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Lagos, Good morning. If you have any information, results or reports, any useful communication, please reach out to us on these #obidients.

Lagos Photo,Lagos Photo by Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour,Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour on twitter tweets Lagos Photo

Club owner of Club 183 in Ago Palace Lagos State and his brother beat up their bartender to death over a missing DJ turntable mixer..

Dear @HQNigerianArmy ,thank you for the Job well done in Gboko,Local government area of Benue State 🙏 But,is the army in my state different from the ones in LAGOS????🤔🙄 Why are the thugs in Lagos greater than you😥😥😥!!?? Please,be different please 🙇we believe in you!!!.

@fattylincorn_01 Go there and disrupt election,how it is possible they killed him because he voted apc??it did not happen I’m the east na for out.

I’m pretty sure the devil will be shocked to see hanky-panky occurring between APC/INEC and Lagos state election.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rep. Femi Gbajabiamila, casting his vote in the Governorship and House of Assembly elections at his Ward 014, Elizabeth Fowler Primary School polling unit, Surulere, Lagos State. #NigeriaDecide2023.

Lagos Photo,Lagos Photo by Upshot Reports,Upshot Reports on twitter tweets Lagos Photo

@ConzyMrc @jidesanwoolu Go and vote in Onitsha where such will not happen Lagos belong to the Igbos not Yoruba in diversity.

As a yoruba in lagos you need 2FA if not you are tagged igbo. Lmao What was a Country.

@Theifedayo @DemystroI Going through this comment section it’s true that Apc strategy of tribal card worked in Lagos. They understand how the people think and they push those buttons.

@inecnigeria At Open space Alesh Hotel, Ajah/sangotedo ward, Eti-osa local government area Lagos State Nigeria, there was no voting done because touts chased us all away. This tweet is to inform you that whatever results you may be getting from that PU, is did not decide.

@ruffydfire What we are witnessing in Lagos today is just a little glimpse of what Nigeria will become under a Tinubu APC go miss buhari!.


LAGOS GOVERNORSHIP RESULT LGA: Alimosho Ward: Ipaja South PU: Oluwatobi Street, Shodiya Junction, Cele ADC: 0 APC: 6 LP: 2 PDP: 0.

@obyezeks Prebendalism is not d issue at stake in Lagos,what is at stake is the issue of indigeneship. Are there people who r the original settlers & owners of the place before any other people got there? Do Igbos have the natural license of indigeneship in lagos. Stop this crap, it is bad.

Built more cities like China, open more seaways like Morocco and Lagos will be as useless as burial ground, then Nigeria will be the pride of Africa!!!! Railways, seaways, airways are the real development any country of the world need to strive🌐🌐🌐🌐.

Lagos State Governorship Election Results -Amuwo-odofin Polling code : 24-04-01-056 ADP - 1 APC - 39 LP - 203 PDP - 3 Void - 3 Spoilt- 1 #ElectionResults #NigerianElections2023.

BREAKING: INEC Postpones Gov, Assembly Elections In 10 Lagos Polling Units.

Lagos Photo,Lagos Photo by Onward Nigeria,Onward Nigeria on twitter tweets Lagos Photo

This is Olaiya Oluwafemi. @ Poling unit: 080, Abdebayo Sowonde. Ago, Okota. He was beaten by APC thugs, phone smashed and voting material scattered. #LagosDecides2023 #Lagos.

Lagos Photo,Lagos Photo by Michelle,Michelle on twitter tweets Lagos Photo

Lagos has forgotten that there’s Hausa or Fulani here? Isn’t that how they cleared the Mallam bikes before elections but dropped the ban?.


I’ve not heard of a single polling unit in Lagos where anyone is saying if you’re not voting LP, go back home..

Anybody calling Lagos “no mans land” is the definition of a bastard Because Yorubas are welcoming and Liberal in the state should not be taken for granted Nobody loves like the Yorubas Nobody equally Hates like the Yorubas Either spectrum you fuck with, you will find out!.

@jeffphilips1 You APC people should work more in empowering Yoruba people in Lagos,create easier access for acquiring housing and properties,protect the people,protect the demography..

@maziechidiime If the Igbo people leave Lagos. Lagos will invite foreign investors. Watch out..

You are a disgrace… no Lagos will catch fire. If anything happens in lagos you will be held solely responsible..

The Obidients who made Peter Obi win Presidential election in Lagos failed to come out for Gbadebo today? How can we explain that Gbadebo lost his polling Unit to Sanwo-Olu? 🙆‍♂️.

Lagos Photo,Lagos Photo by Ibitoye Shittu,Ibitoye Shittu on twitter tweets Lagos Photo

@IkukuomaC With all the celebration videos I have seen today for GRV in Lagos,I hope INEC won’t transfer all his vote to Sanwo-Olu cuz I have not seen where APC is celebrating winning 1 polling unit.

So, what about all the other parts of Lagos in which elections were also disrupted?.

@Afoo_of_lagos @EniyeAmeze Na your type go add heavy makeup just to look beautiful and still sense is far from you.

Gov polls: LP’s Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour votes, tells Lagos voters to be vigilant.

@ChinomsoUzoeto @Esteembehemoth I know it is I am just giving an illustration with Benin.

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