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Lane Hutson scores his second of the night to clinch the Hockey East Championship for the Terriers! @TerrierHockey | @hockey_east.

In addition to winning the Hockey East title for BU with this overtime winner, Lane Hutson (MTL) now has 47 points this season. He is the highest-scoring U19 defenseman in NCAA hockey since Brian Leetch had 47 in 1986-87..

Je fais juste me rappeler que Lane Hutson est un espoir du CH et je souris tout seul. Ça va super bien..

We just wanna say THANKS AGAIN to the SEATTLE KRAKEN for NOT drafting LANE HUTSON with any of their FOUR picks in the 2nd round of the 2022 NHL draft last year 🙏😊.

Lane Hutson has arguably put up a more impressive D+1 season than Cole Caufields D+2 Hobey Baker winning season. I’ve never been as excited about a Habs prospect as I am for Lane Hutson. I don’t think it’s even close. #GoHabsGo.

What a poetic finish Lane Hutson, freshman defender, finishing his historic NCAA season of 47 points in 36 games with 2 goals in the championships. This kids got ice in his veins and nothing else. We’re all waiting eagerly for you to play with the Habs one day Lane! #GoHabsGo.

Shorthanded, the Terriers gutted out a 3-2 win to clinch the Hockey East title for the first time since 2018. None other than Lane Hutson had the OT game-winner. @bellefraser1 has the recap on the blog! (Photo by @cfernandez516).

Lane Hutson Photo,Lane Hutson Photo by Boston Hockey Blog,Boston Hockey Blog on twitter tweets Lane Hutson Photo

The Call Of The Wilde for @Global_Montreal really just wants to write 1000 words on Lane Hutson. 🤪 Gurianov with some good ink here..

Freshman Lane Hutson scores Boston University another Hockey East championship with overtime goal.


Lane Hutson #GoHabsGo 36GP 14G 33A 47PTS Luke Hughes #NJDevils 36GP 9G 33A 42PTS.

2 things I’m happy about tonight: 1. Shazam 2 was SOLID. Good laughs, good movie. Feels good to see a solid superhero movie for a change. 2. Lane Hutson is a Montreal Canadien prospect and I’m THRILLED the Habs sent a Hail Mary at 62 last year. What a stud..

Lane Hutson, Joshua Roy, Rhett Pitlick: soirée faste pour les espoirs du CH.

#Habs Headlines: Lane Hutson’s overtime goal wins Hockey East title.

- What a game by Commesso and a thin BU defense, stepping up when BU needed it most. And yes, Lane Hutson is special. - BU got older and deeper, then blended in young talent, and it led to a championship. Somewhere Albie O’Connell is smiling because his blueprint worked. (2/2).

@JulieMarion27 @Antho_Martineau Merci aussi au Kraken qui avait 4 choix de deuxième ronde en 2022 et on ignorer Lane Award Hutson avec chacun..

This is how Lane Hutson will win the cup for the Habs in 2028.

@futurdgduCH Imagine quand Lane Hutson va faire son 100eme points de la saison avec les Habs comment le toit du centre Bell va exploser 😏.

From yesterday, Lane Hutson scores the OT winner to give Boston University the east championship against Merrimack.

@Prohabs2 @mndamico His team is on its way to the next round, plays on same team as Lane Hutson (Boston Terriers).

Lane Hutson is going to be a blast to watch .. especially on 3 on 3 OT .. good luck catching him :) #Habs.

@mukmuk0001 @the_habitant Hutson is 100x the PP QB Mailloux is, and Mailloux’s defense is atreocious. I like some of his offensive upside, and he’s got a good shot, but Lane > Logan in almost every way..

Lane Hutson, Joshua Roy, Rhett Pitlick: soirée faste pour les espoirs du CH | JDM.

Lane Hutson, avec son 2e but du match, qui donne le championnat Hockey East à Boston University dans la NCAA! On vous rappelle que Hutson est un choix de 2e ronde du et en lice pour le trophée Hobey-Baker..

Freshman Lane Award Hutson so far. PNC Bank Three Stars Award Hockey East Scoring Champion(34) Hockey East All-Rookie Team Hocker East First All Star Team Hockey East All Tournament Team Hockey East Tournament MVP #GoHabsGo.

An amazing snipe by Lane Hutson from near the blue line. Goddamn.

Lane Hutson, Joshua Roy, Rhett Pitlick: soirée faste pour les espoirs du CH.

Wow Lane Hutson. 2G, game winner in OT. What more can be said about him at this point, historic season..

@TerrierHockey Wooooowww, what an incredible year by the team and Lane Hutson, hug congrats!!! 🙌🥳.

Lane Hutson, Joshua Roy, Rhett Pitlick: a glorious evening for CH hopes -.

Lane Hutson, Joshua Roy, Rhett Pitlick: a glorious evening for CH hopes -.

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