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Koskidaddy Twitter

Koskidaddy vs Fuhr most influential heavyweight match of all time.

Everyone’s concerned about hunter bidens laptop. I’m more worried about koskidaddy laptop.

habs fans falling for the koskidaddy bait for the zillionth time.

Koskidaddy Photo,Koskidaddy Photo by T🇨🇦🇫🇷,T🇨🇦🇫🇷 on twitter tweets Koskidaddy Photo

@Bourgoal @dhockey13 Sucking up to koskidaddy is super weird. There’s something wrong with that kid.

@grantfuhr Sorry Koskidaddy, your barking up the wrong tree. Grant simply won games, won rings. He was a true warrior and a absolute champion. Better go pick in someone else that gives a damn about analytics. Give me Champions every day!.

Grant Fuhr is a 5 time cup champ and hes getting cooked by Koskidaddy lmao twitter is unreal.


@fakenewsshater @grantfuhr Koskidaddy constantly showing hes the dumbest person on twitter..

This is the worst hockey twitter account out there, koskidaddy is such a cancer..

Koskidaddy Photo,Koskidaddy Photo by Shawn Fournier,Shawn Fournier on twitter tweets Koskidaddy Photo

@grantfuhr Koskidaddy is an embarrassment as an oilers fan. Mr Fuhr is a legend of the game. Shameful behavior.

@StonyOil You are seriously empowering that idiot Koskidaddy? Have you seen the vile things he has been saying this week ? Shame on you Stony.

@grantfuhr Grant broooo you played against some of the meanest guys in the history of the game why you letting koskidaddy get under your skin?😂😂.


@grantfuhr Koskidaddy is the kind of person who would keep Gretzky on the bench during an Olympic shootout..

@grantfuhr Grant just bestowed a real name on this Koskidaddy shall henceforth be known FuhrIsMyDaddy.

@fakenewsshater @grantfuhr This may the end for Koskidaddy, and I’m here for it🤡.


@manitoba_1974 @StonyOil ??? Bro is making a joke about the fuhr vs koskidaddy situation. You act like he is endorsing making fun of drug addicts 😭.

@grantfuhr Do even know who this koskidaddy is? He/she/it could only dream of a career like yours. Maybe the troll HOH for it?.


@grantfuhr Koskidaddy you are dumbest asshole I think I’ve ever come across….next to the Libtards in Ontario…that is…Grant Fuhr is arguably one of the best goalies all time….he played in a time where goals were scored at an all time high…I’m a Jets fan!.

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