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#ICYMI in Tulsa we had this moment, “Don’t make an officer take your life, it’s not fair.” #LivePD.

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If he hit me while on my bicycle that car would have some broken windows. #LivePD #LivePDNation.

Go ahead and use your HAND SIGNALS but that has NOTHING to do with your broken left rear view mirror. Hahahahahahahahahaha #LivePD.

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This is the wildest K9 apprehension we’ve EVER seen #LivePD #CrimeOfTheWeek.

@danabrams You gotta fight for your right for ranch dressing! 🥗 @OfficialLivePD #LivePD.

Turned on #LivePD to see a fight over a $ salad dressing pack being mediated by cops. I am too sober to follow this..

Anyone else fall in love with the “Underdogs”? I love that they incorporated that group to prove not just police K9s are trained for that kind of work! Any dog can be 🙃 #TopDogAE #LivePD.

🚨We’re bringing you ANOTHER BONUS #LivePD followed by an all new #TopDogAE🚨 It all starts TOMORROW at 8PM!.

Me Online: Cops really overstep their bounds sometimes and I feel like they act more like Kings than civil servants Me watching LivePD: HIT HIM! TAZE HIM! HIT HIM WITH THE NIGHTSTICK! TAKE HIS ASS TO SUPLEX CITY OFFICER!.

After watching Live Pd I have so much more respect for police officers! Thank you for keeping us safe and to continue doing a good job ! @LivePdFans #LivePD #LivePDNation @OfficialLivePD.

#livepd my cars inside are spotless! Every time cops pull over people on this show the cars inside are DISGUSTING! What is wrong w people??? Pigs! Yuck! 🤢.

Fucking barf. Really?! No wonder this dude is getting divorced. His wife is probably tired of his meth use #LivePD.

This has to be an inside job because he knew he way around the kitchen!! I have never seen anything like that before!! Then he took a nap!! What in the world?!?! #LivePD.

I’m watching #LivePD, and I have to agree with their statement everyone should learn the Heimlich maneuver. About 8 years ago my husband used it to save me..

My mother was out to dinner with a friend and he chocked to death right in front of her. It haunts her to this day. So scary. 😢 That lady is lucky . 😇 wow. #LivePD.

OMG! The dogs not letting the man drive off!! BUDDY, COME ON!! 🤣🤣🤣 #LivePD.

MISSING: #LivePDNation if you have any information to help us find Joshua “JJ” Vallow and Tylee Ryan please call 1-800-843-5678. #LivePD.

Here’s something to kill the commercial break. Pandora was hyper earlier. #livepd.

I once tried on a pair of pants and found money in the pocket, soooo why not meth in the fruit-of-the-looms? 😂 #LivePD #LivePDNation.

#LivePD Welcome to 🤬 💩hole, Our mayor and governor are complete a$$holes!!!.

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And after reading tweets and watching the clip from last nights will be taking my car in for new wiper blades. 😂 🤣#LivePD.

Good boy Duke thank you for your service! Have fun keeping all the animals at the Rainbow Bridge in order! ❤️❤️❤️ 🌈🌈🌈 #LivePD #LivePDNation.

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@danabrams howling at the moon is my new favorite thing hahahahha #LivePD #LivePDFans.

WANTED Broward County Police need your help. If you have any information about these men call, 954-493-8477. #LivePD.

#ICYMI in Tulsa we had this moment, “Don’t make an officer take your life, it’s not fair.” #LivePD.

Bullshit ill play back the goddamn tape right now 😳😳😳😳 damn #tulsa keep talking dirty to me lmao #livepd go back.

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