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I don’t like 90 Day Fiancé or #TheBachelor but I got ridiculously obsessed with Netflix’s new reality show #LoveIsBlind — or as I like to call it: “Are Straight People Okay?”

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Zee Palmer ()

I need you all to zoom into his glasses ’m screaming cause I’ve decided that’s Lauren, don’t wanna know anything else #LoveIsBlind 🙌🏾

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Diamond is dope and Carlton is a scumbag! Nothing the matter with his fluidity but the purpose of the show was to build an emotional bond first THEN a physical one and mans was not keeping it funky from the rip #LoveIsBlind

💕kristina💕 ()

Why are these women tripping over themselves for Barnett the blandest fucking dude on this show #LoveIsBlind


#HappyValentinesDay #LoveIsBlind 😈😂🤣🤣🤣😜🤣🤣😈

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ChiChi ()

Who gave Barnett the audacity to get his panties in a twist about Jessica having a date with Mark and ask her to make a clear decision but he doesn’t even know what he wants? Does everyone get to meet each other like at a reunion because I want to see a fight 😅😂#LoveIsBlind

Arrie Lee ()

I am sorry, Carlton was in the wrong BIG TIME. He was defensive, rude, insensitive and extremely insulting when she just wanted to discuss her feelings which he wouldn’t even allow her to express #LoveIsBlind

AuntieJafo ()

#LoveIsBlind (halfway through) Carlton sucks Still rooting for Cameron and Lauren I think this is enough for me today

Luis Rendon ()

Is Rory actually going on dates or is he just on the show to give the guys therapy? #LoveIsBlind

Garol ()

my top complaint about #LoveIsBlind so far is that ... ok they can’t see each other until they get engaged, fine. BUT WHY IS EVERYONE MODERATELY ATTRACTIVE AND ABOVE? throw some damn uggos in there i want to see someone dry-heave after the big reveal.

Skinny premed ()

Wow im sorry Carlton is just absolutely disturbing. His personality as a whole is a red flag. Run Diamond Run!!! lmao #LoveIsBlind

Yae ()

The moment carlton called her a bitch & started dissing her wig his true colors showed. Go get you a boyfriend sir. #loveisblind

Savannah Teems ()

Watching that #LoveIsBlind premier @RoryNewbrough 👍 with the best of friends!

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Jason Glasgow ()

I really be feeeling bad for Mark. His whole relationship with Jessica is based off him being her second choice. Jessica is shallow and just doesn’t want to admit it. #LoveIsBlind

DOM ()

Netflix really put a bunch of 20-something boys and 30something women in a box and told them to get married in four weeks. genius. I’m watching all of it. #LoveIsBlind

Arabella ()

Is anyone else watching #LoveIsBlind on Netflix? I started tonight, I am GRIPPED and I need to talk about it.

Pulchritudinous 🇵🇷 ()

An episode into #LoveisBlind and it’s already better than all seasons of The Bachelor 😂

Lain Beom ()

I knew after the second time seeing Barnett she was going to be turned off mark. Ugh Mark you deserve better. She didnt want to leave the pods alone wanted that free trip 😂 #LoveIsBlind

Lain Beom ()

You are the type to be a mistress thinking “oh but he will never cheat on you.” Like he was telling you same thing he was telling her. 🤷🏽‍♀️ #loveisblind

HeyMandie ()

Jessica is my god, I get the not wanting to jump into bed with a guy, but continuing to bring up how he looks or his age is insane. Also Mark is a smoke show what are YOU talking about!!! #LoveIsBlind

💭 ASHLEY 💭 ()

I don’t like Jessica Mark plz don’t be her second best you’re better than that and deserve better #LoveIsBlind

Elena Nicolaou ()

netflix, to me, does dating shows right. compare #loveisblind to this season of the bachelor, which is so produced you can practically see the hand of god orchestrating some scenes for manufactured drama (champagne-gate).

Jarett Wieselman ()

I don’t like 90 Day Fiancé or #TheBachelor but I got ridiculously obsessed with Netflix’s new reality show #LoveIsBlind — or as I like to call it: “Are Straight People Okay?”

Jamïla C.®© ()

#LoveIsBlind is making me so giddy!! I just love to love LOVE, seeing everyone connect with someone makes me so happy 😭🤧 @LoveisBlindShow

Nisee❤ ()

Even 💭 it’s the 1️⃣st episode of #LoveIsBlind kinda like Lauren & Cameron

Ashley Belser ()

30 minutes into the episode of #LoveIsBlind and Lauren has me cracking up from the start! What a sweet girl with a great personality. I hope she finds herself a good man on this show. Also @NickLachey looking handsome as always! 😍

Jade Hughes ()

I wash my hair once a week, I shave my legs about once a month, I wear big black briefs and Col still fancies me 😂 #LoveIsBlind

Michi ()

Omg! Who is watching #LoveisBlind on @netflix wtf?! 1st episode and people are already in love 😂😂😂

Matt Thomas ()

Team no C’mon and release the first five #LoveisBlind episodes already @netflix @KineticContent ❤️🙈

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POPSUGAR Australia ()

This wild new reality show kicks off at 7pm tonight. #LoveIsBlind

Ms. Briana Holmes ()

My @loveisblindshow family is literally the best. We had experiences literally no one else in the whole wide world will ever understand. And tomorrow the world gets to see bits and pieces of our lives. Beyond excited, scared, anxious, and happy. #loveisblind @netflix

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