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Kyle Allen is picked off by @Bwagz who was right there to grab it! #GoHawks x #WPMOYChallenge Wagner.

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Wright intercepted Carolina’s Kyle Allen on back-to-back throws in the third quarter. What happened after the picks had his teammates chuckling. @A_Jude story:.

DJ Moore on pace for 100 catches and 1200 Kyle Allen throwing him the ball.

I can’t believe some of y’all was ready to ship Cam out of Carolina for Kyle Allen. I ain’t forgot..

@RealJamesWoods Noticias terroristas👀👀 ♨️ 📰» The haُrvest of Islaُmic state news in #Irُaِq Wilaُyah (Dayala) from 14-15 Rabiʼal-Thani 1441H Kْyle Aْllen ¶ Miُles Sanُders ¶.

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@MikeRohr54 Allen Robinson, Kyle Fuller, Nick Kwiatkowski, Roquan before his injury. So like I said, when Mack gets back to being the player that he was a year ago, it will be good for the Bears..

Kyle Shanahan was always going to do some soul-crushing things today. I did expect it to be much more entertaining. This drive feels like its been going on for two hours. #ATLvsSF.

@Panthers many times must I say Allen is 💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩🤡💩.

But remember y’all Kyle Allen gives us the best chance to win.

Everybody thought Kyle Allen was really gonna be able to replace Cam Newton! 🥴🥴🥴 #Panthers #NFL.

I miss your weekly kyle allen update and how CN held the panthers back from i need a update @AdamSchein.

In a touching tribute to Cam Newton (8 straight losses), Kyle Allen has lost 6 in a row with plans to close out the season with 2 more..

@Cat_Chronicles Ok now. Kyle Allen May be bad but nobody tops Jimmy Clausen. And that 2010 defense was pretty good. This horrible 3-4 is just ratchet!!.

@OnePantherPlace Kyle Allen getting the ball back and immediately throwing an INT on 1st and 10 would have been more like it.

Imagine having a quarterback that makes you sweat out a game in which Kyle Allen threw 3 interceptions to your defense. No killer instinct..

Panthers defense blows it 😥 Kyle Allen is terrible tho, loss mostly his fault.

Undrafted Kyle Allen apparently the panthers franchise QB? You guys are out of the play offs and have a qb that you drafted in 3rd out. Figure it out. Nobody wants to watch Allen throw 2 + Ints every game @Panthers.

Cam Newton is by far the best QB Carolina has ever had. Also, Kyle Allen is not the biggest problem with this team..

Panthers Highlights: Kyle Allen finds Curtis Samuel for clutch touchdown.

@Jarr0d___ Mann all we would hear is he’s injury prone and he’s not any good. But with Kyle Allen you don’t hear a peep. Like nobody has said anything. The agenda against Cam is ridiculous & they love to see him fail.

Kyle Allen threw 1 TD pass this solidifies him throughout the panthers organization as the starting QB for the remainder of this and all of next season.

@Danny_OG7 Yuuuup how the fuck is Seattle up 6 and Kyle Allen has 3 lmfao Seattle is trash.

The Kyle Allen that just drove down the field and commanded the drive can be an NFL starter. The one that throws back to back picks cannot..

k̯͡y̯͡l̯͡e̯͡ a̯͡l̯͡l̯͡e̯͡n̯͡ m̯͡i̯͡l̯͡e̯͡s̯͡ s̯͡a̯͡n̯͡d̯͡e̯͡r̯͡s̯͡ #c̯͡h̯͡i̯͡v̯͡s̯͡g̯͡b̯͡ #b̯͡e̯͡a̯͡r̯͡s̯͡ December 15, 2019 at 08:59PM.

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On a été assez durs avec Kyle Allen ce soir (à raison cela dit). Mais faut avouer que ce dernier drive était magnifique. OK la défense de Seattle était un peu soft mais il a bien assuré, il faut lui reconnaitre ca..

Kyle Allen is picked off by @Bwagz who was right there to grab it! #GoHawks x #WPMOYChallenge Wagner.

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