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Save of the Year candidate from Robin Lehner. Wow. #Blackhawks.

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@ArizonaCoyotes @GanemJewelers Lehner should have got the 2nd star imo. Guy was amazing tonight but glad yotes got the win.

Watching Robin Lehner was fun (until the shootout). I feel bad that the dude had to stand on his head (AGAIN).

This is a valid enough question, and it’s possible that Crawford has discussed it with Lehner and they’ve collectively decided not to swap. But if Crow is, hypothetically, fine with it, it’s just one-on-one lateral reads. Shouldn’t be too bad..

Save of the Year candidate from Robin Lehner. Wow. #Blackhawks.

Whether you agree with him or not, have the tolerance to actually think about what Robin Lehner says in this interview. Also, Mark asks the right questions in here. This is a vital read, imo, and it’s not just specific to hockey’s cultural shift but a convo on our behaviour:.

@twolinepass Kudos to Robin Lehner for triggering the radical far-left wokesocialists. #KAG2020LandslideVictory.

Not gonna waste my time on Robin Lehner when someone like Ryan Miller exists.

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This is a conversation everyone should hear or read. It’s a discussion involving perspective and from someone with experience. Thanks ⁦@RobinLehner⁩ and well done ⁦@MarkLazerus⁩.

@IanGraph @CarBombBoom13 Yeah. Thoughts on the Lehner piece? Carcillo was mentioned a few times there..

ROBIN LEHNER: Skip I want to ADDRESS this issue. [BAYLESS nods] You KNOW I am sensitive to the Holocaust BAYLESS: Absolutely ROBIN LEHNER: BUT!.

@adamkaroly @ThatsCappy Nothing he says means anything as a trump supporter. Trump has advocated for violence, racism, bigotry, and broke every law he can. Fuck Lehner and what he thinks on mental health..

Gerd Schmelzer (alpha Gruppe) mit Ehefrau Dr. Julia Lehner beim Ball der Unternehmer #ballderunternehmer #netzwerken.

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Shackling or handcuffing pregnant or postpartum women would be prohibited if a bill sponsored by Kettering Republican state Sen. Peggy Lehner becomes law..

@MarkLazerus @CarBombBoom13 The Lehner piece was very interesting but admit that his lack of focus on the victims was a problem for me. Second chances are fine but amends should be made to the victims..

In the wake of the Marc Crawford allegations, Blackhawks goalie Robin Lehner shared his thoughts about zero-tolerance and forgiveness. These people are not evil people. Find out more from @MarkLazerus..

@MarkLazerus @CarBombBoom13 Also, this had nodding until the where he starting equating rappers in it. I feel Lehner is hitting too many weird old style trappings.

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@icehockeystick @pflynnhockey The interview shows that Lehner is virtually incoherent. Helps reveal that arguments against cancel culture are baseless..

Unfortunately for Lehner, it’s no longer acceptable for known racists, abusers, and the like to continue holding a position that allows them power (and in turn power over others). They shouldn’t be allowed the ability to impact other people’s lives..

Laffo at Lehner calling anyone’s opinion uneducated after his nonsensical rant about “cancel culture”. Basically he just regurgitated right wing talking points about how no one can be judged on their past. As if in 1999 people didn’t know verbal and physical abuse was bad.

Segunda chance pra Mas as vítimas, quando é que terão as delas? Meus sinceros vai tomar no cu, Lehner. Vai passar pano pra abuser pra lá..

@ScottyStops I just read an excerpt and he (Lehner) is literally defending the epitome of Jeff. A guy who makes a mistake (Crawford, Peters, etc.) and should be given a second chance (which is absolutely true). What a fucking moron. Don’t think the lights are on in that home..

Media/fans: nhl players are boring. They don’t speak their minds. *Robin Lehner speaks his mind* Media/fans: Robin Lehner should keep his mouth shut..

@MarkLazerus Again, I respect Lehner has this view, through his own experiences. And from knowing his personal views, he values both sides-ism. But good people can do very shitting things that should keep them out of positions of power..

@MGeschwind Great thread. Totally agree with everything you said, and it’s great to hear Lehner is reaching out to discuss this topic even further. I may not have agreed with everything he said in this article, but I’m happy to see he’s keeping his mind open about this..

I got a second chance, I believe people need second chances. In a conversation with @MarkLazerus, @RobinLehner offered his perspective on zero-tolerance, mental health education and forgiveness:.

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