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Tweet247 | Updated: Sat, 19 May 2018, 16:04 PM IST

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  • #Laurel? #Yanny?.

  • For everyone asking its Yanni and whoever thinks its Laurel needs an exorcist..

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  • If you hear “laurel” you are a grade A idiot with no ears and no brain and you should kill yourself.

  • @LuxAlptraum @kwameopam laurel. if anyone hears yanny it’s a trap..

  • @quediseh al principio yeanny pero he afinado el oído y ahora oigo laurel.

  • @vicky7news @AlexDiPrato Because the gentleman is clearly saying LAUREL..

  • @AngryBlackLady Complete opposite for me! All I hear is Laurel. This stuff always freaks me out..

  • i hear LAUREL Life Always reminding Us that we’re Really and Entirely Loved :).

  • @abbicx_ A did hear yanny first time a listened and noo a canny stop hearing laurel even when a try to focus on yanny.

  • Alright all you lovely fuckers, I listened. I heard Yanny. AND THEN I TURNED IT UP LOUDER and I heard Laurel. And then I lost interest in the whole thing..

  • @lorenapineiro Com fone ouvi yanny, sem fone ouvi laurel FEITIÇARIA.

  • I will say I only hear Laurel in Tweetbot. I can get both in the Twitter app.

  • honestly if you hear laurel unfollow me. we have nothing in common anymore..

  • @PettyBettyBB OMG lol. Well my old ass all the way down to a 26 yr old heard Laurel..

  • @Adrian_S94 Digamos yo solo escucho Laurel 😳.

  • @hawocindyy @kitmencha okay its laurel how tf u hear yanny. i bet u saw gold and white you freaks.

  • the first time i heard yanny and the second i heard laurel uhHhhhhHH.

  • @youngdollasign_ @kassemantar FREAKING HAMEEM HOW. It’s laurel don’t even try me rn..

  • @JadeLeslie0 na i swear it keeps changing for me now i hear laurel again.

  • I hear ‘Yanny ’ - wife hears ‘Laurel’. So we’re getting a.

  • @briannaRborden ....... Hold the ** up . i just did this and now i cant stop hearing laurel and earlier all i heard was yanny. This is stressing me out. I cant w twitter rn.

  • people who think it’s laurel: • care about this too much people who think it’s yanny: • care about this too much.

  • @gandamobed Yammy vs yawwy na dis. Labas talaga yung laurel eh. Haha.

  • @blackskyren @Dinah_Laurel_Br isso, amor. seu.

  • @VICE @vicenews YANNY. Under ZERO circumstances is that “man” saying LAUREL. This is a joke..

  • @CloeCouture very clearly Laurel..

  • @CloeCouture Laurel but my step dad heard yanny 😯.

  • @_kayblackmon Like farther away in the speaker I heard yanny then by my ear I heard laurel.

  • is this a joke or do people actually hear yanny instead of laurel.

  • @prototype27 There is a loud voice saying "yanny" and a quieter but deeper voice saying "laurel" at the same time, both clear as day..

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