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Liberals said @ElonMusk buying Twitter would be the end of democracy. Funny then that he’s made almost every major decision by a public poll..

BREAKING! Allowing those disliked by liberals to be heard on the internet will *literally* kill many people (😱), warn the most neurotic, mentally unwell, petulant petty-tyrants who have declared themselves online safety experts and are now called that by liberal media outlets..

Glad to see @akshaykumar sir speak out when “woke” liberals like her disrespect our valiant soldiers. She needs to realize that doing a few movies doesn’t make her an authority on the armed forces..

I think liberals want to keep Covid fear around as long as possible in the hopes Democrats will shut down the economy again and they can stay at home in their sweatpants and collect a government check for months on end (masked of course)..


I couldn’t figure out why the liberals were so triggered today until I saw that Twitter banned some Antifa account who is notorious for radicalizing militants toward (remember, mostly peaceful) violence..

Blacklisted for protesting. Why do the Trudeau Liberals have so much contempt for democracy?.

Liberals Photo,Liberals Photo by Canada Proud,Canada Proud on twitter tweets Liberals Photo

Rex Murphy: Liberals make a mockery of Canadian democracy: What both the invocation of the Emergencies Act and the inquiry show is how contemptuous this government is of its citizens via @nationalpost.

The Liberals know Canadian hunters aren’t causing the homicide surge in Canada. But they’re going after them anyway, because it’s all about politics, not fighting crime. It’s a disgrace, and it puts Canadians at risk..

Share this video if you think the Liberals should target gangs instead of duck hunters and farmers..

Thread: Covid is almost over around the World. Pandemic has already become Endemic. When it was raging worldwide, an facade was created by Liberals as to how well China controlled it. But now it has gone haywire in China!! 1/12.

American liberals targeting with call center jibes Because an Indian dared to criticize American liberal Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Remember that these liberals claim to be the most woke & sensitive people on earth This is the mentality of liberal outlets like NYT towards India.

Liberals when Doug Mastriano is elected Governor of Pennsylvania.

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5 words liberals: From my cold dead hands 😤😤😤😤😤.

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@ChristyDanFan Because the liberals never do anything except cut funding to essential services..

“The Liberal party room is beginning to look like Jonestown. And we’ll keep drinking the KoolAid.” Liberal panelist on ABC panel — commenting on how the Victorian Liberals when they lose, blame anyone except the guilty..

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@chloetankahhui solidarity from someone who has been going through that with iran :)) they get bored after about a week, roughly the same attention span as the liberals.


Does she even know the history of VW? All these virtue signaling blue check mark liberals get high off of their own farts. It has to cause some permanent brain damage..

@free_thinker norman mailer on how arendt was wrong and evil isn’t banal and why it’s diff for liberals to comprehend the nature of evil.

I’d actually respect someone who just claims not to read books more than lowest common denominator liberals who’s schtick is that their passion for “learning and growing and science” is what separates them from the yobs.

ABC News
ABC News

Tasmanian Liberals to face grilling over controversial election grants process.

@rifle1898 Liberals will vote for it, leftists will vote for it, all thinking that even if they lose their guns, the conservatives will too. Then, they pray, the police will side with them and kill the conservatives off for good. (either figuratively or literally).

We are not pouring on Jerry Jones or have a unrealistic view of but how these cases are handled exposes the hypocrisy of the left. Democrats and Liberals selectively punish and cover racism based on how it effects them personally not Black people. Ye and Kyrie included..

An intrusive thought just popped up- what *if* the unthinkable happens and the Liberals actually win tomorrow? Anyway, now I’m smiling to myself because imaginations are WILD sometimes 😂..

Bernie Finn - who joined the DLP after getting kicked out of the Liberals - has told @6NewsAU he was approached by 8 other parties about joining.

Let’s speak up America on how we feel about the Mask and shutdowns! I say do not ever allow the government to have that much control over your lives. Fuck the liberals and their agenda to take this nation down. Time to go after China and hold them accountable..

Pearson is the worst run airport. It’s NOT OK to fly planes 24/7 over residential neighbourhood REGISTER A COMPLAINT @OmarAlghabra here And vote liberals OUT #VAUGHAN.

A couple things happened in reaction to this. First, BAP and Nick Fuentes simultaneously reasserted themselves as free market liberals in order to try to continue on with the entryist strategy.

⁦@DanielAndrewsMP⁩ Disastrous results for @Liberals #auspol.

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@nya_meoww It does seem that fairness is a big deal for many liberals. Justice is complicated, i regret mentioning people having shit justice. Offense & sacredness seem related..

@RealJamesWoods Glad you are calling them what they are, leftists. No longer liberals..

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