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Thank you @DohertyShannen for being so supportive through my grieving process 🙏🏼 ...and thanks to Luke and @sarahmgellar for introducing us in the first place ❤️😇.

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okay but the men from hannah’s season sticking up for her & being so proud of her for clapping back at luke p’s ugly ass has made my day tbh #TheBachelorette.

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The P in Luke P stands for Poes. And if youve ever been to South Africa you know that’s not a good thing. #TheBachlorette.

Spent some time at the breathtaking Museum of the Moon installation by UK artist Luke Jerram yesterday. It’s a fully 3D globe using incredible 120dpi NASA imagery, with accompanying music by composer Dan Jones.….

Good Tuesday morning, friends!! The Sox won, Luke P is gone, what more could a woman ask for? Ooooh, 54 days until Pats game one!! ☕🍩🌞🏈.

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@5SOS @Luke5SOS Happy birthday Luke! Have a truly wonderful day ❤❤❤ whoever posted this, that last pic was unnecessary violence to my emotions.

ハムの質問箱です 最近回答した質問 → 「ハムハムハムハムハムハムハムハム (゜Д゜≡゜Д゜)」.

Hannah Sends Luke P Home After Fantasy Suite Warning! | The Bachelorette US via @YouTube is he fucking insane?????? i seriously would have just punched him then and there.

Twitter Trends | 4:00 AM - 16 Jul. 1) #ObamaWasBetterAt 2) Luke P 3) #ImpeachNow ..[top50].

the preview when Tyler gets in Luke P’s face and says “or what” #TheBachelorette.

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Luke P literally made his twitter TODAY just so he could fight with Hannah #childish #theBachelorette.

Wow, it only took Hannah an entire season to realize Luke P. was a complete psychopath. If only any of the guys had told her, OH WAIT it was all they talked about and she still didn’t believe them. #youdumbgirl #TheBachelorette.

Okay hear me out, Luke P has made mistakes. Like a crap ton of mistakes. And a lot of the things he says are borderline at BEST. Maybe it’s just my tendency to try and see the best in people, but I honestly think he was misunderstood in this last.

When Hannah said Luke P only wants to love the people who want the things he SPOKE SO LOUDD!!! #lovepeoplewell :).

watching Hannah roast Luke P on twitter was by far the highlight of my night #TheBachelotette.

Hannah: “I never have to deal with him again.” Luke P: gets a Twitter just to harass her some more #bachelorette.

JED YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND. WHO ARE YOU TO ASK ABOUT ANOTHER MAN. #TheBachlorette I hate Luke P but like come ON. Don’t try to look like a hero..

This is probably how Luke P got all his church “friends” to say nice things about him #TheBachelorette.


he’s so sweet???? and you can tell he genuinely cares about her???? luke p and jed are rats.

Me, after wasting away watching a full season of Luke P. and Jed. #TheBachelorette.

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Say what you want about Luke P but that son of a bitch didn’t come on the show with a girlfriend ! #TheBachelorette.

Real photographs from Luke P.’s baptism #thebachelorette.

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If Luke P. doesn’t get voted off tonight I’m not watching the end of this season #TheBachelorette.

I tons of contestants are “talking” to or dating someone before the show. As long as they clearly end things before hand it’s okay in my book. People break up with others for way less every day in the real world Whereas I just dislike Luke P for his overall personality.

Thank you @DohertyShannen for being so supportive through my grieving process 🙏🏼 ...and thanks to Luke and @sarahmgellar for introducing us in the first place ❤️😇.

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