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Little Women made me want a hot french boyfriend who criticizes me. Congrats to france.

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In Memory of the Innocent little angels that perished Without justice 🙏🏻💔😪 estimated that million men, women, and children were victims of human trafficking around the globe.

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One happy little girl watching City women come one you blues 💙.

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@PedroEs59372030 @ickyvikiii Furthermore, your use of emojis and creepy posts about women’s snapchats tells me all I need to know about how unstable you are. It has nothing to do with faith and everything to do with a sick mind and a sense of entitlement to women. You are a gross and sad little man..

@SuzannaAloni Women are a finite resource. Your sexual value, limited egg supply & innocence all diminish with each passing day. Men spoil & contaminate you. We want you sexually addicted to only us. We steal a little piece of your soul. Each Man accelerates your decline..

seeing gus dapperton this thursday and little women the thursday after.

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So many Little Women guild screenings and (guild people, please be my friend).

#LittleWomen Director Gillian Armstrong Praises Greta Gerwig’s New Version, Pulls for #GretaForOscar.

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I finish exams and uni for the year this Wednesday, adore you on Friday, Harry’s listening party that i WILL win tickets to next Monday, I’m seeing little women AND breaking my back to fine line next Friday and then I go to France then Italy next Saturday ... this is my best life.

as a “lightskin” i would like to say that i rarely have problems and the ones i do have are very very little compared to the horrible slander that darker skin women.

janeiro eu vou assistir little women sério EMMA SAIORSE TIMMY E MERYL tudo pra mim.

A questo punto spero per Timothée che little women sia bello perché fino ad ora the king: meh a rainy day in New York: yuck.

@cineworld This made me looool at the attempt of woman but it’s little women 😂.

@PolishPatriotTM Sorry but murder of babies up to their first breath of life? Female genital mutilation of little girls? Stoning women Slaughter of gays This Pope has much to answer for snuggling up with such ideology..

@cineworld @melissaajane it’s that little women film figured it out after staring at the screen for 20minutes.

@GOPChairwoman @realDonaldTrump Hey Ronna do you ever get off your knees. My god women have a little class and integrity!!! There is nothing that President Dirtbag has ever done to make you speak against him and that shows you have no an embarrassment to your family!.

Florence is almost guaranteed an Oscar nom for Little Women so I’m okay with the fact that her performance in Midsommar is going to be overlooked but I’m praying Lupita gets in for Us over Scarlett, who was honestly just okay in Marriage Story / was outacted by Adam Driver..

Greta Gerwig talks taking on directing Little Women: The day after the Oscars, I went to a cabin in the woods to figure out if I was worthy of this task.

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@cineworld Little Women! Took a bit of time to realise that as at first I thought it was Small Hair 😅🙈.

I’m on @BBCRadio3 with @drsarahwalker shortly talking about Little Women and Kate Rusby and other life-improving things. Listen!.

@cineworld Little women or as we call it in my language: Mujercitas. #cineworldcharades.

omg my copy of little women has a quiz to see which march girl you’re most like :’) we’re doing this before my reread so that i can’t be biased.

The cinema year is far from over, which releases are you most looking forward too? Is it perhaps Cats? Or Star Wars: The rise of skywalker? Perhaps Jumanji: The Next Level or Little Women? Tell us which release you are most looking forward to in the comment section below. 🍿.

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若干の修正をして投稿しました。■Little Ghost Women.

i was celebrating my middle school graduation there with my family when a fight broke out between two middle aged women, one through a high heel at the other and missed but hit my little sister in the face, she cried all night and ruined my celebration..

Little Women made me want a hot french boyfriend who criticizes me. Congrats to france.

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