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Yup. She’s an Obama cultist who sided with the peedos against #KyleRittenhouse:.

@tennisreva @StellaBeat And he drove hours to get there with his assault rifle in tow. Sounds familiar somehow. So sick of this BS. Yet some wingnut will try and justify it. Thinking of you Marjorie T. Greene. - Kyle H. Rittenhouse Congressional Gold Medal Act.

The Republican stuntmen tried to pretend in committee that Judge Ketanji Jackson let criminals off easier than other judges, but Judge Bruce Schroeder did all he could to signal to the jury to not find Kyle Rittenhouse guilty of murdering the 2 men he killed & a 3rd man he maimed.

@frequentbuyer1 Especially if one has written a 106 page manifesto regarding today’s event and his motivation behind it. I do wonder if the right-wing, Kyle Rittenhouse legal fund will reach out to this shooter, or will they consider him too radioactive 🤷‍♀️.

@scottsimanski @realTuckFrumper Well they voted for the orange guy that said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and no would do anything about it. Kyle Rittenhouse committed murder and no one did anything about it. The CONServatives want him to work for them..

@DavidMK187 Sadly, the Kyle Rittenhouse MURDERS would not have taken place had we been checking..

@ananavarro Kind of like Kyle Rittenhouse the MAGA GOP supports these kind of people 🤷.

Can somebody let me know when FoxNews is covering the story of the Buffalo murders, and they have on their contributing FoxNews analyst Kyle Rittenhouse.

@BruceAHeyman Letting shooters like Kyle Rittenhouse go free and be treated like a hero doesn’t exactly discourage a young person from taking up arms in their own deluded quest..

@Oseguera2020 @TuckerCarlson And undoubtably influenced by the ring wing extremists praise of Kyle Rittenhouse.

@Alicia0Givens They would say it was self defense and judge Will drop the gun Chargers Like they did for Kyle Rittenhouse and he will go free, let’s see Who will pay for his lawyer fees which actor would it be this time..

some evil guy murders a bunch of people, writes a manifesto explicitly stating that he hates Fox News and conservatives naturally the left blames Tucker Carlson and Kyle Rittenhouse these are the exact same people who were silent when the black guy shot up the subway.

@logicalloui1505 Kyle Rittenhouse was a hero. Also the rioters that he shot were white..

So is the buffalo shooter gona get the Kyle Rittenhouse treatment too? This is ridiculous at this point, no degenerate should have the power to buy a gun.

What Kyle Rittenhouse was to the 2A Johnny Deep is to the MeToo Movement These trials are culturally fascinating because the lefts narratives are crumbling in real time..

Republicans think racist murderer Kyle Rittenhouse is a patriot. He isn’t and neither are they. They aspire to be racist murderers like Kyle..

@NaveedAJamali I doubt that this racist in Buffalo that identifies in his own manifesto as a Green Nationalist and Authoritarian Leftist likes Kyle Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse had dumb parents that let him go to a riot where he killed people in self defense. Not even close to the same?.

@KylerKenobi @logicalloui1505 Yes. Yiu mean the right word is what Kyle Rittenhouse aimed..

Kyle Rittenhouse Photo,Kyle Rittenhouse Photo by Niko HK PE, PMP, PSP,Niko HK PE, PMP, PSP on twitter tweets Kyle Rittenhouse Photo

If there was a Kyle Rittenhouse in that #Buffalo supermarket maybe there would have been no dead ...and the insane #GunControlNow people would attack him as racist just like they did in Kenosha..

@logicalloui1505 Any mass shooter is evil and mental. I don’t care what their motive is. A black mass shooter isn’t more moral than a white one. They all suck. Also, you need to research Kyle Rittenhouse more. He isn’t a mass shooter..

@marvlouslie This. The woke managed to get this to trend with Buffalo, Kyle Rittenhouse, and Tucker Carlson..

Kyle Rittenhouse Photo,Kyle Rittenhouse Photo by Lunar Archivist,Lunar Archivist on twitter tweets Kyle Rittenhouse Photo

Kyle Rittenhouse - This shooter in Buffalo should have said he was with Antifa or BLM and not only would he get a slap on the wrist, but liberals would bail him out..

@osullivanauthor OR follow me here OR Kyle Rittenhouse DEFENDED HIMSELF against three white.

Anyone upset about Kyle rittenhouse. We know you don’t respect the law justice system white people or anything that makes this country great. A jury of your peers. You don’t get it and are racist. We know.

@Kathy4Truth @WendyRogersAZ Republican strike in Buffalo ala Kyle Notice how polite the Buffalo Police are with the killer..

It’s a shitty world we live in when you see Kyle Rittenhouse trending, think you know the reason, and can’t even be surprised when you confirm your suspicions.

Pretty sure all law enforcement are now eating with him at a local restaurant. @TheJusticeDept is seeing if they can fly @GOP hero Kyle rittenhouse in to join them at dinner.

White supremacy at work again - FOX NEWS will glorify the killer just like they did with Kyle Rittenhouse..

@Erixson41 @AGHamilton29 Kyle Rittenhouse only killed white people, there’s no comparison, and you sound like a complete fool..

Just Kyle Rittenhouse with his grandpa/judge #Buffalo Tucker Carlson #WhiteSupremacy.

Kyle Rittenhouse Photo,Kyle Rittenhouse Photo by Africa 74💎,Africa 74💎 on twitter tweets Kyle Rittenhouse Photo
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