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The Toronto Raptors select Christian Koloko at #33. Talked Koloko a couple times this week on The Raptors Show. An EXTREMELY Raptors-y pick..

We the North - Christian Koloko Open Gym: Moment presented by @Bell.

We’re gonna hear from Christian Koloko tomorrow via a zoom call and I’ll be doing a pod with @Barlowe500 on the newest Raptor 🔥🔥🔥.

Koloko Photo,Koloko Photo by Amit Mann,Amit Mann on twitter tweets Koloko Photo

Immediate thoughts: - I love most of the picks in the lotto, think a lot of top guys landed in the perfect contexts to maximize their development - what is OKC actually doing? - Is Sharpe actually a Blazer? - Grizzlies remain DT gods - Koloko was the best non-Brown 2nd.

I’m probably going to write something small about it today because I really really love this fit for fans who haven’t seen Koloko, legitimately absurd mover for his size. I wouldn’t say he has full switchability, but he’s so good at using his feet to late switch (a lot at UA).

Have seen some Koloko tape now and yeah, his tangible fit is obvious—a mobile, shot-swatting big with impeccable timing who sets sturdy screens and rolls to the basket with force. Looks like the kind of guy who can immediately deliver spot minutes as a backup in his first year..

It really is fulfilling for all of my prospect research to pay off like this 👊 Had this video about Koloko up on June 16th, loved the potential to pick him then and very happy with draft night 2022 🏀 Watch to get acquainted with the newest Raptor 🔴 #Raptors | #WeTheNorth.

La historia que subió a Instagram Christian Ya estoy con ganas de verlo en acción 💪 #WeTheNorth.

Koloko Photo,Koloko Photo by RAPTORS ARGENTO ,RAPTORS ARGENTO  on twitter tweets Koloko Photo

In the 2021-22 season, Arizona had the 4th best pace-adjusted defensive rating, behind Gonzaga, LSU, and Morgan St. (via RealGM) Their defensive anchor was Christian Koloko..


Koloko and Ron Harper Jr. That’s a coup for me given where the Raptors were at man. I love it. Build and develop. Raptors staying on brand and sooner or later that super star will walk through that door if he ain’t already on the squad now.

Take a look at the 33rd pick of the draft and new Raptor, Christian Koloko! #NBADraft.

Embiid left the group chat My man Siakam and Koloko!!!!! Let’s gooooooo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

Une fois de plus le Cameroun brille sur la scène internationale Le jeune camerounais Christian Koloko rejoint la NBA.

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koloko is a messi fan and siakam is a ronaldo fan this could get ugly at least they both federer fans.

I missed everything about the draft yesterday but I just wanna say I’m excited to watch my fellow African brother Christian Koloko play for my favorite team <3.

🇨🇲 Un nouveau camerounais débarque en NBA.

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Donc je vais enfin pouvoir miser sur Koloko sur Winamax ? Dieu est grand. Voici l’argent 😭❤️.

@allday__ajking Ya and y’all got a good development program also so it’s possible Bro I’m so happy my raptors got koloko bro been watching him since September we gonna develop him into something special.

@JoeWhalen19 Surprised you still have a picture of you for your profile. I give it until 10 games into the season before it’s a side-by-side if Precious and Koloko..

@S_SFloyd Yeah it definitely provides them with options. I’m sure Koloko will get run with the team, but how much is still TBD. We could also lose a lot of bigs to injury and he gets more PT, anything can happen. Always good to have the depth.

Koloko seems to have some underrated touch around the rim man. Let’s see how he pans out in SL. I hope they give him a guard that can hit the post entry and throw lobs.


@JustEsBaraheni Sometimes you get Kareem first and then Magic. Other times you get Barnes initially and then Koloko..

Made a jersey edit for Christian Koloko. Welcome to Toronto @kolokojunior1.

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Sorry for the late reaction but… No way Christian Koloko fell to us. I was not expecting him to fall, but I love the pick..

@SiakamGotNxt @ekoreen I saw somewhere else that koloko was in their top 20-25 so I guess if they would have still picked koloko if they were at 20.

@AnkonySam @BN_Bulls Yea especially when we declined a deal to trade down for 22&29 and get Liddell and koloko.

Christian Koloko (mini thread) thoughts after an hour and a half of film and reading.

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@TrashTalk_fr Le Pick 33 des Raptors qui permet à mes 2 compatriotes de jouer pour les Raptors : Koloko et Siakam. 🇨🇲🇨🇲.

On the controversial Thad trade, looks like it panned out as other than David Roddy (which got mostly mitigated with the Ron Harper Jr signing), there is no else taken between 20-32 I would have preferred over Koloko..


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