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Ok game 7. My boy @StephenKing is all Bolts. They’ve won 2 cups in a row so get lost . My 2nd fav NHL team is Toronto so go leafs. If the Leafs played MY Wings in the final I’d be all Leafs. They Haven’t won a damn thing since 1967. Too nervous to watch live. I’m a baby I know 🥃.

The Leafs are starting their No. 1 line of Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner, and Michael Bunting in Game 7..

Jack Edwards channeling his call in 2013 Game 7 vs. the Maple Leafs by saying “unless the Hurricanes suffer a colossal collapse, they will eliminate the Boston Bruins.”.

If Leafs lose tonight I will be disappointed like every other Leaf fan but will say this team has thoroughly entertained me for 82 games and have brought it in the playoffs. Take a break for a couple of months and we will all be back in October. Leafs in 7.

In their last 8 chances to clinch a playoff series, the Leafs have come up short Could tonight be the night? Game 7 against the Lightning goes at 7 ET.

The Leafs and Lightning know how much is on the line in Game 7. If you show up in Game 7, people will remember you … It’s where heroes are made.”.

I picked Toronto in 7 before the playoffs started. I’ve always believed this is a different team. Leafs are winning tonight. Enjoy..


Can the Maple Leafs get it done? Or do the Lightning continue their run to a three-peat? Game 7 starts right now. Fans in Canada can tune in on Sportsnet or SN NOW:.

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@TBL_Hockey That’s ok let them keep praising… it was all Leafs in the pregame too — but Gretzky did say - all that being said, game 7 end of 1 period up 1-0 I would take it… he also said TO will need to step up another in second.

Leafs won when I went to Game 1 so my superstitious ass had to make sure I did the same exact thing for Game 7 Wear my Matthews Jersey ✅ Run for my life to make the GoBus to Union ✅ Eat at Subway pregame ✅ Get in a argument with m’lady ✅ Your move now Just win 🥹.

Early notes from inside SBA: Matthews and Marner look very calm Lightning look like they have the weight of a potential dynasty on their shoulders… they look nervous! LEAFS IN 7 BABY!.

I can’t say that shooting a Leafs game has been a dream of mine, simply because I never thought in a million years that this would ever happen. Currently en route to shoot Game 7, feeling so blessed and excited for this opportunity! Also, #GoLeafsGo.

On my drive home this afternoon, I saw a cloud that looked like the number 7. It’s a sign. Leafs in 7. #LeafsForever #StanleyCup.

I’m reading your tweets right now - dont you guys lose faith DONT YOU LOSE FAITH! PUT IT OUT THERE IN THE UNIVERSE! LEAFS IN 7!!!!.

TB sure look they know how to play Game 7 better than the #Leafs. I fear the final s score will be 2-0 or 2-1 TB. Overall, I’m disappointed in the #Leafs..


@JakeTheShakeTS The Leafs have lost in game 7 of the first round 4 times in the past 10 years? Does the streak actually end tonight? I think they are cursed.

@le_affan Als ob du entspannt Das wird schon. Hab Toronto in 7. Leafs verlieren im Finale gegen die Avs..

NHL Plays: Lightning + SOG +128 Debrusk SOG/Quick Saves +177** Canes/Leafs/Oilers MLP +355** Burgeron 5/L5. Like Leafs to win but Lightning to keep close. Two of the top regular season teams in Game 7’s. Debrusk 5/6, Quick 4/6 #GamblingTwitter.

Almost $1,000 get-in price for the Maple Leafs-Lightning tonight. Not sure if it’s in CAD $). Hockey just on another level in Canada. A first round game 7. Can only imagine what it’d be like in a #StanleyCup Final..

Tough night to be doing an earlier show in Toronto with a Leafs game 7 going on but FYI!!.


Leafs/Oilers fans…Describe your Game 7 feelings in one gif. 👇 #LeafsForever #LetsGoOilers.

@JimmySportPicks Can’t with any of this . Hate the leafs and will never bet them to win. And goals in game 7 game is a real risky play.

who made this?? I’m emotional and pumped at the same time😭 LFG!!! Leafs in 7!!! #LeafsForever.

Click the link to pick a winner for tonight. Who scores more points in game 7? Auston Matthews for the Leafs or Connor McDavid for the Oilers? Get in on the fun!! $SCO @TheUFHL.

@EhScootsy You’re playing the Leafs in game 7 of the first round, what could you possibly be nervous about? Tampa’s got this in the bag..

The scene from above, two hours before puck drop in Game 7. Courtesy SBA public-address voice Mike Ross. Will it be bedlam for #Leafs Nation?....

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Game 7 Let’s Go!!! Go Leafs Go! I believe in this team! Get it done!! #LeafsForever.

Well it’s time for Round 1 Game 7, also known as the Toronto Maple Leafs Fan Stanley Cup! I say this with love in my heart!.

@RGilbertSOP Not rooting for the Leafs but I also don’t wanna see Tampa get anywhere near another though I have them winning this series in 7 🤪.

@ryanwhitney6 This is going to be a great game 7, with the leafs eventually folding and blowing away in ot2.

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