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Evgeny Kuznetsov and Dmitry Orlov decapitate each other’s bobbleheads in accuracy challenge

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Såja äntligen💰 Sabres Ö2,5✔ Arizona FT✔ Wings-Tampa Ö6,0✔ Arizona FT✔ Hoffman Ö3,5 SOG✔ Skinner Ö2,5 SOG✔ Pettersson Ö1,5 SOG✔ Kuznetsov Ö2,5 SOG✔ Kopitar Ö2,0 SOG✔ Toffoli Ö2,0 SOG✔ 9✔ 4❌ 1♻️ +13,91u🕺💰👋.

@LindsMAF29 OMG Did you see MAF imitating Kuznetsov at the end of the game? Doing the bird dance to @nateschmidt29 haha.

Trending In Canada: Theresa May #ComeBackOneDirection sonic #MondayMotivation #SmockingGun #TheVoice #StandUp4HumanRights #Elseworlds

This is the funniest thing. I love kuznetsov, he’s so wholesome.

@NBCSCapitals Looks like Kuznetsov has some real estate in his head. Fine by me..

@Capitals Can’t wait to see what player the new Seattle team takes in the expansion draft because this team doesn’t know what they’re doing. Probably Kuznetsov. Idiots..

Just a rocket by Jakub Vrana to tie the game. Kuznetsov saw him the whole way. 3-3. Great game. #Caps.

GOAL. Vrana gets free in the slot and one-times the pass from Kuznetsov for his second of the game. 8:20 left 3rd: VGK 3, WAS 3.

Back to back games that Washington has not closed things out with a 3rd period lead. Granted losing Wilson had to rattle the Caps, but some of these guys need to step up, like Kuznetsov..

@Sportsnet It’s weird how tough Ovi, Kuznetsov and Backstrom are when Wilson is playing, but didnt do anything to Reaves when Wilson was on the receiving end..

The Caps have had 3 players suffer concussions on cheap shots this season: Kuznetsov, Oshie, & now Wilson..

Kuznetsov needs to step up here on the major penalty on Reaves. He’s been terrible so far..

More wackiness on this Tuesday night hockey night. Kuznetsov called for playing with the wrong stick. 😂 #WASvsVGK.

Gotta wake up in 6 hours so I’m going to bed now that we’re winning, don’t blow this lead @Capitals.

@GoldenKnights @ShansBoomstick what a weird penalty on Kuznetsov. Using illegal equipment..

Kuznetsov penalized for using Holden’s stick. Holden got his stick stuck in the glass Kuznetsov then dropped his stick in the same corner Kuznetsov returned and took Holden’s stick rather than his own. Cannot use an opponent’s stick (teammate is ok, of course)..

Kuznetsov thought it was his stick I think. It was stuck in between the stanchions! Then puck came to him, stick was wrong hand, & whistle😂.

Kuznetsov, habitually playing with illegal equipment. #VegasBorn.

Kuznetsov called for illegal use of equipment, mistook Holden’s stick for his. #Caps PK..

Maybe a bit of a bad break there for Washington. Kuznetsov and Holden both lost their sticks and Kuznetsov grabbed the wrong one, so he was called for using illegal equipment. VGK goes to the power play.

Nick Holden just lost his to the boards? Then Kuznetsov took it and got called for a penalty. Golden Knights power play. A stick drew a penalty for the Golden Knights. Thank you stick..

#Caps to the kill yet again at 8:45 of 2nd of a 1-1 game; this time Kuznetsov is boxed for the crime of playing with illegal equipment. #CapsKnights.

Bizarre play as Nick Holden’s stick got stuck in the glass so Kuznetsov decided to drop his and grab it ....weird but a penalty so Vegas on the PP.

An illegal equipment penalty on Kuznetsov bails out Holden, who was without a stick and with the long change had no way to get to the Vegas bench for a replacement..

Knights to the power play again. Kuznetsov heads to the box for playing with illegal equipment..

Evgeny Kuznetsov and Dmitry Orlov decapitate each other’s bobbleheads in accuracy challenge.

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