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Another tough game 7 loss This is a great group of kids…what an amazing season they gave us True moments of brilliance and joy in a time where we could use a lot more of both Congrats to Tampa & their fans Best of luck I love this team, always have, always will #leafsforever.

🖊 We’ve signed forward Roni Hirvonen and defenceman Topi Niemelä to future three-year, entry-level contracts. #LeafsForever.

The Leafs were capable of beating Tampa tonight. What they were not capable of doing was beating Tampa AND the refs. #LeafsForever #TMLTalk.

You wanna know the diff between winning & losing in the playoffs? Just go back & watch the 3rd period of gm 6 & 7 watch the diff btw the teams mindset, smarts & sacrifices TB players made when protecting a lead. Thats the killer instinct mindset still missing with #LeafsForever.

20,099 days since a Cup. 6,696 days since winning a playoff series. 809 days since losing to an AHL Zamboni driver. #LeafsForever.


“The Maple Leafs are a dynasty of losing… that’s what they established on Saturday night.” @HayesTSN on the Leafs Game 7 loss and yet another first round exit #LeafsForever.


School drop off fit on Long Island the morning after a huge #LeafsForever comeback playoff win.

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Some Second Period Chaos Back & Forth vs Tampa Bay Lightning courtesy of Joe Bowen and Jim Ralph. #LeafsForever @BonsieTweets @Jim_Ralph 10/5/2022.

Toronto Maple Leafs sign fwd Roni Hirvonen and def Topi Niemela to three-year entry-level contracts beginning next season Hirvonen, 20, a 2020 2nd rd pick, had 26 pts in 46 GP for HIFK (Liiga). Niemela, 20, a 2020 3rd rd pick, had 32 pts in 48 GP for Oulun Karpat. #LeafsForever.

Very nice to meet @ratt26 at @MapleLeafs Square last night. #LeafsForever #HockeyCanada.

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I feel lost waking up without a hockey game to look forward to….. my boss now expects me to work a full 40+ Hour week & I have no excuse to meet with Matthews, Marner & associates. Gosh darn I love this team. I hope they are ok. #leafsforever.

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Son Thomas (12yrs) doesn’t watch the #LeafsForever with me often but watched the 2nd period onward last night. He’s off school today so I let him stay up. His response to OT was “I don’t know how you watch this all the time Dad, I was so stressed and the ending sucked” Yup 😞.

Matthews !!!!! Ce match d’une intensité folle est remporté par les #LeafsForever  !! Ils ne sont qu’à une victoire d’éliminer l’immense Lightning !#StanleyCup .

Joe Bowen’s radio call of Auston Matthew’s goal to take a 4-3 lead #LeafsForever.

I’ve never woken up feeling so damn proud of a @MapleLeafs team! #LeafsForever #LeafsNation.

Shaky start, but Jack stood on his head. Lots of Leafs showed courage last night. Past Leafs teams were this one. #LeafsForever.

Unreal meeting @coreconn last night. #LeafsForever @scottywillats #PGA.

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Dubasites will hate this, but I must award the 2022 Most Accurate Leafs Predictor trophy to myself, once again, for the fourth year running. I even took second place in voting as well for trying to tell You People about Sutter and Tkachuk. #LeafsForever.

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Matthews !!!!! Ce match d’une intensité folle est remporté par les #LeafsForever !! Ils ne sont qu’à une victoire d’éliminer l’immense Lightning !#StanleyCup.

What a great win last night. That was awesome. Let’s end this in 6 🚨 #LeafsForever.

Update on the Willy Nylander custom Bauer stick: One of our followers was kind enough to share this photo from the Leafs’ store at @ScotiabankArena. The twig is an extra light Supreme 2S Pro. #LeafsForever #StanleyCup.

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Really don’t know why hockey and basketball fans FROM THE SAME CITY are arguing over a screen outside Scotiabank Arena… But who is going to tell her the Maple Leafs actually did it first (2013 playoffs) with the Raptors following (2014 playoffs)… #LeafsForever #WeTheNorth.

If you care about the @MapleLeafs playoff history on Saturdays: Since 1993: - Overall record is 13-8-2 - (16/23 were G2 or G5) Toronto last played in Game 7 on a Saturday in 1993 in every single series. 3-2 OT win over DET 6-0 win over STL and 5-4 loss to LA #LeafsForever.

Playoff hockey can be so awesome. Very few good games this first round but this game 6 #LeafsForever #GoBolts is great..

Saw this out of the corner of my eye and thought it was #LeafsForever but then I remembered they were eliminated from the playoffs on Saturday LMAOOOOOO.

Friedge on the leafs “They’re going to need an absolute prick to play on their top 6” 😂 Darty’s been saying this for years hahahaha #LeafsForever @tmlfaninvan.

@MapleLeafs this is my brother Mike(Leafs Jersey). He’s fought his way through life. 55+ surgeries. Found out yesterday, another possible one in June. Win one more for him. No bigger #LeafsForever fan around. #winitforMIKE.

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@leafknowitall64 hope #LeafsForever let him eat his words with a bag of shit attached too his mouth bastard.

Leafs have to get some scoring chances going Only 3 Shots so far Not going to cut it #LeafsForever.

Tomorrow…Patrick Marleau joins the ⁦@CamandStrick⁩ #Sjsharks #Leafsforever.

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