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Luka: “I used to have fun, smiling on the court, but now it’s just been frustrating” One month with Kyrie and Luka’s smile is gone..

Luka Modrić on Al Nassr links: “My wish is known, I want to stay at Real Madrid. I believe and hope it will happen” 🚨⚪️ #RealMadrid “The rest are only assumptions and rumours. I repeat for the 100th time, I hope and believe I will stay at Real Madrid”..

Luka Photo,Luka Photo by Fabrizio Romano,Fabrizio Romano on twitter tweets Luka Photo

Luka Modrić: “Saudi move? I know the press always has to write news, but I said the same many times and I repeat that I want to stay at Real Madrid”. ⚪️🇭🇷 #RealMadrid “I’d love to retire at Real Madrid, that would be fantastic. We will see”..

Luka Photo,Luka Photo by Fabrizio Romano,Fabrizio Romano on twitter tweets Luka Photo

There’s crazy race to sign Hajduk 2007-born CB Luka Vušković ⭐️🇭🇷 Manchester City still working on it after bid revealed two weeks ago — also Paris Saint-Germain want him and more PL clubs are joining the race. Agent: Pini Zahavi. PSG, also monitoring Benfica gem Cher Ndour..

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🚨🎖️| In Saudi Arabia they dream of Luka Modrić. The interest is true. But Luka Modrić is waiting for Real Madrid & giving them his full priority. @FabrizioRomano.

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El debut de Luka Modric con el Real Madrid. El resto es historia. 💫.

Jelang Ramadan, bersihkan perasaan, jemur dan uapkan sisa luka, maaf dan luapkan damai.

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- 11° no Oeste - Luka Doncic fora do próximo jogo - Próximos 4 jogos fora de casa Vive um filme o Dallas Mavericks!.

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Eles não pararam de dobrar o Luka Doncic ainda, não deu certa uma vez no jogo, é inacreditável..

KAT didn’t get called for a foul for running into Lamb? Luka got that EXACT call 2 games ago.

era só uma OT para o Luka pegar esses 3 rebotes e eu aposentar 5 gerações da minha família.

The Mavs added Luka and Kyrie to a shallow core that has gotten very stale. I think with better players around them, they’ll actually look like a good team.

絶対に勝ちたかったDAL戦🐴 序盤からインサイドを積極的に攻め(PITP66-54)、3ptで迫るDALに最後まで追い抜かせなかったのは⭕ 決してDFは良くなかった…がLukaがDFの上を行った印象が強い(Hardyも😭)。 最後の数分はDG+JKで鉄壁DF🛡 終盤のDGが凄まじかった一戦🔥 JKの成長著しいのも☺ #GSWvsDAL.

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@NBAdoPovo Kyrie e Luka dando a vida e o resto do time não sabe fazer um arremesso vntc.

lakers back and luka gonna replace lebron in two years?.

Luka Photo,Luka Photo by honi,honi on twitter tweets Luka Photo

やばさしか感じない😂😂😂😂 間に合うかな😂😂😂😂😂.

@HoYouFatWrld He’ll Embiid Luka SGA Ja and whatever new stars crop up so yeah he has no chance at an MVP.

@tokino_sora そらちゃん、こんそめ(✿╹◡╹)ノ 今週もよろしくね。 それでは、今日も一日頑張っていきましょう💪💪💪.

Had an ideal team in the finals and shit the bed and has another ridiculous team that is incredibly deep ur jus hating on Luka for the sake of it atp man.

🚨⚪️ Luka Modric no quiere jugar en Arabia Saudita, el quiere retirarse en el Real Madrid. @JLSanchez78.

Luis Campos is attentive to the situation of 16 year old Hajduk Split central defender Luka Vuskovic . The Croatian is highly rated by top clubs in Europe. Manchester city have already made an offer for the player. ✍️@lequipe @Tanziloic #PSG🔴🔵🔄.

Damn Luka just said he wants to go to Chicago to play with Zach LaVine 😮.

Luka just took a second to have a two foot jumping tantrum after a blown layup. Insufferable..

This is actually a wholesome response by Kyrie Irving about the realities of being a scrutinized star in the league. I hope the Mavericks figure things out, and I hope Luka Doncic gets closure with whatever is troubling him in the near future..

@Lakersallthewa3 Not that one they just called a foul on luka after he grabbed the offensive board.

A mi me tienen que explicar como a Stephen Curry le pitan menos faltas que a un rookie o cualquier jugador. A Luka por cualquier contacto a la línea..

The most casual shit nba Twitter spouts is discrediting Embiid, Luka, Shai, etc for shooting a lot of free throws when they all play through a ton of contact driving & posting up. Casuals will complain they shoot double the free throws of Steph/Book like their games aren’t diff!.


Luka needed Brunson and Doe as much as they needed him. They kept him in a check and helped him stay locked in even when the refs were making mistakes..

@AdriRM33 QUE HE VISTO YO 🇪🇦 Iniesta 🇩🇪 Kroos 🇲🇫 Mbappe 🇧🇷 Neymar 🇦🇷 Messi 🇺🇾 Luis Suárez (el mejor 9 de la década) 🇧🇪 Kevin de Bruyne 🇵🇹 Cristiano Ronaldo 🇬🇧 Phil foden(por decir uno todos son re malos) 🇭🇷 Luka Modric 🇲🇽 Nadie todos parece que juegan al tenis.

@RealMurphdog916 Gonna be the only dude in Golden 1 first ever playoff in a luka jersey. You’re a spy. Just admit it. You don’t live in Vegas. You live in dfw.

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