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Prior to tonight’s game, the Yankees returned from rehab and reinstated INF Luke Voit (#59) from the 10-day injured list.

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縁友 にら🥬近日live2d実装
縁友 にら🥬近日live2d実装 ()


Batwoman Brasil 🦇
Batwoman Brasil 🦇 ()

!!!!!!!!!!SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!! Aparentemente o Luke vai sobreviver gente, ele aparece nessas fotos do set de um dos próximos episódios! #Batwoman

Pumas Gilliland 16u Gold
Pumas Gilliland 16u Gold ()

Luke Kuhlman (@lukekuhlman1) 6’4 SG Luke is one of the best shooters I’ve coached! Has college level range as a sophomore and has been our leading scorer in every tournament so far this year! Averaged 18ppg 5rpg this past weekend Will be a great floor spacer at next level!

princess • sarcasm
Princess • sarcasm ()

@frostcanary why’re arguing a traumatic storyline that’s already lived irl shouldn’t have happened to luke the main character for shock value if you’re not black?

ローレライ解放は俺がやる ()

アビスの主題歌を書いてくださいと言われてカルマをお出しする藤原基央氏、2020年になってもポケモンにアカシアをお出ししてるのを見てマジで感性の鋭さが1ミリも劣化してないのビビった 進化してるまである 驚嘆に値する(ローレライ)


MILLWALL; Chelsea willing to let youngster Luke McCormick leave for free but have competition from several other championship sides #MFC

TondoTripper ()

Luke 18 Straight Tondo For Video Call (vidjaks + jakol videos) DM for details! 😊💦

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Pete Sinclair
Pete Sinclair ()

Luke Akehurst is an apologist for war crimes. He should not be a member of the Labour Party.

Hopewell Chin’ono Today
Hopewell Chin’ono Today ()

The blocking of Luke Malaba’s illegal extension is a small victory that we must celebrate, but we should all know that a President who illegally extends a CJ’s term of office is also capable of hitting back with more illegalities! Don’t lose hope, defend the constitution always!

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Chelsea FC
Chelsea FC ()

Timo Werner sees two efforts blocked before picking up a yellow card for a late challenge on Luke Thomas. 🔵 0-0 🦊 [40’] #FACupFinal

𝕃𝕦𝕜𝕖 ()

皆さんにご報告があります。 (拡散宜しくお願いします。) 受験のため急遽Twitterを2月までログアウトする事にしました。 必ず良い結果を残して帰ってきます。 ではまた来年👋🏻

CJM ()

AMO (Assistant Manager Objective) Brick Wall ternyata sudah selesai! ✅ Lewis Thomas 5 saves (vs Stevenage) Luke McGee 5 saves (vs Shrewsbury) Lewis Thomas 6 saves (vs Scunthorpe) Itu artinya kita bisa redeem reward satu pemain free agent untuk didatangkan ke Eco Park. 🟢⚫️


We thought it was a good song, but we were completely shocked by the sheer amount of buzz it generated on TikTok. It started to go up in the summer of 2020, and you know the rest. That shit has 42 million plays on Spotify now. Unbelievably grateful for this one. Love u Luke

Luke⚔️ ()

@ZuccBeats @asheecheer happy 1 year to y’all my brudda for life so stoked for you guys🏁🎯

Seattle Kraken
Seattle Kraken ()

We’ll take #SeaKraken history for $1000, @RonFrancis10. Question: What is the name of the first-ever player to join the #SeaKraken? Answer: Who is @lukehenman16 →

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Aktual ()

NEW MUSIC 🚨 Aktual & Zay Money - Uncle Luke (Audio) Produced by J Silva via @YouTube

Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson ()

Luke Chambers and Cole Skuse made almost 700 appearances for #itfc. I watched virtually every one. Here are some thoughts on their complex legacies.

Methods@Newcastle ()

So excited to have discovered @fromNCLpodcast featuring the latest in health, science, culture & the creative arts from Newcastle University. The latest interview is w Prof Todd & Luke Bramhall about the VOICES project & the challenges children face.

Renan ()

@W_Luke o programa não é gravado no mesmo tempo da transmissão na tv. Esse primeiro episódio durou 3 dias, aí o segundo episódio vai continuar no dia 4. No total, parece q vão ser menos de 30 dias, eles não vão sair de lá. Enquanto pra gente deve passar por uns 3

Cody Sweet
Cody Sweet ()

@bocapmycap53 Owen Power if we get the first pick, and consider Luke Hughes, definitely for chemistry and potentially for the chance to save some money by giving his brother a reason to stay in the long term. I think both those are solid enough to forgo drafting for position.

Hot Boys Love
Hot Boys Love ()

Theo Ford, Chris Loan, Luke Allen - Find more in -

Vanderbilt Baseball
Vanderbilt Baseball ()

Luke Murphy now pitching in the eighth. #VandyBoys | @LukeMurphy27_

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Luke Lunsford
Luke Lunsford ()

@BallySportSAZ How was that not a Home Run!? It hit the yellow padding… Should have been ruled Home Run… 🤨

Madandedhia ()

Luke 19:5 (ASV) And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and said unto him, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for to-day I must abide at thy house. The best gift you can offer to others may be your time.

Hockey Badger
Hockey Badger ()

@tommykippes @fr_aquilini We need to draft ahead of the Devils so we reunite Luke with Quinn instead of Jack!

New York Yankees
New York Yankees ()

Prior to tonight’s game, the Yankees returned from rehab and reinstated INF Luke Voit (#59) from the 10-day injured list.

るく♡ ()

@Kada546 御相手様のご提示忘れておりました💦 申し訳御座いません。 アイナナより大神万理さんです!

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Natty.rg ()

@Luke_johnson100 @aypril_21 Hey I’ll body slam her bro who told her it was ok for her name to be April 🤬🤬

Warner. ()

Mickey Mouse win. Phillies were coming off a back to back, and the umps gave Luke every call. All jokes aside, the team is still ass.

SWB RailRiders
SWB RailRiders ()

NO DOUBT ABOUT THAT ONE! First pitch of the ballgame and Luke Voit has already dropped a BOMB on them. 💣

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