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Leafs better win game 6 or I’m getting absolutely fucked online for the crying kid meme.



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@pereira4785 I’m rooting for the @NHLJets in the west to make it to the Stanley Cup finals so the Leafs and Jets face off and I can troll my cousin when we win 😁.

Grinding out the kind of win they did Friday, on the road, was way better for Leafs than scoring six slick goals. #leafs #bruins.

[email protected] from Boston, on how the Maple Leafs bested the Bruins at their own game, and now they’re one win from Round 2:.

Auston Matthews and Kasperi Kapanen scored in the third period, and the Maple Leafs held off the Bruins for a 2-1 win in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference First Round. Toronto is one victory from advancing past the first round for the first time since 2004..

Saturday FTB: Three wins down, one to go! Game six is Sunday at 3 PM so WHO ELSE IS HYPED THE HELL UP???.

Leafs, Raptor, TFC, Jays and Marlies all win. Now for RFC this morning to make it 6 out of 6. Cmon the teddy bears.

Playoffs: Maple Leafs Win to Put Bruins on the Brink Auston Matthews and Kasperi Kapanen scored in the third period of a 2-1 victory that gave Toronto a 3-2 series lead. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS.


Fukin need a body cast. Keep Me from fukin moving. Over did it today but i got to see the LEAFS WIN. 😝😝 ON TO HAPPY KAPPY EASTER 👀😝🔨 MAY WE ALL BE BLESSED AND SHARE TIME WITH FAMILY & FRIENDS. 🙏🔨.

🏒 NHL #StanleyCup Playoffs 🏒 Its advantage Toronto while Colorado closed out their series with Calgary! Can the Leafs finish the job on home ice tomorrow night? 🍁 Toronto 2 - 1 Boston 💛🖤 (Toronto lead series 3-2) 🔥Calgary 1 - 5 Colorado 🏔 (Colorado win series 4-1).

@NHLBruins Gotta love Bruins fans. Never seen people turn on their club so quickly. Booing players, leaving games early. In it to win it. Boston is a spoiled city of champions. This series is Finally Leafs are coming out on top. The kids got this. Thanks for the memories..

@martybiron43 Leafs still lose in seven despite the NHL trying to get them a playoff win in this decade..

i just want the leafs to win dude, the next 36 hours literally mean nothing to me just GIMME GAME 6.

Wow. Come home from a mint Leafs win, throw on the tv, and Derek Trucks is on Austin City Limits. A good day..

I am curious to see how the Maple Leafs respond Sunday. I know the Bruins will. So much pressure on the Leafs to win Sunday. The fans are going to be wanting blood..

Leafs better win game 6 or I’m getting absolutely fucked online for the crying kid meme.

Tonight: Raptors win Leafs win Blue Jays win TFC wins Marlies win Toronto wins everything. Has this ever happened before? Sure as hell doesn’t feel like it..

@BradyyMac_ @aigemac When the Leafs win the story is always about why they shouldn’t have won. When we lose the story is the players don’t play hard or are too lazy. I’m so sick of it..

@ibroxxxx @aigemac What an incredibly mature response to an unconsenting minor. Even when the leafs win the fan base garbage comes out to be toxic..

when the leafs win the series on Sunday but @BradIey98 and @DeadlyDebrusk are sad.

@BrowntoBure Option 1: Leafs win, I have to put up with them for another two weeks. Option 2: Bruins win, I have to put up with them for another two weeks. Option 3: I am forced to “cheer” for Tortorella to make the Conference Finals. #ThanksForNothingTampa 😡😡😡 #GoCapsorIslanders 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼.

Leafs are up 3-2 and I still haven’t had to eat any cat shit! It’s a win, win!!!! #LeafsForever.

@TDotSportsGuy Just proves my point. Officials had to bail them out. 😉Seriously, though, I hated as a kid what H. Ballard did to this franchise and would love to see the Leafs win a Cup..

Toronto Maple Leafs with a series clinching win in Game 6 at home on Easter Sunday afternoon will have the chance to celebrate a different type of Passover.

@ChannelleLV Thank you for your sacrifices that allowed this Leafs win. It is very much appreciated. Please do it again on Sunday. 😂 Sincerely, a fellow Leafs fan..

The Bruins are very good, and capable of winning the next two games, but the Maple Leafs are more talented, and unlike the regular season, they’re focused. Even if that only gives them a slight edge, it still makes them the team you’d expect to win this series..

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