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Updated: November 26th, 2021 08:39 AM IST

@LeadersGC A6. Tear down many of the archaic processes. Build in accountability at all levels. Shelve assessment tools that are biased and outdated and focus on building mobility into the system. Teach managers to manage an employee’s professional growth. #LeadersGC #HRModernisationRH

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@JennyHillier5 @LeadersGC Yes I think you are thinking of my speed staffing project. Managers showed amazing courage in trying something new. We jumped off the ledge together.

Thanks for joining us in our #GCSpaces @TwitterSpaces! Passez une bone nuit !

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@AliKhanGC @LeadersGC Or wait for them to retire or pass away, which is likely more realistic

@LeadersGC Retired but in departments I consult for at a senior level, lots of vacancies and shrewd competitions amongst departments. Its now the intangibles that count. How can you differentiate?

@jc5008 @LeadersGC Exactly. All those extra criteria and assessments for what? And we have t even discussed the experience issue. Managers are going to have to hire for potential in lieu of “two years experience in the last five”… demographics are coming for us and it won’t be a choice.

@LeadersGC A6. Embrace current flexibilities which will push for more. Too many concerned with need to defend the decision rather than need for right fit. Always employ a diverse and inclusive mindset, refresh the decision makers. #LeadersGC #HRModernizationRH

@LeadersGC A6-lets stop hiring retirees to run our processes the same way they did 30 years ago.

@LeadersGC A4. Resistance to change and fear of being one of the first one to adapt to new and upcoming technology. Testing everyone under the same umbrella instead of banking on individual strengths of individuals. #LeadersGC #HRModernisationRH

@LeadersGC A6. Invest in training managers and executives on how to lead people. #LeadersGC

@LeadersGC A5. We test over and over again the same competencies. The resources required is incredible. Needs to be a centralized database/mechanism to identify such and stop repeat testing. Also, trust previous results. Your testing is not better. #LeadersGC #HRModernizationRH

@LeadersGC A6. Hiring leaders who: - *act* to be inclusive (anti-racist) - promote new ways of thinking/working - can learn and unlearn - share public interest values Not leaders who deliver at any cost. Change the incentives/processes, change what the organization optimizes for #LeadersGC

@JennyHillier5 @LeadersGC Why did it change after that? Not the same pressure to hire in the next round? Sounds like they had it right in 2008

@LeadersGC A6. And as so many folks have said earlier tonight, HR needs to self reflect. To be honest and stop boasting about questionable awards and new approaches when so many employees keep on saying they don’t feel safe, supported or seen in the workplace. #leadersgc

@LeadersGC A6…/2 if managers weren’t so afraid to hire a poor performer, they wouldn’t ask for so many assessments and steps in hiring. Staffing would be faster and easier on everyone and those who aren’t working out would be let go for a better fit. Colleagues say this all the time.

@LeadersGC A6. Tear down many of the archaic processes. Build in accountability at all levels. Shelve assessment tools that are biased and outdated and focus on building mobility into the system. Teach managers to manage an employee’s professional growth. #LeadersGC #HRModernisationRH

R6 I like some the ideas already shared. Automate the repetitive processes. Do user journeys and find pain points. #LeadersGC

@LeadersGC A6. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. We need more diverse voices in senior positions. We need equitable access and processes. We need genuine inclusion.

@LeadersGC A6. Inclusion requires anti-oppression, anti-racism and real willingness to dismantle old systems that exclude. So the question is, is HR ready for those deep and necessary changes #leadershc

@LeadersGC @jc5008 a similar process was initiated fairly recently (pre-COVID) for ISB are SFU?

@LeadersGC Overhaul the GCJobs site. Allow candidates to store & upload commonly applied criteria (ie G&C experience. HR experience) for faster application submissions. Create candidate pools based on generic positions in GCJobs as ready inventories.

@LeadersGC A6. HR needs client-centric principles. Making complicated things fast & easy for the user, WHILE ensuring that we meet our obligations, should be the bar we set for ourselves. #LeadersGC #HRModernisationRH

@LeadersGC A6. Validated credentialing, like @GC_Talent explored! Could we develop some for common qualifications for education/experience factors? Think of the time it would save during hiring processes! #LeadersGC #HRModernisationRH

@RonHebdon_GC @LeadersGC 🙂 My role at the time was operational trainer and to say it was my pleasure to work with these new hires was an understatement.

LAST QUESTION! Time sure flies when you are chatting away! ⏲️ Q6​. What human resources changes do you think are needed to drive improvement and to ensure that the public service is agile, inclusive and equipped for the future? #LeadersGC #HRModernisationRH

#LeadersGC Photo,#LeadersGC Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@LeadersGC A5. We don’t have to keep doing the things the way we always did them. Change is good. Adopt the best practices and work better and smarter #LeadersGC

@LeadersGC One favorite is Canadian Partnership Against Cancer. CPAC is partnership among feds & provs, other NFPs, 1st Nations & cancer survivors charged w/ implementing Canadian Strategy for Cancer Control. They pool what they each know & find effective ways to put it into action

@LeadersGC A5. Take the time to examine the pain points and eliminate them. If it’s one employer then why is it so hard to move a file from one dept. to another? Why do I have to always reshow my security clearance even if it’s good for 10 years? #leadersgc

@LeadersGC Making the best use of the technology we have to quickly and efffciently produce reliable data. Nothing stands between a manager and a letter of offer like information in multiple programs from multiple sources (security, performance, etc) that don’t interface with one another.

@LeadersGC A5. Be clear in what info is needed to complete staffing actions. Provide info on how they can help with recruitment and hiring. Be more aware/involved with networks like @FYN_RJFF which are basically pools of eager/qualified/overachievers just waiting for new opportunities!

A5. Offering choices on level of service. Not restricting everyone to queue and wait for others to do something they can do themselves #LeadersGC

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