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It was an incredible honor to have Ben Stelter as our special guest last night. We’re always rooting for you, Ben ❤️ #GKG | #LetsGoOilers.

#LetsGoOilers Photo,#LetsGoOilers Photo by x - LA Kings,x - LA Kings on twitter tweets #LetsGoOilers Photo

What a win we got the split we needed no we go Have a night Edmonton you deserve it @pinkwhitney #LetsGoOilers.

This team man!! Congrats @EdmontonOilers. The city deserves this 🙌🏾 #LetsGoOilers @cmcdavid97 🤯 🐐.

I’m rooting for the Oilers this playoffs, check out my updated profile pic in my #97 jersey. #LetsGoOilers !.

“I’ll fight you right now. Right outta the box.” -Evander Kane to Matthew Tkachuk #LetsGoOilers #Flames.

You just got the sense all game long @cmcdavid97 was not going to let the @EdmontonOilers lose. He spoke with his actions. That’s what leaders do. #LetsGoOilers.

Seems like Jay can adapt the #oilers to any opponent. Impressive coach! #LetsGoOilers.

Through thick & thin, I (mostly) love this fan base #LetsGoOilers.

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@BizNasty2point0 That sounds like the kiss of death and I’m not having it #LetsGoOilers.

Throwing up ✌️🖐 to the Opposing Crowd is actually an Edmonton Oilers Tradition since 2006. Although MacTavish did it after Game 5 in Carolina - basically guaranteeing a Game 6 win. #LetsGoOilers.

#LetsGoOilers Photo,#LetsGoOilers Photo by Captain Jack 🏴‍☠️,Captain Jack 🏴‍☠️ on twitter tweets #LetsGoOilers Photo

Kane is challenging Tkachuk to fight when they get out of the box. Lol. He won’t. #LetsGoOilers.

Woodcroft having to explain to the media what he meant by they scored 7 tonight in a tough building 😂 Classic #LetsGoOilers.

OILER$ #InfoWINS #LetsGoOilers @2022VIPs.

#LetsGoOilers Photo,#LetsGoOilers Photo by Right $ide,Right $ide on twitter tweets #LetsGoOilers Photo

Really happy for you Oiler friends🧡💙#LetsGoOilers #StanleyCup.

Thank you @LAKings for a helluva series. They gave us everything they had and it made it for entertaining hockey. Respect your opponents and appreciate the compete! Look forward to more competitive games in the future! #LetsGoOilers #GoKingsGo.

I don’t care who wins the Flames/Dallas game. I just hope they go to 4 overtimes and beat the crap out of each other. #LetsGoOilers.

💬 Eine Erfahrung, aus der man Selbstvertrauen schöpfen kann: Die @EdmontonOilers präsentieren sich in Spiel 7 gegen die @LAKings gereift und sind nun heiß auf mehr! 🔥🔥🔥 #LetsGoOilers.

Okay @MapleLeafs fans! Feel your pain, it stings! Enjoy this Tok, There is room on the wagon for everyone😉👍 #LetsGoOilers.

Dear @ZachHyman, Please read us a bedtime story. We are too wired from Game 2 to be able to sleep. Sincerely, Oil Country #oilers #letsgooilers.

Happy Sunday Twitter Friends Head hurts ✔️ Voice gone ✔️ Cash spent ✔️ First round win ✅ #LetsGoOilers.

The only reason I favour a Dallas win tonight is so the #LetsGoOilers have home ice advantage. I think a BoA would be even better…so I guess what I’m saying is #GoFlamesGo.

Quick is an absolute beast. Made that series a lot harder than it should’ve been for the #LetsGoOilers.

Tell you what Tyson Barrie wasn’t scared to get into the shit tonight either that’s a good thing to see. Looked like he told Anderson he would go him. Smacked around Mangiapane a bit. #LetsGoOilers.

#oilers Draisaitl with 14:55 TOI after two while being injured is unbelievable. On pace for over 20 min, this guy is a machine #letsgooilers.

They’re playing Scorpions …. Now it’s a flash back. ❤️🤟🏽 #LetsGoOilers 🧡💙.

Told you we would win…when we were down 3-1. #PlayLaBambaBaby 11 more times. #LetsGoOilers.

Blow it up. Oilers are done. They’ve been solved. If the kings can beat the best players in the game by over working them then I don’t think we need the “best players” in the game. Laughable #LetsGoOilers.

Lets Go Boys!!!!! Finish this 3rd like we have played the game!!! #LetsGoOilers We want Round 2!!!!.

This is dinner until the game is over. Too cheap to order take out, don’t want pizza, don’t have time to leave the house and get something. What? You heat it up? #ChefBoyardee #LetsGoOilers.

#LetsGoOilers Photo,#LetsGoOilers Photo by Rich Truitt (Back Yard Bo661es),Rich Truitt (Back Yard Bo661es) on twitter tweets #LetsGoOilers Photo

Glen - this is what I keep thinking too! They gotta fight for Ben! #LetsGoOilers #BenOilersStrong.

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