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Lukaku In News: The Most Popular Tweets

56. What a pass from @DeBruyneKev!!! Lukaku loses 🇧🇪 1-0 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #worldcup

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So stay away from Lukaku, Young, Lingard and Rashford. Sanchez is however looking more and more tempting! #FPL.

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku the focus of bold claim.

Trending In Canada: #SDCC #FridayFeeling #TheOpen Missouri Mamma Mia #WynonnaEarp #FlashbackFriday #Apollo11

@jooubaldo Em relação ao Kane, acho um ótimo jogador mas ainda prefiro o Lukaku, o q aquele cara corre e marca é brincadeira.

Lukaku played 7 games with Hazard and De Bruyne Agüero played 2 games with Francisco Meza whoever the fuck he is and Enzo Perez.

@IreneGarnes77 A Lukaku se le perdona todo, que contra el Sevilla no estuvo fino y eso se agradece JAJAJAJAJA pero si tienes razón pero vamos para aburrir, pases de España JAJAJAJA que cosa más fea miarma.

@IreneGarnes77 Pero te costará coger más el sueño alucinando con los pases de Kevin! Y el mastodonte de Lukaku jajajajaa.

Lukaku begging himself to improve on his first touches like.

Lukaku begging himself to improve on his first touches like Photo

This whole golden boot business is a farce, Kane (6) 5 v Tunisia and Panama. Lukaku (4) 4 v panama and Tunisia. Work out the common theme. Both have been dogshit when it counts. You don’t deserve a trophy for that work #facts.

@manutdirishreds Lukaku: guys what I have to do to get Hazard and KDB to set me up Rashford:... Lingard:.....

@stighefootball I’ve rooted for Belgium and I understand that Lukaku has done well but not in the crucial games. He has a presence that scares defenders and I do truly believe Lukaku is world class but I do not believe he has had a “great” World Cup..

@BelgianR9 I’m going with romelu Lukaku. Recently I’ve had juan mata ( last season) and Paul Pogba and zlatan ( 2016/17).

Lukaku was one of the best players at the #WorldCup One of the best all-purpose strikers around. 26 goals last season for a striker with no service and no first touch, right? 🔥Hope he rests up and gets himself back to Old Trafford fit and ready to lead our line..

@FutboIEthan Maguire > Stones Rakitic > KDB and Coutinho Lukaku deserves a spot.

Congratulations to Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini who finish third at the FIFA World Cup. 🥉 #mufc.

Congratulations to Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini who finish third at the FIFA World Cup. 🥉 #mufc Photo

Thibaut Courtois claims he’s staying at Chelsea on Romelu Lukaku’s Instagram #epl: Thibaut Courtois is wanted by Real Madrid this summer (Picture: Getty) Thibaut Courtois confirmed that he was heading back to Chelsea.

Last summer it was the forwards: Arsenal: Lacazette Chelsea: Morata Man Utd: Lukaku Liverpool: Salah This summer it’s the midfielders: Arsenal: Torreira Chelsea: Jorginho Man Utd: Fred Liverpool: Keïta and Fabinho.

@ManCity @DeBruyneKev Lukaku goals at the World Cup: 4 Aguero, Sterling & Jesus goal at the World Cup: 2.

@pokeefe1 Were we talking about supply or creativity? Kane lost 4 chances, Belgium supplies to each other, not only Lukaku..

Gapiński: Belgowie narzekali na to, że Francuzi w półfinale zagrali antyfutbol. Płacz chłopców z podwórka. Przecież masz Hazarda, de Bruyne czy Lukaku. Ale poza tym narzekaniem bardzo mi się podobała ich gra. #StanMundialu Oglądaj ➡️📺.

Lukaku coming off for someone with a better touch. Mertens on. #BELENG 1 - 0 Katrina applauds the Congolese born Belgian. The race for the golden boot, remains as uninteresting as ever..

Lukaku se despide de #Rusia2018. No pudo alcanzar a Kane en la pelea por el título de goleo..

La vérité Lukaku est pire que Giroud. Giroud tire peut-être à côté mais au moins il tire lui #BELENG.

@Danhuck2684 Just the reality m8 we ain’t good enough it hurts to say it Lukaku should have a brace easily they open us up at will we’ve got the best league most money but don’t produce world class players ?.

Con la salida de Lukaku, Harry Kane se confirma como campeón goleador de Rusia 2018.

56. What a pass from @DeBruyneKev!!! Lukaku loses 🇧🇪 1-0 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 #worldcup.

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