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Exciting day!! A first look the artist rendering of our vision for the major event centre at LeBreton Flats‼️ More:.

Lebreton Photo,Lebreton Photo by Ottawa Senators,Ottawa Senators on twitter tweets Lebreton Photo

#Sens have been given preferred bidder status for a new arena at LeBreton Flats. Lease deal has to be worked out by January. Memorandum has been signed..

right now if you go to a game with friends and take separate cars you’re probably saying farewell in the parking lot and your night ends. With a LeBreton rink you leave the arena and ask “so where are we heading now?” and the night keeps going..


The good residents of Ottawa-Gatineau have seen this movie before, including the glitzy promo pictures. This time they hope it might have a different ending ... one that features the drop of a puck at a new arena in the city core. (@HockeyScanner).

Omg I’m crying right now for joy! THE SENATORS ARE GOING TO LEBRETON FLATS!!!!.

The National Capital Commission (NCC) has again inked an agreement with the Ottawa Senators that would bring a new NHL arena to LeBreton Flats near downtown Ottawa.

A building at LeBreton would be great for the city. So a partnership makes sense that will drive revenue and tax dollars for both sides. This would totally reshape the Ottawa and Hull. Making it a multi billion dollar residential and commercial project..

Idky mfers dunking on Eugene today😭 brother passed away in March, the deadline for LeBreton was in February The man might’ve saved the club a 2nd time with a bid that’s backed by some MAJOR firms this time A lot of unnecessary negativity on such a good day smh #GoSensGo #Sens.

all it took for lebreton flats to happen is a billionaire dying. we should kill more billionaires.

With the Lebreton Flats lease expected to be signed by the fall of 2023, the #Sens better hope they get that finalized BEFORE the municipal election in late October… I guarantee there’ll be a fierce public debate surrounding taxpayer funds supporting the arenas development..

A good look at the #Sens partners in the LeBreton Flats project. Lots of experience..

One of the most exciting aspects about this concept drawing of the Senators LeBreton Flats arena … is the kayakers they’ve included in the lower left. Exciting for me, at least..

Lebreton Photo,Lebreton Photo by Blair Crawford,Blair Crawford on twitter tweets Lebreton Photo

what we did to the neighbourhood of LeBreton Flats makes me want to [redacted].

Prolongation du PASS VACCINAL: POUR: Nadine Morano (LR), Raphaël Glucksmann (PS), Manon Aubry (LFI), Anne Sander (LR), Yannick Jadot (EELV), Nathalie Loiseau (LREM) CONTRE: Jean Lin Lacapelle, Thierry Mariani, Virginie Joron, Jean Paul Garraud, France Jamet, Gilles Lebreton (RN).

The LeBreton arena is cool, but y’all know about the library that they actually just broke ground on, right?.

GARRIOCH: Ottawa Senators score a victory with NCC and are headed for LeBreton Flats, via @ottawasuncom.

Check out our latest video for our reactions to the #Sens Lebreton Flats news! 🥳 #GoSensGo YT 📺:.

Lebreton Photo,Lebreton Photo by The Senstennial Podcast,The Senstennial Podcast on twitter tweets Lebreton Photo

Mike just asked the toddler “do you want to go live in LeBreton?” And she said “no no dada”.

Big kudos should go to @ADLSens for helping bring in these heavy hitters to making this happen at Lebreton..

The Ottawa Senators are the preferred bidder to build a major attraction at LeBreton Flats, clearing the way for an NHL arena on the land just west of downtown..

Have lessons been learned? Caution called for around latest deal for downtown arena #ottnews #ottawa.

Lebreton Photo,Lebreton Photo by CBC Ottawa,CBC Ottawa on twitter tweets Lebreton Photo

looks at the companies involved in the proposal to build a new NHL arena at LeBreton Flats..

@Ott_SensPage @jackrichrdson 1: war museum 2: lebreton flats park (where bluesfest main stage is) 3: Sens arena location (empty pit seen in photo above).

Lebreton Photo,Lebreton Photo by Jordi,Jordi on twitter tweets Lebreton Photo

New arena deal all about getting past the previous Melnyk-LeBreton squabbles and forging new partnerships:.

@SteveOnSens So many ways to bike in along Ottawa River Parkway, bike paths to LeBreton. So many possibilities..

Very impressed the artist who did the rendering of the future Senators arena concept at LeBreton Flats had the foresight to include a group of Freedom Convoy protestors complaining about non existent mandates in 2027..

Lebreton Photo,Lebreton Photo by Dan Fallak,Dan Fallak on twitter tweets Lebreton Photo

@sleepenbaker Vlad Guerrero famously (and also paradoxically anonymously) used to metro to the Big O. Hopefully LeBreton becomes the new Kanata in the sense that all the players will live right next door to work anyway..

me and @JimmysYeezys revving up the red while biking to the Lebreton Flats arena.

Lebreton Photo,Lebreton Photo by T Snitch,T Snitch on twitter tweets Lebreton Photo

@ctvottawa Sens Plex in the LeBreton Flats? Without much room for parking, access to the highway through small residential and commercial streets? Yeah, great idea. Not..

looks at the companies involved in the proposal to build a new NHL arena at LeBreton Flats..

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