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Lessons on leadership from Kim Campbell. She took the PC party from 156 seats to 2 in one election! Not sure we should be following her gameplan..

The only reason CTV ever has to talk about Kim Campbell is to throw shade on the Conservative Party, a party she helped destroy and the next generation had to recreate..

Margaret Thatcher would be disgusted with Kim Campbell. What an embarrassing wreck..

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CTV is even pulling KIM CAMPBELL outta the archives to attack @PierrePoilievre PIERRE POILIEVRE must be doing something right!!.

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell to Pierre Poilievre GROW UP - tomorrow on CTV Question Period #cdnpoli.

Hardly. The Liberals produced what was arguably the second worst political attack ad in 2006. Soldiers in the Streets Like Conservative PM KIm Campbell in 1993, Liberal MP Paul Martin lost the 2006 election..

@CTVNews Kim Campbell was the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. She led the destruction of the federal PCs and was completely irrelevant..

@ctvqp @INJUSTICEINTOL1 Canadians couldn’t care less what Kim Campbell or CTV think..

Conservative Supporters Free Speech Now Conservative Supporters on Former PM Kim Campbell criticizing Conservatives Kim Campbell SHUT UP #cdnpoli.

Fixed: “Trudeau’s appointee Kim Campbell gets call from his PMO to give interview to Liberal shill at CTV”.

No mention in any of the reports of David Milgaard’s passing of the role PM Brian Mulroney played in securing his exoneration versus Kim Campbell’s version of events #cdnpoli.

Kim Campbell Photo,Kim Campbell Photo by Norman Spector,Norman Spector on twitter tweets Kim Campbell Photo

The fact that old guard politicians like Kim Campbell oppose a Poilievre government is actually a ringing endorsement in my opinion. #cdnpoli.

@CTVNews Kim Campbell has played the role of Liberal attack dog since the day she got sacked. It took Trudeau subsidies to get *all* of Canadian media on side with that too. F🍁CK them all, I say..

Kim Campbell Photo,Kim Campbell Photo by Mr. Surveillance 🍁,Mr. Surveillance 🍁 on twitter tweets Kim Campbell Photo

It is almost mathematically impossible for anyone to be a worse Conservative Party leader than Kim two seats Campbell..

Only 2 Cons of yesteryear that I ever had any respect for: Kim Campbell and Joe Clark. Neither lasted very long & both were treated like shit. They were much too honest for the corrupt CON clowns. Kim tells it like it is now re the CPC: “It’s too intolerant; it’s too right-wing..

😆 Kim Campbell giving lectures on party fortunes. 🤣 🤣 🤣.

@CTVNews Is Kim Campbell a CTV conservative too? Like Peter MacKay and Jean Charest ?.

Kim Campbell Photo,Kim Campbell Photo by Krisster 2,Krisster 2 on twitter tweets Kim Campbell Photo

Kim Campbell next to be accused of being a liberal by reactionary extremists vying for leadership of the Conservative party..

Joe Clark and Kim Campbell: Known for their success in winning elections for Conservative Parties everywhere! #Sarcasm #cdnpoli.

@stephen_taylor It really was a vote against Mulroney era, she was the sacrificial lamb. Many Canadians have a lot of respect for Kim Campbell regardless of party..

@CTVNews Kim Campbell sits on the board of directors at SNC Lavalin, no ? If yes, than does her comments surprise anyone.

Care what Kim Campbell thinks? She’s notorious for: ⁃Shortest serving PM ever ⁃Losing all but 2 of 156 seats in 1993 election ⁃CPC losing official party status But congrats, she was 1st FEMALE PM. Still even her backer Trudeau, forgot this uneventful fact himself..

Establishment media are scraping “bottom of the barrel” to trash Pierre Poilievre when CTV interviews Kim Campbell for her thoughts! 🤦🏼‍♂️ #cdnpoli.

@204queen0574 Kim Campbell was set up by Mulroney and his hacks. First woman PM and was taken down to 2 seats. That was orchestrated so a woman would take the fall. Disgusting CONS. #NeverVoteConservative.

Kim Campbell is one of the biggest jokes (alongside Joe Clark) in political conservative Canadian history but the Ottawa media loves her because of that fact..

@ctvedmonton Kim Campbell was party leader for how long? 6 months? Not in a position to give advice..

Michelle Rempel will be spewing the same criticisms to legacy media in a year about the Conservative Party, like Kim Campbell recently did and often does..

Loved hearing from former PM Kim Campbell this morning on Question Period. Always reasonable with a twinkle in her eye. “ it is your job” when tough situations need to be addressed..

@CTVNews The resurgence of authoritarianism within parts of #CPC is disturbing. Thanks for speaking up Kim Campbell.

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