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FINAL: Four straight wins for the @steelers! #LARvsPIT #HereWeGo.

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Final #Steelers defensive player stats versus Rams #LARvsPIT.

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Final #Steelers offensive player stats versus Rams #LARvsPIT.

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Joe Haden & Minkah Fitzpatrick seal the deal in Pittsburgh! Steelers win 17-12 #LARvsPIT.

This may come off as biased, but I’ve been saying it all year. The @steelers defense is FOR REAL! #LARvsPIT #NFL.

FINAL: Four straight wins for the @steelers! #LARvsPIT #HereWeGo.

This feels like a game @Steelers are poised to lose. What a shame, as the defense has been really stout for three quarters. Changes have to be made. @Steelers #HereWeGo #LARvsPIT.

#LARvsPIT only hopeful moments in this game are when Berry the defense will score, tho they are losing steam now..

Offense continues to be terrible. Perhaps a handoff to Banner might work?? #LARvsPIT.

Enough with the conservative offense. Stomp on the Rams necks and give the defense a breather. Go get some! #LARvsPIT.

Team stats for #Steelers versus Rams after 3 quarters #LARvsPIT.

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Being on a cruise and counting on twitter to give me live updates. Why doesn’t @CarnivalCruise have SundayTicket #LARvsPIT.

NFL stands for Not For offense has been 🔥🔥🔥 in years past. League has caught up. Loosing that super bowl was there time to cash in #LARvsPIT.

Another banner day for NFL officiating. #NotCalled #LARvsPIT.

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Minkah Fitzpatrick returns the fumble for the @Steelers TD #HereWeGo @MinkFitz_21 #LARvsPIT 📺: FOX 📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app Watch free on mobile:.

People complaining that it wasn’t overturned but it would’ve stayed Pittsburgh ball regardless because of the holding penalty #LARvsPIT.

Imagine thinking that was PI on the defense but not thinking there was offensive PI on JuJu’s last catch. #LARvsPIT.

He still looks edgy in the pocket, and many longer throws a little off. #LARvsPIT.

Good passes by rudolph and some drops makes a good first down throw and they try to run it with the 4th string back? My god #LARvsPIT.

I get scared when rudolph gets pressured idk why but he seems slower at real Ewing the ball #LARvsPIT.

If I get stuck on a deserted island and can bring only one item, I’m bringing can wave down passing planes and boats for #LARvsPIT.

Say what you want about Mason Rudolph, but there receivers need to help him out big time. Too many drops #LARvsPIT.

Mason Rudolph has consistently been hitting his receivers in 👏🏼 their 👏🏼 hands. These drops are killer #LARvsPIT.


That is why you gotta respect people saying season is over while disagreeing. Awful drop there #LARvsPIT #NFL100.

People really hate on rudolph. He’s not bad. His OC doesn’t let him loose and when he does they drop it #LARvsPIT.

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