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Evander Kane and his dirty play headass need to get the hell off the ice. Shouldnt even be playing i. This game tonight after that eye gouging stunt last game. Learn to control your emotions crybaby @evanderkane_9 #LAKvsEDM.

I am so glad Sakic won the Darcy Kuemper sweepstakes #LAKvsEDM.

Apparently, a few people got tired of me saying this, but thank you @EdmontonOilers for making it worth staying up late again in Oklahoma City!!!! On to Round 2! #LetsGoOilers #LAKvsEDM.

There are plenty of women out there who would be really good at the whole broadcasting thing and we got stuck with Leah Hextall, shame. #LAKvsEDM.

Anyone know where I can donate my leg for Leon? LFGOOOOOOOO!! #LetsGoOilers #LAKvsEDM.


McDavid > Matthews and it is not up for discussion…it’s not even close. #LAKvsEDM.

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#LAKvsEDM - Smitty has made me eat so much CROW. Keep it up Smitty. I love the taste. GREAT TEAM WIN. #letsGoOilers @EdmontonOilers.

If the Oilers didn’t have McDavid or Draisaitl, they would be in big big trouble lol #LAKvsEDM.

Thank god Kings won, Edm was interfering all night long and then they call it on the Kings with 5 min left in regulation?!?! #LAKvsEDM #GoKingsGo @LAKings.

#LAKvsEDM Good send the head butting cross checking people in the back dirtiest team in the league home!! GO KINGS GO!!.

Kings won the OT to take a 3-2 series lead over the Oilers! This would be a heck of an upset if they win the series! #LAKvsEDM.

Anybody got a clip of McDavid dangling that dude for fifteen seconds yet? #LetsGoOilers   #LAKvsEDM.

Cody Ceci scoring the go ahead goal for the Oilers is just the hockey gods twisting the knife . #LeafsForever #LAKvsEDM.

Paging @NHLPlayerSafety… You need to check in with Evander Kane about that knee. I’m sure you have him in your favorites already. #LAKvsEDM.

Kane should be fined for the 2 dirty hits in one play. There’s a reason nobody likes this prick #LAKvsEdm.

WTF? Why is the gangster still allowed to play after his shenanigans in Game 4? Come on @ is your accountability of safety? #LAKvsEDM.

Fuck Evander Kane for the second time tonight. Then again there’s never enough times one can say “fuck Evander Kane” #GKG #LAKvsEDM.

Game is unbearable to watch with play by play volume on. Thanks for the mediocre talent @ESPN #LAKvsEDM.

Is this the only channel where I can watch this game. I’m tired of listening to this commentary man #LAKvsEDM.

When will the #NHL allow each team’s own broadcasting team to call their team’s playoff games? It’s not like the technology is hard to have 2 audio feeds. I’d even agree to pay for it rather than listen to biased broadcasters who are against my team. #LAKvsEDM.

@leahhextall can you be anymore in love with @EdmontonOilers jeez. Be professional at least. #LAKvsEDM.

#LAKvsEDM PLEASE FIRE THESE TWO SHITTY ANNOUNCERS @espn Minnie Mouse you cant hear and if this other idiot keeps talking about McDavid when Draisaitl is dunking all the Its like the audio form of not understanding the sport. Its better with the Spanish announcers.

This is gone into overtime @LAKings vs @EdmontonOilers OT 4-4 What a comeback for Edmonton Oilers! #LAKvsEDM #NHLPlayoffs.

#LAKvsEDM Oilers are ass and have been exposed as pp merchants with a shit team. McPowerPlay/McRegularSeason(whichever you prefer), can only score on pps, DraiOnly1TimersAndShitRebounds exposed as af fraud, like he always was.

Oilers seriously lost to a team that’s rebuilding and more than likely just lost the absolutely pathetic performance. #LAKvsEDM.

McDavid’s in his 7th yr in his absolute prime with a decent squad around him. If the Oilers lose this series too a young Kings team then at some point you gotta question if they’ll ever make a run again with 97, 29, 25, 18, & 93 taking up so much cap. Need a deep team. #LAKvsEDM.

Wow #LAKings take game 5. McDavid never touched the puck and got schooled on the game winner. Just wow!!! Oilers continue (still not over) to underwhelm w all that talent. #LAKvsEDM Kempe with GWG.

Does Idiot McDavid fan on the glass really think he’s throwing Durzi off his game? #LAKvsEDM #nhlplayoffs2022.

#LAKvsEDM Photo,#LAKvsEDM Photo by Mike Blanchard,Mike Blanchard on twitter tweets #LAKvsEDM Photo

If you bet $100 on Cody Ceci scoring tonight you would have made $1,300. Wonder if anyone took that bet? #LAKvsEDM.

Kings just handing the puck over. Quick is the only thing keeping the pulse. #LAKvsEDM.

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