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By the way, there goes that 5% chance Kotkaniemi goes to the WJC. Heck of a shift.

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It’s time for Jesperi Kotkaniemi to be given a bigger role.

It’s time for Jesperi Kotkaniemi to be given a bigger role Photo

@Antichambre N’importe quoi Gaston. Les équipes faibles sont quand meme dans la Ligue Nationale. Apres Subban, Galchenyuk et Scherbak, voilà que tu t’en prends a Kotkaniemi. Il a 18 j’avoue que je ne la comprends pas cette declaration là....

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@ArponBasu When this season is over and the Stanley Cup has been handed out, Jesperi Kotkaniemi will still be only 18 years old..

i really hope the habs tank next season and land Lafreniere can u imagine a Lafreniere and Kotkaniemi line 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

@KingNiemi he’s only D+2, kotkaniemi is D+1, but yeah that’s true. there’s obviously some guys that are gonna be great players, just the last few years we’ve been kinda spoiled with elite rookies.

@CorsiGuy To be fair, he needed two years more of development before playing in the NHL unlike Kotkaniemi and other 18 year olds.

Stop the #Habs press! What happened to Claude Julien? 18 year old Kotkaniemi on the ice in the last 2 minutes of a tie game? Who then makes a key strong move along the wall that leads to the winning goal? Coach knows what he’s #GoHabsGo.

@LR99Gaming For me Canucks - Pettersson Flames - Gaudreau Oilers - McDavid Jets - Scheifele Senators - Duchene Canadiens - Kotkaniemi Leafs - Marner.

@MarcMillaire Athough i agree Kotkaniemi definetly deserves a top 6 role, he will get it sooner than later. It’s not that he’s not a top 6, it’s just that there’s other lines that work well together that you just cant break up right now.

@cloutkaniemi Agreed he had good hand-eye for it but the rest of the game it was not good for him. Ya Chaput was another guy. Kotkaniemi had a strong game with the limited ice time he was able to get. He set up the game winner in a way..

I was about to tweet about how we haven’t seen a Kotkaniemi goal in a long time, but then he set up that juicy game winner 💪🏻 #Habs.

Just watching the Tatar goal again. And WOW was I wrong about Jesperi Kotkaniemi! He was everywhere on that play. #Habs #GoHabsGo.

Kotkaniemi with one of the best performances of the season. Nothing beat the game against Washington, but he was present, dangerous, amazing, and the reason we won..

The thing about that Kotkaniemi shift on the winner is he was sitting on the bench for more than five minutes of game time because of the penalties. So he jumps on somewhat cold and does that..

Price was unbelievable but can we talk about Kotkaniemi and all the amazing small things he does. Habs winning goal doesn’t happen without his awareness and vision. I can’t wait to see what this kid does when he’s a few years older. #GoHabsGo.

Canadiens third goal has officially been changed to Tatar, assists to Petry and Kotkaniemi. #Habs win 3-2. #GoHabsGo @RocketSports.

Cary Price deserves an assist on Petry’s goal. Outstanding tonight to help the Habs kill off a parade of penalties. Shorthanded for 10 minutes in the third period. Great play by Kotkaniemi to set up the winner, too #GoHabsGo.

@MOBeaudoin1 Grosse présence de Kotkaniemi également en zone offensive!!! KK avec Gallagher et Tatar il est temps!!!.

All those penalty kills, all those big saves from Carey Price. #Habs pull one out of their butts. Also, love that Kotkaniemi sets up the game winner. He played a heck of a game..

Vaya rocket se ha marcado tras una gran asistencia de Kotkaniemi que se ha llevado a 2 jugadores de Chicago con él y lo ha dejado solo.

listen, this game has been absolute garbage, but kotkaniemi!!!!! on a point streak and also responsible for keeping the puck in the zone and starting the play that led to the goal.

Kotkaniemi pulled two hawks to him down the boards and flipped it back to Petry with 20 feet of empty ice in front of him for a rocket of a shot. Great play by the kid.

By the way, there goes that 5% chance Kotkaniemi goes to the WJC. Heck of a shift..

Kotkaniemi on the ice minute left, keeps possession deep in the zone, makes two great plays, gets it to the point. Shot. Game winning goal. He is 18 years old..

Kotkaniemi with a big shift at a big time there, gets an assist in a third straight game..

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