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One year ago today: The legendary Kobe Bryant took his place in the Hall of Fame.

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On this day in a rookie Magic Johnson started at center in place of injured teammate Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and went off for 42 points and 15 rebounds to lift the Lakers to the NBA title! #NBA75.

eu queria muito que eu tivesse errada e o russell tivesse dado certo no lakers. mas pagar 44M para ele é ABSURDO. ficamos numa difícil situação de montar um time bom por causa do cap. não dá, não tem como..

The fourth annual California Classic Summer League will be held July 2-3 at Chase Center this year. The Warriors, Lakers, Heat and Kings will compete in the event..

@JurassicDunk @BobSaietta Lmao brook Lopez only jogs. Andrew Bynum is quickly forgotten. No two bigs with the lakers. Marc Gasol jogs. Spurs notoriously anti-center. Just feel like this could go on forever..

@MrBurks206 🤣🤣🤣 I’m dead. Went to Miami and came back a new man. Pat to the lakers confirmed! 🙌🏾🤣🤣.

Then he should’ve sat down, this isn’t an excuse. They beat the Lakers last year when he had 1 arm..

@LockedOnPHXSuns Should the Suns blow this team up. Trade Chris Paul and Jae Crowder to the Lakers for Russell Westbrook. Sign and trade Ayton..

@HunterKing3200 @KbsGoat You’re thinking about the clippers series. CP3 played every game against the lakers.

May 16th, 2008: Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale) attends the Los Angeles Lakers VS. Utah Jazz Basketball Game in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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@JJMaples55_MST Discussing potentially keeping Westbrook isn’t bad. Lakers tried trading him last FA and know it may be better to keep than trade him to improve team. But they’ll have to rework his contract and get his commitment to potentially accepting a smaller role if necessary.


@balldontstop This is such a HORRENDOUS Lakers fan take. The Lakers call Suns with this offer and the Suns GM hangs up the phone once he gets back off the floor from laughing so hard..

The @LAKings run comes to an end, the Lakers and Doc Rivers saga might not be over, and the Dodgers have their struggles in this edition of Monday Morning Coffee.

@kylekuzma Damn KUZ I wish you were still a LAKER just to let you know. Cause as a diehard Lakers Fan I still check how good your doing. I’ll be a Kuzma Fan forever. So keep doing your thing Boss KUUUUUUZMANIA!!!!!!!.

@TheHerd @ColinCowherd This is one of the oddest takes of all time. Celtics beat a banged up 2008 lakers team? Andrew Bynum? So the Lakers titles in 09, 10 were legit though when KG was banged up? Cool..

@SPILAE You know. This be fact paa. All the tweets are either Lakers fan or Bronsexual.

@LAKERSRISE I think teams want to take advantage of the Lakers and wanna rip us off sometimes the front office has to make tough decisions that go against the fans want in the moment but will help us in the long term. Luckily he only has one year left on his contract but hope he’s traded 2.

@stillhustlin82 @LBJszn19 at one point kareem was the best player on the bucks and at points they were both the best player on the lakers. it works for me 🤷🏼‍♂️.

@Rome_Beast You have to ask it all because it’s not up to the lakers rather Russ is on the roster or not unless they take a ridiculous pay out. The odds are he will be here so they have to know how these minds will utilize him..

@morgannab Assisti lakers que é incrivelmente boa e agora tô vendo the knick (essa é velha).

Omg this reminds of how every time 24 or 8 would show up lakers fans would always bring up kobe😭.

Seems like the Lakers are covering all bases. Just in case a trade isn’t made, there needs to be plans in order.

@othmanmali وهو صادق الاستاذ صالح من متى احنى مصريين على الحكم البرازيلي !!! مافيه واحد اصر وما عندنا مشكله في حكم نخبه لكن حكم سعودي لا لمثل هذه اللقاءات الحكم البرازيلي راح يكون افضل من السعودي في حال مافيه حكم اوربي.

Wisconsin Lakers Black 2025 (31) at 15U Boettner (2025) (42) - FINAL.

@Gambo987 Celtics, let them add to their stockpile of chips so they have 1 more than the Lakers..

As of right now the game with Mercyhurst Prep Lakers is still on. 6:30 first pitch at the historic Ainsworth Field.

Lakers are back to back champs if AD and Lebron are healthy but y’all ain’t wanna listen 😴😴.

@aymanbahta …… if that’s the case hypothetically lakers would be Im The playoffs if AD wasn’t injured BUT GUESS WHAT THEY NOT haha so we gonna play with what we got grizzlies played better without JA because we not a team full of frauds lol aka the suns and bucks.

En la cúpula de los @Lakers parece que empiezan a asimilar que dar salida a Russell Westbrook será muy complicado..

@NBAMemes Suns beat the lakers and thats all that matters lmao.

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