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Kourtney “the nail digger” Kardashian weighing in at 108 “the kicker” Kardashian West weighs in at 128

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Amanda ()

a falta de paciência da kourtney com o resto das kardashian tá mto evidente

Saint Hoax ()

No one: The wall after Kourtney smacked Kim:

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🐻 ()

Kim K wanted a Real Housewives of Orange County fight, but Kourtney gave her BGC season 9


I don’t watch the show but I watched this lol kourtney won and I’m on her side

E! News ()

Truth be told, the argument Kourtney and Kim Kardashian had after their fight on #KUTWK is even more dramatic than the fight itself.

𝑲𝒂𝒓𝒍𝒂 𝑴𝒂𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒐𝒍 ()

When Kourtney said, “We all have different priorities & like working is just not my top priority”, I felt that.

Senego.com ()

Kardashian : Bagarre et insultes entre Kim et Kourtney…vidéo #bagarre #kardashian @Senego

🍂anna🍂 ()

@Ellajadelewtas kim’s such a prick ahaha i hope kourtney batters her in the full ep

🇱🇧 ()

@AndrewMerheb this makes me so happy. Go Kourtney 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻hahaha

Ade Tiger 🌐 ()

So to #KUWTK fans , Kim slapped Kourtney into quitting the show 🤭😹 well all she does is Nag.

Xosmosssssss ()

Vendo a treta entre Kim e Kourtney. E não julgo nenhuma, simplesmente lendárias! #KUWTK

Elizabeth, yogi socialist ()

@micah_mooooo Kourtney is an Aries and Kim is Libra so quite literally my moon and sun going at it each other. But personally i love having polars as my sun and moon lol

Mm 🇭🇳 ()

The fact that Kim keeps pressuring Kourtney to “work” like she’s already a millionaire if she wants to be a stay at home mom, let her beeeee 😂

Onur Yılmaz ()

Kim Kardashian, lahmacuna “ermeni pizzası” diyince ülkücü Kourtney Kardashian tarafından dayak yiyor

D ()

I’ve watched that kourtney and kim’s fight like 10 times this morning and for what it’s worth I hope kourtney eventually won the fight.

✨ ()

@AaronTingz Kourtney told kim to rock it lmaoo and kimberly did just that with two slaps

Matheus de Vengerberg ()

@missbrasilinda @catastroppe Tem um ep que a Kourtney vai na casa de um amigo, ai a Kim e a Chloe vão atrás dela pq ela não tá mostrando tudo na vida dela pras câmeras, e ai elas invadem propriedade privada tipo foda se as leis tlgd, ai eu fico tipo??? Hello querida para de teatro

Dania ()

Am I weird for eating Kit Kats the same way Kourtney Kardashian does?

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Julie ()

Tb when I said I wanted to be kourtney k personal salad shaker

Prizzilla ()

Kourtney being an Aries starting shit,!then being surprised when others dish it back. Kim being a Libra who people see as sweet and pretty, but have an anger problem when provoked. Khloe being a cancer asking for rainbows and butterflies when she doesn’t want conflict.😂

Sandra Costa ()

MDS a minha rainha descendo do salto e descendo o cacete na Kourtney, valha me Deus

Big Speaker ()

Ayo Kim been wanting to dog kourtney for years I’m surprised she didn’t go off fr

Maxilofacial ()

O chapadão que a Kim deu à Kourtney, não pode 😂 Superou todas as minhas expectativas

Shorty ✨ ()

@sk1nnyy_ No! Watch all the seasons. She comes at Kourtney because she doesn’t want to do any of the work in regards to the show but asks to be paid the same amount as her & Kourtney. Essentially they’re upset because Kourtney lazy then cries when her shit brought up

Taylor ()

@kourtneykardash You go kourtney 👊🏼stay strong you don’t need that show anyway your worth is much more then stupid episodes❤️❤️❤️


Kim got popped in the clip I saw the other day, but here she slaps the shit out of MESS!

E-Radio.US ()

#e_RadioUS ‘KUWTK’: Kim Charges At Kourtney & Slaps Her After Explosive Fight & Weeks Of Tension

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Sara ()

Kourtney has been wanting to leave the show for years. Imagine being pressured by youre entire family to do something that doesn’t bring YOU happiness anymore. Then, to top it off, your own sister beats you up for everyone to see. FOR FAME? Really? Sad. Kim is obsessed. #KUWTK

R t h ()

ptdrrr wsh kourtney elle a pas honte de se prendre des gifles comme ça

Kourtney Kardashian ()

Kourtney “the nail digger” Kardashian weighing in at 108 “the kicker” Kardashian West weighs in at 128

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