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Sign Lehner, C. Brown, Dillon instead of Hainsey. Then go to the Tkachuk house with a blank contract and a new 2D Jersey with The C on it. Do a 8 year deal over scotch & cigars with Walt.

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¿Quién será el portero titular, Fleury o Lehner?: Cinco preguntas en torno a los Vegas Golden Knights de cara a las Eliminatorias de la Stanley Cup

Mark Pomfret
Mark Pomfret ()

@TSNSimmer This is why you should be the GM! I want the Lehner to @NHLFlames though;)

Dom Bueti
Dom Bueti ()

@TSNSimmer Lehner 5 year deal! Combine with legit Nilsson if healthy! Deal one or two of the minor league goalies that are pushing for playing time.

Typical Dad
Typical Dad ()

@TSNSimmer Save % is the +/- of goalies. Lehner’s problem is he doesn’t stop the important ones.

Spencer Blake
Spencer Blake ()

Is this Robin Lehner talk based on something or just a goalie who will be a free agent with a connection to Ottawa?

Shawn Simpson
Shawn Simpson ()

Sign Lehner, C. Brown, Dillon instead of Hainsey. Then go to the Tkachuk house with a blank contract and a new 2D Jersey with The C on it. Do a 8 year deal over scotch & cigars with Walt.

Scott Scarrow
Scott Scarrow ()

@TSNSimmer If he is healthy and comes back, Nilsson was playing like a #1 before the concussion as did Hogberg when he had the twine. I still really like that 1-2 punch for next year. I like Lehner and we have the cap space BUT I think you keep developing the tenders we have in line. #Sens

Kickabrat ()

@TSNSimmer After years if neglecting organizational goaltending depth, we finally have 6 good ones in the organization, including unsigned Sogaard. Adding Lehner means giving up at least one if not 2. Not enough spots to play 7 or 6 goalies without hurting the development of some.

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Brankárska dvojica ako lusk. Lehnerov príchod môže Vegas pomôcť dokázať veľké veci

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Голкиперы Голден Найтс Марк-Андре Флери и Робин Ленер должны иметь сумасшедшую мотивацию в плей-офф.

Dmare ()

@TSNSimmer do you think term would be more important than salary in getting a deal done for #Lehner

Shawn Simpson
Shawn Simpson ()

Career save % Rask .922 Bishop .921 Vasilevskiy. 919 Lundqvist. 918 Lehner .918 Price .917 Fleury .913 Quick .913

Corjay ()

@TSNSimmer Simmer , can you see Ottawa trying to sign lehner, or see lehner wanna come back?

Hugh B
Hugh B ()

@TSNSimmer I’d be OK with signing Lehner, he’s fought his demons and shown he can compete on the NHL

Matthew Lehner
Matthew Lehner ()

Happy Independence Day everyone. Remember COVID-19 is still around. So please wear a mask and maintain social distance. All of what I just mentioned, is one of the most patriotic things you could do. It’s protecting your fellow Americans.

Sens fan
Sens fan ()

@TSNSimmer The Lehner back in Ottawa would be a great marketing opportunity. Fan favorite!

Shawn Simpson
Shawn Simpson ()

Lehner turns 29 this month. Guess what age Craig Anderson was when he came to Ottawa? Just about to turn 29.

Shawn Simpson
Shawn Simpson ()

Still 6 hours left to vote. With over 2000 votes in, it shows Ottawa still loves The Lehner @TSN1200


@AndTheBandAides Sorry Miss Laurie Lehner, I have to disagree with you on this. Their welfare is important so they should not be in general population. For their safety, place them in the #COVID19 section.

Thomas Gilmore
Thomas Gilmore ()

If the Blackhawks are forced to rebrand, I might have to get myself a Lehner jersey before they become too rare to

Jesse Granger
Jesse Granger ()

The Golden Knights goalie duo is rock solid, but that could change, especially if they‘re unable to re-sign Lehner this offseason. If that happens, the backup plan could be trading for a goalie destined for Seattle’s expansion draft. Here are 5 options-

Rink Rat Report
Rink Rat Report ()

@HockeyStatsCZ Im surprised Robin Lehner isn’t on this list considering his numbers are so close to Crawford’s


@koskidaddy @HockeyStatsCZ Lehner is too high, replace him with Hart. Otherwise it’s a great list

Corjay ()

@TSNSimmer I would. Makes this team better , and lehner is super competitive and that is good for young kids coming up

Joe Albert
Joe Albert ()

@JeffConway25 @TSNSimmer Hogberg is on a one way contract so he’ll be playing for Ottawa regardless. But I agree, if Lehner would be ok with a return to Ottawa, I’d trade Nilsson. Wonder if Nilsson is a candidate for LTIR. Haven’t heard any news recently on the guy but hope he’s doing alright

Nick ()

@TSNSimmer Love Lehner but he’s in his prime. He needs a competitive team now. By the time Sens are good, he’ll be on the downhill.

Andy & Rono 📊
Andy & Rono 📊 ()

Barry Trotz is one of the best in the business, at least in defensive play. Semyon Varlamov benefited from that, as Robin Lehner last year. Aside from that he was still able to post great results even as we though he has been washed after the injuries.

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Jeff Conway
Jeff Conway ()

@TSNSimmer Would love to see it, but I would also want to see hogberg in the NHL. If you sign lehner, trade Nilsson. That’s if Nilsson is healthy.

William Kohlman
William Kohlman ()

@BonksMullet I then went on to buy a Robin Lehner As a young kid my favourite player was I was planning on getting a Stone I’m sorry everyone 😭

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