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Updated: July 22nd, 2021 09:40 PM IST

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The #tblightning shirts embracing the LTIR narrative (which the #NHL investigated and had zero problem with). Don’t think they’ll be wearing them at boat parade Monday but likely on the boat today. From agent @HockeyAgent1 Instagram

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Great to hear Price isn’t expecting to be out long term. Heartbreaking to see Weber likely done. But he’s already changed the culture and that will last for a long time and #Habs will be able to put him on LTIR and find a long term replacement. #GoHabsGo

@HockeyWithDevin @CapFriendly It’s a lot, but he’s gonna go LTIR and collect that paycheck. Retirement is bad for Montreal too.

Was able to play in the Stanley Cup Finals, but too injured to play ever again. I know the NHL is loose with LTIR-retired type stuff, but this is arguably more brazen than the Hossa situation in terms of skirting the rules.

If you were an NHL GM faced with the league possibly not allowing you to put your player on LTIR for a year, in the words of LeBrun a clear circumvention .... What would you say at a press conference?

@EricEngels He’ll go on LTIR. If he retires Nashville is screwed and NHL won’t let that happen to a team in a popular US market.

@fnveenie Lol, Price and Weber being injured is expansion draft circumvention but Kuch probably not being injured while being on LTIR isn’t cap circumvention, bunch of idiots

I hope literally every team abuses LTIR next season. Let’s get 32 $100M cap hit teams for the hell of it

if seattle cares abt this league at all, they draft price, stick him on LTIR all year, and bring him back for the 2022 cup final. i don’t give a fuck how nonsensical it is as a strategy, consider the drama pLS

going to be hilarious when the Kraken keep Price on LTIR until the playoffs and then ride him to the Final $10 million over the cap

If SEA picks Price then puts him on LTIR, they can sign another high priced player then activate Price in the playoffs! Release the Circumvention!

@SadClubCommish The Canucks traded for a 3rd line center, the league is in shambles and the Habs are going to have $20 million on LTIR next but

If Price is seriously being considered by Kraken, why would a hip injury that may require surgery and have him miss some time really deter them? They get LTIR and one of the best goalies in the world when he returns.

I know it’s fun to speculate that Montreal is trying to emulate what Tampa Bay did The Lightning already had their roster mostly in place when Kucherov went in LTIR. The Montreal Canadiens will have to find a new goalie and top defenseman using whatever assets they have

Bets On Seattle Taking Him Him Go On LTIR, Have That Extra Cap Space And Fill Their Roster Spots With High Priced Talent!

@adamo_fauvel @PierreVLeBrun Yeah grab Price and put him on LTIR, max out your cap, bring him back for playoffs. Assuming this is legal 🙃

@HamiJeMi It definitely hurts to be charged that much money to players not on roster, but if they weren’t going to be productive players it is somewhat of a moot point. It does remove any possibility of a trade / LTIR / etc.

@BlainPotvin_THW @HabsUnfiltered With Weber and price on LTIR habs can match Tampa in being 18 million over the cap. Lol

Just wanted to let @SeattleKraken know LTIR does exist and if necessary it can be used on Wednesday 😉Just saying.

Kucherov was OK. Hossa‘a equipment allergy was fine. Pronger working for Player Safety while still on LTIR was fine. Leafs using another team in the Foligno trade to eat cap space was just Jim dandy. But the NHL thinks a trade back of Price with salary retained is circumvention

@wyshynski Going to show fans why teams don’t just LTIR their best players when they don’t make the playoffs.

@michaelnef44 I’d either make it you have to be cap compliant thru the playoffs, or players placed on LTIR must have played a certain percentage of regular season games to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

@frank_seravalli @DFOHockey Select him and put him on LTIR- now his cap hit is nothing

@robertlouis33 @PierreVLeBrun Sorry, Robert. Was thinking about the Kucherov case and getting ahead of myself. Seattle could take him, put him on LTIR, then activate him the day of the trade deadline and trade him back to Montreal. Bettman would be hard pressed to stop that.

Wouldn’t it be funny if, of all teams, Montréal (with Weber and now Price) finally makes change in Toronto (NHL) happen regarding this damned LTIR situation? #NHL

@emanningwrites @HockeyGoalieEh I will check on Price’s signing bonuses but his actual expense now is manageable; LTIR would let Seattle have over $91M salary cap ceiling & a fresh, Playoff Carey Price. It is a no-brainer. Oh, the irony

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@frank_seravalli @DFOHockey Funny how Shea Weber and Carey Price suddenly have MAJOR health issue. I would claim them and put them on LTIR list, if needed, and call MTL bluff.

@thgofyoutube It’s funny seeing Canadians fans going “they should go on the LTIR” but ripped lighting fans all series long about “18 mil over the cap”

After trading away Leddy and Ladd, the #Islanders now have $12,920,812 in Projected Cap Space based on a tentative roster of 17 (12F - 4D - 1G). The club can also place Boychuk on LTIR if they get close enough to the ceiling and still need more space.

Between 2012-2018 there were 60 UFAs signed to 4+ year deals. Of those deals exactly 50% have either been bought out or finished their careers on LTIR or in the AHL. Tread carefully.

The #tblightning shirts embracing the LTIR narrative (which the #NHL investigated and had zero problem with). Don’t think they’ll be wearing them at boat parade Monday but likely on the boat today. From agent @HockeyAgent1 Instagram

LTIR Photo,LTIR Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
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