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Mysteries, monsters and everything in between. Stream free only on The CW: #Legacies

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ℓσυisє ʬ⁸⁴ • ✨ ()

vi uns edits de legacies e queria hosie endgame 😭 @21swanqueen amiga ce acha q rola

Ju ()

me deram: Legacies responda a este tweet e irei te dizer algo para escolher seus 4 personagens favoritos

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エヂバルド シルバ ()

@olukesmith O coronavirus fodeu até as serie eu só acompanho Legacies e fiquei muito triste da serie ter sido paralisada por causa desse virus

Mara✨ ()

@lul_ryry Vampire Diaries first, then The Originals then Legacies , The Originals Lowery better but watch Vampire Diaries so can understand it later.

Legacies ()

Mysteries, monsters and everything in between. Stream free only on The CW: #Legacies

Ƀэℓɡɍαdэσɧσℓiͼ ()

#LEGACIES Season 3 release - Fall 2020 (CW), Spring 2021 (Netflix) ❤️ via @YouTube

Karma boy this is saturado ()

me deram: legacies responda a este tweet e irei te dizer algo para escolher seus 4 personagens favoritos Meus protegidos ✌

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LegaciesHosie ()

@a_e_008 Pues ahora cuando me meta en la cama me volvere a poner el capitulo 1 jejejeje

Alexa🇵🇷 ()

@sabrinasmydork @tribridrights I was thinking the same thing as she doesn’t have merch or stuff. And I dont wanna relate it with body shaming cuz Ig thats why she inactive in the first place.🥺 and idk if she would like a Legacies one! This is too hard

Madison 💫 ()

Legacies came out with a new season!!! I know what I’m doing for the rest of the night 🤩

Weddnacy gt var ()

Sebastian, kalbime düştün yakışıklı. Dikkat et yanarsı #Legacies

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Lee | ceo of rotj luke ()

leia gave her names legacies to rey, poe and FINN !! fuck the tros novel me and my homies hate the tros novel

Bolognia🥰😘 ()

My little sister is watching legacies without having seen vampire diaries or the originals

Beth 🌷be a symphony ()

tvd s1-4 & 6 > the originals > tvd s5, 7 & 8 >>>>>>> legacies

Luana ()

anos evitando terminar the originals pq sei q o elijah e o klaus morrem e ainda não superei damon e stefan mas quero começar legacies, o q fazer

Avery Alder ()

@SunsetteSkye I feel like the best fix is to reflect on the social issues and cultural legacies that shape a place, rather than just the aesthetic flourishes! But if the goal is to just change what the meme is called and not its content, then I suppose __________ Weird maybe?

Kim ()

not someone asking emily if she wants to be in legacies and her saying yes STAY AWAY FROM IT PLEASE

Mrots . 🤍 ()

FREYA GOT A SON?!!!! Who is the dad?! BRUHHHH. Legacies finna be raw as hell 😩 her son and Hope finna be cold together 😭

Aurora ()

Il ballo Di miss mystic falls😭😭 che ricordiii Caroline Delena Dove sono tutti 😭😭 #legacies

Chey//your face look like beef jerky. ()

Me cheering for Josie,Lizzie,MGfor getting a semi decent storyline: Hope and Landon stans: “yEah wEll HoPe diD tHis aNd LanDon Did thAt” Me: “” Not everything is about them there’s other characters that deserve development! #Legacies

Marsh ⋆ stream ‘home’ - yezi ()

ok what do i watch next?? i finished watching every season of 60 days in, watched tiger king, and finished season 2 of legacies so like wtf do i watch now??

𝓹𝓪𝓸𝓵𝓪 ()

I’m watching season two of legacies and i figured out who the actor who plays Alaric reminds me cannot be the only one who sees it

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Polina ()

It’s not that I hate Landon , he just annoys me and I don’t care about him. Have you noticed how some of the best episodes of legacies had less of him? The black and white episode , fairytale , lizzie’s wishes. Or just ones with less of him lol

Meag ()

like i rewatched the originals and now i’m watching legacies and i’m probably gonna rewatch the originals again

Ste ¹⁹ • lendo e surtando ()

amo que a julie quer até delena em legacies, mas não traz os personagens que os atores tão quase implorando pra reviver KKKKKKKKKKKK otária

Tee. ()

this episode of legacies is randomly on ugh yes, jenny boyd in HD so I can see all the flaws she does not have

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𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 ◟̽◞̽ ()


𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 ◟̽◞̽ ()

La somiglianza fisica tra l’attrice che fa Hope Mikaelson e Phoebe Tonkin mi impressiona. Casting voto: DIESCI. #Legacies

Foreign Affairs ()

“One of the most significant legacies of the novel coronavirus will be the way that the pandemic dovetails with another major global disruption of the last few years—the rise and spread of digital surveillance enabled by artificial intelligence.”

NFL345 ()

Several 2020 NFL Draft prospects have family ties to @NFL Legends of the past. Check out some of the prospects who will look to add to their families’ football legacies at this year’s NFL Draft:

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