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#AmitShah Dials CMs Of All States, UTs; Seeks Opinion On #LockdownExtension Read & Watch:

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शंकर भट्टराई ()

अब त सरकारले भन्दा बन्दाबन्दी को ब्यबस्थापन म आफै राम्रोसँग गर्न सक्छु जस्तो पो लाग्न थाल्यो त ! 🤔 लकडाउन थप्ने सल्लाह दिने विशेषज्ञ को होलान ? आधार पुष्टि गर्ने केही कुरा देख्न पाए ढुक्कसँग छट्पटीदै बस्नहुदो हो ! अब खान नपाइने डर लाग्न थाल्यो सरकार के गरौ ? #lockdownextension

Jagran English ()

Lockdown extended in Madhya Pradesh till June 15 amid surging coronavirus cases #Lockdown5 #lockdownextension

End lockdown, save lives ()

Notice how the #lockdown made little difference to the infection rate. There was 50% decrease in infections prior to lockdown. Washing your hands and perhaps not coughing in your grandma’s face goes a long way. Absolutely no need for a #lockdownextension.

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❣ ()

2 things I am missing badly in this lockdown, Pizzaaaa 🍕 And outing with my Squad➕. #lockdownextension

عباس ()

پاکستان کا لاک ڈاؤن ' دھوتی' کیطرح ہے. اوپر سے بند، نیچے سے کھلا ہوا 🙄 #COVID19Pakistan #lockdownextension


#LockdownExtension | लॉकडाउन पर केंद्र गाइडलाइंस जारी कर सकता है। कुछ शहरों को छोड़कर बाकी जगह लॉकडाउन खत्म हो सकता है। @aloke_priya

Youth Against Rape ™ 🇮🇳 ()

A 17-year-old girl was brutally assaulted by relatives and neighbours for eloping with a boy from Bilvant village of Chhota-Udepur. SP Chhota-Udepur informed that 3 people have been arrested. Please avoid if you are soft hearted. #RapeMuktBharat #lockdownextension @CMOGuj

The Times Of India ()

Coronavirus: What lockdown may look like READ: #LockdownExtension #COVID19Pandemic

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Naman ()

Some famous cricketers during the lockdown :- #lockdownextension

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दुर्वा रानाडे ™ ()

यु नो नथिंग जॉन स्नो 😂😂😂 #lockdownextension 👇👇

Rahul Jha ()

1 Before during 😢😢😢#lockdownextension

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Debashis Behera ()

Going to get bald if lock down extends #lockdownextension ....jokes aprat, if it extends I wish it may get us better

टिनू सिंह राजपूत ()

@JagranNews ऐसे #lockdownextension जिसमें सबकुछ खुला रह रहा है उससे कुछ फायदा नहीं

Hasir Moideen J ()

Life is like riding bicycle to keep your balance, you must keep moving. #lockdownextension

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I dont know who the fuck this is but is a name like garden of gifts and friendship is but be good. I mean if it was a nazi page I would be shocked go follow remember only 6 people 😀 @Gardenofgiftsa1 #lockdownextension #garden

सूरज प्रताप मिश्र 2k #प्रशासक_समिति ()

ऐसा भी आएगा वक्त पता नहीं था, इंसान डरेगा इंसान से ही पता नहीं था।। 😢 #lockdownextension

Khyali Ram ()

#GodKabir_Comes_In_4_Yugas 👉5 जून 2020 कबीर प्रकट दिवस 🎉 सतयुग में कबीर साहेब सत सुकृत नाम से प्रकट हुए। उस समय गरुड़ जी, श्री ब्रह्मा जी, श्री विष्णु जी, तथा श्री शिव जी आदि को तत्वज्ञान समझाया था। @SaintRampalJiM #lockdownextension देखें ईश्वर टीवी रोजाना रात्रि 8:30 बजे।

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❗️MINAⓂ️❗️ ()

2 If we all filled ourselves with love and positivity and didn’t focus on money and materials we need love and positivity to feel whole and happy, please spread the message we need to unite as people of this earth and treat it and everything in it fair #lockdownextension

Anitalounurse ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ()

#lockdownextension What the fuck? If they keep extending it, it will put us into next flu season. Then what? They keep talking about a second wave. Then what? Keep us locked down for a year. Who the fuck are these experts? They instill more fear than facts! @POTUS

♥⟬⟭↺ GEMIE⁷+✶𖧵🦋 ()

#lockdownextension Why the heck are they easing lockdown? Its freaking stupid the fact lots of people are still dying in the uk. From Monday they say 6 people can hang out it’s so dumb the fact people already didn’t follow the rules now it’s gonna be even worse.

Ambathegoat ()

Na from one place everything de drops of water fill the mighty ocean #success #lockdownextension

Asim ()

Remember the science behind lifting the lockdown is the same science that was behind herd immunity for covid-19. What a joke. We need a public inquiry. Who the hell are the scientists behind this. #DominicCummnings ???? #lockdownextension

Kingjay ()

Have been begging their mama since,she no gree😕😕.....and those children slef wicked 🙄🙄,for this #lockdownextension Na #TheMATTER come happen

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Jason.G.🕸 ()

I saw at least 3 or 4 people with guess that’s encouraging?🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ #settlematter #lockdownextension

Official_youngstrizzy ()

My new single out now PRESSURED #lockdownextension #BlackLivesMatter

Demi-Lynne Smith🇬🇧 ()

People crying because work is opening soon as probably been going to beaches having house parties and breaking lockdown rules for the past 3 weeks anyway. Hyprocrites. #lockdownextension


So I can see Boris’s distraction of easing more lockdown rules in order to distract the public from focusing on Cummings little adventure during lockdown & punishment. & it’s working from reading some of these #lockdownextension tweets 😅 too busy bickering to remember GG BORIS

Mr. Cedric PRIMETIME Alexander ()

#lockdownextension 2nd wave is upon us but Boris says it’s fine so a guess we should just TRUST is our is correct 🤦‍♂️ WE ARE DOOMED!!!!

Scottishlucylocket ()

We are heading for a huge second spike and we are not actually past the first one yet. We need to continue the lockdown, not relax it. #lockdownextension

ABP News ()

#AmitShah Dials CMs Of All States, UTs; Seeks Opinion On #LockdownExtension Read & Watch:

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