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Jürgen Klopp has confirmed Fabinho will miss the #EmiratesFACup final but remains optimistic he could return before the end of the season..

Jurgen Klopp: “We have essentially reached ‘the final’ of everything we have competed for. Two domestic cups, the European Cup – and to take the Premier League campaign to the last match round is the equivalent of reaching a final.” #awlive [lfc].

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Klopp confirms Origi is leaving Liverpool this summer. For me he will always be a Liverpool legend. He deserves all good thoughts. Everybody loves him. #LFC.

🗣 “Stevie [Gerrard] will take it 100% serious without me calling him.” Jürgen Klopp says if he was in Steven Gerrard’s position then he would have extra motivation to get something against Manchester City..

Klopp: Wolves will be difficult, but we will give it a try. The atmosphere will be outstanding and we will try to use it. #awlive [sky].

Don’t ever forget this was the run of games United had when we lost the league in ‘92 - imagine if Klopp had 5 league games in 10 days??.

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🗣 El elogio de Klopp para sus suplentes: Es como si tuviera Ferraris en el garaje.

My dad keeps saying that #LFC will win this… “You will see Klopp will win this, Guardiola will overthink it again.”.

a única explicação pra essa obsessão do Guardiola no Liverpool é que, em algum dia em um restaurante inglês, a mulher do Klopp deve ter apontado pro Pep e falado alá o cara no supermercado passa direto pela fileira de shampoo kkkkkkkkkkkkjjjkkkkkkkkkkkkk só pode ser isso.

Disappointed in Salford with this one. I mean shouldn’t a manager be given 3-4 years at least before he’s judged 🤔 they’d have sacked Fergie these lot 😞 Klopp didn’t win the league straight away uno 😁.

Has Moyes complained about Thursday - Sunday once? Shut the fuck up Klopp. If you don’t like it, fuck off out this league.

Take-Ons #13 Gimana Kalo Klopp Latih Bayern? Gimana seandainya kalo Jürgen Klopp jadi pelatih Bayern? Apakah otomatis jadi juara liga juga? Terus, kalo ngebandingin Bayern-nya Jupp Heynckes dan Hansi Flick, mana yang lebih bagus?.

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**Klopp, Pep and more react to to this crazy Premier League Season ⚽️ **.

tactico twitter will tell you Klopp’s not an elite tactician yet Pep is despite Klopp having a better head to record against Pep whilst managing Mainz, Dortmund and Liverpool 😭😭😭.

Estoy muy orgulloso de él (Jake Daniels): Jürgen Klopp | Video.

Jürgen Klopp when Aston Villa scored against Manchester City! 👊 #YNWA 🔴 #BOSS 🇩🇪.

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não tiram o nome do klopp da boca mesmo em? queriam de todo jeito ser o boss, mas nunca serão.

Jurgen Klopp jest niesamowity, chciałbym by był w LFC na zawsze XD.

Jurgen Klopp on Gomez injury: “He is ok. There is pain but he is fine. We think he will be alright. We got lucky today.”.

Lan bir kez olsun tuttuğum takım son anda şampiyon olsun. Bu sevinci yaşamak istemiyorum. Hadi Klopp hocam sendeyiz güldür yüzümüzü.


Tears Klopp just decided to end the PL season right then and there.

Klopp w Liverpoolu tyle mistrzostw, co Ranieri w Leicester. To tak żeby ostudzić wychwalanie pod niebiosa.

La llegada de Juan Cruz, y su pretensión de ser el Klopp o el Guardiola local, le ha servido mucho a Fuentes, que se muestra por todo el campo como un lateral del Liverpool o el City. Interesante papel del samario, que cada partido participa más en la construcción de juego..

Jürgen Klopp could have #UCL dilemma as #LFC man sends emphatic reminder.

🐐 | UMA LENDA Klopp confirmou a saída de Origi ao final da temporada e se declarou ao belga: 🗣️ Espero que ele tenha uma despedida especial. Divock será para sempre uma lenda do Liverpool. Onde ele for, terá sucesso. Todos o amam. [LFC].

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Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, confirmed on Friday that striker Divock Origi will leave the club at the end of the season. The Belgium international has not played enough games to earn a contract extension and has been heavily linked with a move.

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Mo Salah dan Van Dijk sudah ikut berlatih. Kabarnya Klopp juga gak mau makasain Salah main, biar Salah tetepa Fit menjelang final UCL, Utk torehan goal yg mulai dikejar Son, Klopp tak ambil pusing..

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Estas mismas palabras las aplico para el #Liverpool de Klopp. Por eso son los mejores..

It’s actually crazy that klopp only had 1 PL 1 CL & 1 league cup in 7 years lol why isn’t he flogged enough for this.


@Nabyllionaire Klopp can have the streets in Dortmund but it’s a different circumstance in England where he has the refs and the media.

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