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As I said Monday, my understanding is when the Canada squad is announced for the window, Luca Koleosho (Espanyol) will be included. The 18-year old was with Canada in June and will be with #canMNT for the upcoming games against Qatar and Uruguay..

Just watched Luca Koleosho toss a chair on Phonzies live after losing to one of the lads on FIFA, seems to be fitting into the brotherhood just fine 🤣 #CanMNT.

“He was relentless with what he wanted.” Meet Luca Koleosho, the 18-year-old who left home at 10 (!) for a European academy and could make his Canadian national team debut today. #CanMNT.

🌎 Estos son los partidos que jugarán los internacionales pericos en este parón. 🔢 Hasta ocho jugadores tiene el Espanyol con sus selecciones. 🔵⚪ #RCDE.

Alright, this game just needs Corbeanu, Koleosho debut and Waterman! Please John, you have been perfect in management so far!! #CanMNT.

Was 2022 a wasted year for #TFCLive? 🎥 @MichaelSingh94 & @jamessharman WATCH FULL |.

Looking forward today @CanadaSoccerEN to see some bright young talents, Ismael Koné 20 yrs old, Luca Koleosho 18 yrs and Theo Corbeanu 20 yrs old get significant minutes versus Qatar #CANMNT.

Luca Koleosho may not have lived in 🇨🇦 exactly, but let’s get him Cap-Tied ASAP! BTYB @footy_prime FULL EPISODE ⬇️.

From ages seven to 11, Luca Koleosho played for a New York City youth club called the Manhattan Kickers. When did Evan Rosenthal — a coach for the club — know that Koleosho had a future in soccer? “Oh, right away.” ✍️ @joshuakloke.

Koleosho Photo,Koleosho Photo by The Athletic Soccer,The Athletic Soccer on twitter tweets Koleosho Photo

@NoContextCanMNT Koleosho on the right I don’t think he’s going anywhere 🔒🤞🏽#CanMNT.

Koleosho Photo,Koleosho Photo by 🐕🍁,🐕🍁 on twitter tweets Koleosho Photo

@tv_jjd Koleosho / Kone, also maybe TB but doubt buchanan will play i havent even seen a picture of him training.

No Koleosho or Corbeanu in a situation that (imo) both should have got looks. #CanMNT.

Ya hay XI para el partido entre @CanadaSoccerEN🇨🇦 y Catar🇶🇦 en Viena. ⚔️ Alphonso Davies y Jonathan David en ataque, con todo 👶 Koleosho e Ismaël Koné esperarán su oportunidad desde el banquillo.

Koleosho Photo,Koleosho Photo by Esto es MLS,Esto es MLS on twitter tweets Koleosho Photo

Charles-Andreas Brym has no business being subbed in before Theo Corbeanu and Luca Koleosho. Brym hasn’t had a single good touch on the ball. #QATCAN.


Shocked to see no Corbeanu or Koleosho today. Considering Theo is top scorer for a championship side and on great form, it’s a big surprise he doesn’t feature. Should have easily won 5-0. Uruguay will be a massive struggle #CANMNT #QATCAN.

@AlexGangueRuzic Was really hoping to see either Koleosho or Theo Corbeanu in the second half.

@24thminute I know what you mean, I had similar worries. Team look good so far. One more goal and Herdman could bring new boys on the pitch to test them (Kone, Corbeanu,Koleosho, Waterman).

@tv_jjd Hope to see some of the young talent that have not played yet for Canada such as Corbeanu, Koleosho, Brynn, Waterman..

@ArmenBedakian No. Eustaquio will likely play every minute and we still have Kaye, Piette and Kone. Not to mention other guys who can play there in a pinch. Reward a guy like Fraser for his role in qualifying or use the spot to predatory cap tie Koleosho, Jebbison or Mitrovic (if possible) 😈.

This is the perfect match to give Koleosho and Corbeanu a chance! Get the on the ball dribbling at the Qatar back line!.

Things I’d like to see later tonight: -Corbeanu in -Koleosho in -Kone alongside Steph -Waterman in for Vitoria.

Nadszedł dzień dzisiejszy! 🇨🇦⚔️🇶🇦 Mecz kontrolny przeciwko gospodarzowi MŚ to idealna okazja aby przetestować nowych grajków, Luce Koleosho. Zwycięstwo to rzecz oczywista, a jak będzie? Przekonamy się o 19 polskiego czasu. #PiłkarskiSyrop 🍁 #MLSpl.

Koleosho Photo,Koleosho Photo by Patryk Kościański ⚽🇨🇦,Patryk Kościański ⚽🇨🇦 on twitter tweets Koleosho Photo

Former Kicker Luca Koleosho and his prospects with the Canadian National Team. @CanadaSoccerEN @RCDEspanyol.

@Cris_RMCF14 @FutbolJan10 Which Player is this era has done what he has done? 🤷‍♂️..and please respond with about 20 elaborate clips like this..

@JeremyFilosa @CanadaSoccerFR Parle même pas des deux jeunes Kone et koleosho, au camp et de waterman 1st cap. Mais 2 min sur osorio 😅.

Good video on the decisions of Tomori, Mitrovic, Koleosho and Jebbison. #CanMNT.

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