express Photo

Lakers priorities this summer would be: KD, Kawhi, and Kyrie..

Wednesday night showed @mshap2 Boston’s wealth of quality scorers is unmatched through the East.

NBA GameTime: Celtics outlast Raptors 117-108, Kyrie Irving outshines Kawhi Leonard late.

This pissed me off cuz it wasnt Kawhi in a Raptors jersey 😤🤷‍♂️.

Marcus Smarts defense on Kawhi Tonight was the reason they won. He made it hard on him for sure.

@BlakeMurphyODC Raptors offense was bad tonight don’t you think at least the 4th when Kawhi was jacking up 3 in transition.

@FrostyTooCold Actually that’s not true I misread your statement. I’m putting Kawhi above Giannis but the rest of what you said is accurate.

Not to mention we gotta show Kawhi we got talent for him.

@TeamScopes I missed Kawhi. I’ll admit that. Middleton? Have you seen his stats since November lol Lavine?!?! On the worst team in the east 🤣 come on bro. Vooch maybe..

Kyrie (14 PTS, 8 AST) & Kawhi (16 PTS) duel in the 1st half on @ESPNNBA! #CUsRise #WeTheNorth.

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