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Today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities and the Toronto Maple Leafs recognize and celebrate the many different ways hockey is made accessible for persons with disabilities..

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I can already see it now. All the Leafs’ OT losses this season cost them first in the Atlantic and they end up playing Tampa again in the first round 😅.

If the Leafs had won 4 of 7 OT games so far this season they’d sit just one point back of Boston for the league lead. Unfortunately, winning 4 of 7 has proven to be a problem for this team..

MBB | Victor Radocaj registering 6 blocks & 6 rebs & Jahmal Wright had 4 blocks 8 boards as @SFU_MBB had NCAA-era record 13 blocks in 75-61 loss to WWU in #GNACMBB opener. David Penny scored 17 pts.

what a fun day!!! took no pics bc im always forgetful of my phone out in public 💔 saw bones and all and went to leafs game w Dave!! bones and all was shocking and great and no leafs w but marner point 🫶🫶🫶basically only pic I took.

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about this a while back: 🐦🔗: (2/2).

@Noah_Banx Maybe Leafs will get lucky and draw the Bruins, Caps, Habs or Jackets and avoid TB..

@Noah_Banx Both teams probably look different by the spring. IMO the Leafs were better tonight, but I don’t think it means much.

@Noah_Banx Can’t wait for the next game vs Tampa when hopefully Rielly and Brodie are healthy and in the lineup over Mete and Hollowell. Give the Leafs a better offensive and defensive element against the same Lightning team..

@grammadubie Leafs fans cry about officiating more than Sidney Crosby cries about being hit.

Sheldon Keefe Post Game, Lightning 4 vs. Leafs 3 (OT): “Aside from the penalties we took, the guys played a good game that gave us a chance to win on the road”.

6-2 here for + ✔️👍🏻 caps off a monster Saturday across all sports. Should’ve been 7-1 but I can’t be greedy (GFY Leafs). 12 of 13 favorites win today, sums up the current NHL in a nutshell, where dogs and unders go to die. But hopefully can keep building momentum on the ice.

NHL: Tampa Bay 4 Toronto 3 (F/OT) TBL 15-8-1 31 pts; TOR 15-5-6 36 pts ....

@mikethefanatic Honestly Rielly and Brodie almost make them worse. You think the Leafs best out Tampa? Seriously?.

@_NickRichard You are right about zone exits not sure about Reilly . Tampa used their bigger bodies to advantage and kept the Leafs from getting good exits ..

@JackieBee_16 Especially since it was already on split network coverage. If the Leafs were that important people would have switched the channel already..

There’s no 3v3 in the playoffs but watch the Leafs blow a bunch of points and then barely miss out on winning the division and having to play Tampa in round 1 and watching them flop their way to a series win again. I can see it coming from miles away..

@JDBunkis Assuming the #leafs will demand an official inquiry by the league into this game. Clearly money is changing hands in a back room somewhere. I’m pretty sure I saw Sep Blatter sitting behind the #lightening bench..

@Noah_Banx slow first 5 minutes of the game, leafs dominated going into the 3rd sketchy 3rd period and horrible OT leafs weren’t outplayed.


@FriedgeHNIC Leafs would trade a t regular season record anyone on the team breaks with first round playoff win regular season records are overrated..

@Cando3442 @lukefoxjukebox He’s the best player on the leafs right now. yes you are right but that doesnt mean he is the better player over Matthews. just means he is playing better at this moment of the season.

One of a few questions being asked about officiating in another Leafs/Tampa.

@Steve_Dangle Isn’t it very Leafs how a franchise record is set in a game they lose Lmaoo.


Leafs lose another game in OT They are playing so well, but at this point it feels like a guaranteed loss, when they get into overtime Is this a cause for concern? Should it be? Wonder how that gets addressed… #LeafsForever.

@jspaggs71 @lukefoxjukebox The issue at hand isnt the reffing in the playoffs, its the Leafs emotional immaturity that is. They are 0-9 since 2017 in elimination that cannot be blamed on reffing..

@Attick47 @lukefoxjukebox Again you were king about the Leafs. I’m talking about who has been a dirty player his entire career..

@FriedgeHNIC First attempt, second attempt right or wrong it looks like the league is making up the rules for the Leafs as there going along? 🙄.

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@Noah_Banx Wa wa wa. Always the refs fault when the Leafs lose. Horrible attitude, that’s why they’re the laughing stock of the NHL.


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